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Liam Foster

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Liam Foster's Blog > My Regimen Journey - Nearly 3 Months In

Posted 16 January 2014

Hey people. It's been quite a while since i last wrote a blog post so i thought i would update you all on how i have been getting on. In the November of 2013 I finally decided to purchase Dan Kern's regimen that i had been pondering over for a hell of a long time. I was reading all the thousand's of reviews that spoke so highly of it and thought I might a...

Liam Foster's Blog > Regimen And Accutane; Can They Work Together?

Posted 06 November 2013

Hello again. So i have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow and given the state of my face currently, he will no doubt want to put me on accutane, which will be my wish also because i really am at the end of my tether. However i have already ordered Dan Kerns' products and am just waiting for the Moisturiser to be delivered so i can finally get started o...

Liam Foster's Blog > What Can Cause More Acne?!

Posted 07 October 2013

So i am honestly lost for words. This morning i woke up, went to look in the mirror and saw about 5 new big inflamed spots, 1 with a head on, and it's set me wayyyy back. I have been eating healthy now for the past 2 months. I haven't had no dairy, no gluten and no wheat, 3 factors of which i thought was causing my acne in the first place, i used to eat f...

Liam Foster's Blog > Desperately Need People's Advice!

Posted 29 September 2013

So, i am really really really confused at the moment. Acne just doesn't make any sense whatsoever!! My body is a wreck. Let me cut straight to the point: I have been gluten, Dairy and wheat free now for while now, and therefore hardly no shit is entering my body. However, i am now getting acne literally all over my face!!! So even when iv'e cut out all of...

Liam Foster's Blog > How My Acne Has Mentally Destroyed Me.

Posted 17 September 2013

This will be my final blog post for a long while, my final canvas in which to convey every last detail of my struggle with people whom may or may not understand. Acne has brought me to my knees and has destroyed me in a way i think i will never be able to overcome as long as i still walk this Earth. What many people don't realise with this disease, as i l...