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"acne No More" Is A Horrible Scam

10 March 2013 - 07:49 PM

I followed his book exactly, for a LONG time, and saw no results.  It's a total scam and one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.  If you want to turn you life up-side-down, spend all your money on vitamin supplements and organic vegetables for juicing, and if you want to get sucked into the strange pseudo-science of his brand of "nutrition", then do it. 


Seriously, I believe Mike Walden is a con-man.  When I bought his book, it was actually years ago, and went by a different name, "Your Last Acne Solution".  I see he's re-branded.  Myself, along with everyone on his message board, were not only desperate, but stupid, and in my case, young, and willing to do all this in good faith, thinking we were going to "cure" our acne.  It never worked, no matter how close you followed his steps.  In fact (and I'm not exaggerating here), you're required to follow his steps so closely, that it's almost like a cult.  Seriously.  People would ask this guy what to do about this, or about that, and just blindly follow.  He's not a dermatologist, scientist, or doctor.  He probably took a few nutrition classes or something, if that.  Please read on....


Basically it involves you cutting out of your diet basically most things people eat regularly.  He won't even allow fruit, cause it's too high in sugar, which he claims feeds bad bacteria in your body which create acne.  You have to go on days-week long juice fasts, eat only the foods HE says are appropriate, "purge" your liver, which I believe was probably totally unhealthy with no medical research to back up any claims of benefit, watch EVERY SINGLE thing you eat, it's really really really psychotic, and quite honestly, evil and harmful.  I cannot stress enough how EVERY SINGLE THING you eat or do is scrutinized in this book, to the point where it became virtually impossible to follow without going off a cliff of dieting insanity.


He is not a doctor or scientist and all the medical explanations about how your liver and organs and digestion works is not backed up by any scientific or medical journals.  He's bases a lot of it on OTHER new-age, holistic, raw food-type, diet books. 


As I said, I was desperate and stupid, as was a lot of people on the boards.  EVERYONE was having issues not seeing results.  EVERYONE.  And his response was ALWAYS, "well, you have to do more", or "you're not fully cleansed".  So, purge your liver more, do another juice fast, take MORE supplements, don't eat this or don't eat that.  And you know what?  We did it.  For me it turned into a boarder line eating disorder.  It's a completely psychotic thing to do, and the bottom line is my acne probably got worse during that period. 


And he also use to refuse to refund anyone.  He claimed that it's stated that "if we follow the program and don't see results we get a refund" BUT if we're not seeing results, that clearly means we're not following it or haven't followed it long enough, even if it was years.  He'd say, well, you just have to purge your liver again or fast some more, and if you didn't and just wanted your money back, he's say you weren't following it, so you're not entitled to a refund. 


So between the people wanting the refund (after turning their lives up-side-down and gaining a true eating disorder), and I suspect complaints to authorities, the website/message board was eventually shut down.  And now it's back, as "Acne No More", with all kinds of bogus youtube videos.  People, please believe me, if you go down this rabbit hole, not only will you not help your acne (and since he advocates STOPPING any topical/treatments you are using, which he claims interferes with his "all natural" methods, it will likely get much worse), but you will also open yourself up to a world of pain and misery with all these crazy fasts, purges, and excessive supplements, to the point that before you know it, you have an eating disorder, all because "if I eat this, I'll break out", "if I don't fast for 5 days, I wont cure my acne", "if I don't eat this way I'll never clear my skin", "if I don't eliminate this from my diet there's no hope", etc. 


Go to a dermatologist.  If you don't like them, find one you do like.  Do Dan's regimen (which has worked pretty well for me).  But DON'T believe a word of this "Acne No More" scam, no matter how much he tries to present his information as if it was scientific or medically sound.  He's not a doctor or scientist.  But he knows how to present things in a way that is convincing, and for non-doctors, it's impossible to disprove, because in order to disprove it, you have to do it, and when it doesn't work, he'll say you have to do it longer or harder or more intense, and it will just continue like that until you finally realize (traumatically in my case), that you've totally lost control of your life and have developed a psychotic way of making sense of you acne, and you have what basically amounts to an eating disorder.  It's a gigantic scam and I fell for it.



What Kinds Of Testing/oversight Do Acne.org Products Go Through?

10 March 2012 - 01:46 PM

Hi.  I'm wondering if the Acne.org products go through the same kinds of testing and/or evaluation that products sold in stores go through.  Is there any oversight on these products?  For example, if  you buy a Neutrogena product, you know that you don't have to worry about it harming your skin in irregular ways, because you assume it's been evaluated before being allowed to be sold in stores.

What kinds of procedures or evaluation has Acne.org products undergone?  Is there some kind of assurance that they have been tested by officials or the FDA, and deemed safe for commerce?  Thanks.

Problem Ordering....

29 February 2012 - 10:25 PM

Hey all.  I'm trying to place an order, but it seems to reject my card.  Do they accept debit cards??  There is no option to choose debit, and that's the only think I can imagine is making my card get rejected, although I've never had a problem on any site or stores using my debit card like a credit card.

Any help?  BTW, I've tried to contact them, but they haven't responded to my email.  They haven't replied to my last 2 messages, actually, which is weird because I was promptly replied to the first time I messaged them about something else a while back.  Thanks!