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Nose Acne; Won't Go! - What's The Cause

08 August 2015 - 06:34 AM

Ok, so this is my first post in a long while but I thought it was needed. Iv'e had severe acne since I was 18 and it's basically destroyed a good chunk of my life. Dan Kern's Regime was the only thing that's actually made a difference and changed my life. Now when I did have severe acne I always had it on my cheeks and forehead; my nose was the only part of my face which was always clear and I had no problems with. 

Now since my cheeks and forehead have cleared up and I hardly get any acne there now, my nose has literally exploded. The amount of acne I get there is beyond rationalising and I honestly have no idea why it's there and why it won't go. Sometimes it's not even spots itself however huge, inflamed red marks that you can see from a mile off. 

The thing that's annoying me and depressing me the most is the fact that they won't go! No matter what I do, eat healthier, use the regime, use powerful spot cream; nothing will make them go. I honestly look awful because they are such a focal point of my face. 

If anyone has any advice or ideas on why i continue to get them and why they won't budge - please get in touch! Thankyou