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ACCUTANE Journey F/26 > Accutane Day 54

Posted 13 December 2012

DAY 54: holy crap, i cant believe im almost finished with my second month. i haven't updated because i have been hella busy with finals and work. well just to follow up from my last post. those two cysts that were under my eye weren't going away any time soon, but i did notice they were flaky in the morning. by the fifth day i was able to insert a...

ACCUTANE Journey F/26 > Accutane Day 39

Posted 28 November 2012

DAY 39: the cyst under my eye came back and he brought a friend! :( two cysts under my right eye and they're just there for all the world to see. one of them came to a head, but doesn't seem to be going down. theres about five zit things on my forehead. i guess im not done with the IB. wahhhhhh!!! i haven't washed my hair in...

ACCUTANE Journey F/26 > Accutane Day 31

Posted 20 November 2012

DAY 31: Last week I was going to call my derm to get something for my IB and the awful cysts on my face, but it turned out that I had my appt anyway. Lucky me! When I went in, my derm said that my face was looking a lot better and that she could shoot up my cysts with some cortisone to help with the inflammation. Obviously, I obliged without any...

ACCUTANE Journey F/26 > Accutane Day 22

Posted 10 November 2012

DAY 22: yesterday was really hard guys. i had an emotional break down and freaked the f out on my boyfriend (bless his heart) my skin looks terrible.. its really putting me into an emotional state that is really distracting. the appearance of my face just looks unhealthy.. all my pores are the size of hubcaps filled with either white nastiness or black...

ACCUTANE Journey F/26 > Accutane Day 19

Posted 08 November 2012

DAY 19: HOLY BLACK HEADS!!!! thats all i can really say right now! they are all over my cheeks and my face all of a sudden got super super dry and flaky today. the cyst below my eye is ginormous and painful. all the other cysts on my chin and cheeks exploded this morning, so now they are dry, scabby bumps. blah! also, time to get...