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Weaning Off The Regimen

07 May 2013 - 08:23 PM

Hi! My name is Harlowe. I'm 21 years old, gluten-free vegan, and a female. Kind of just a summary of who I am. Anyway, I think I've been using The Regimen for almost a year. 


The Regimen has worked well for me. It cleared about 80% of my acne. It gave me my life back and I absolutely love being able to go outside again with confidence. The only problem is.. THE FINE LINES!! I have thin, delicate, sensitive skin and the BP has really taken a toll on my skin. I think I noticed how bad it was when I didn't get IDed at the liquor store, but my boyfriend did who is 3 years older than me. Also, when I smile or look over my shoulder... GOD I hate the feeling of taunt skin.


Sooo, in an effort to change this, I changed moisturizers and cleansers. I started using the Oil Cleansing Method (if you aren't familiar, there are lots of helpful websites on google.com about it) and I switched to First Aid Beauty moisturizer.. Rescue moisturizer or something. Let me just say I love the OCM (oil cleansing method). It has helped any pimples clear faster and is really keeping my face moisturized. But as summers coming along, I'm really finding that I don't want to do this anymore! I don't want to spend an hour doing my regimen in the morning and being unhappy with my make up when it's all said and done. 


I want to be free and I want to stop USING CHEMICALS ON MY FACE. My boyfriend had acne when he was a teenager and he tried treating it, then gave up and started just washing his face with a bar of soap once a day. His skin is beautiful and he never gets pimples. And he never washed his face unless its in the shower. Sometimes he won't even wash it. I WANT THAT!!! I think what has really inspired me to do this is that story, and the caveman regimen. Except I honestly can't do the caveman regimen in the summer because summer is the highlight of my life and I want to be able to wear makeup. 


SO INSTEAD, i've decided I'm going to wean myself off of benzoyl peroxide. The way I see it.. I'm already 1/2 of the way there. I don't use the AHA that much if at all, I don't use the Cleanser anymore, and I don't use the lotion. The only thing I have left to tackle is the BP, which is probably the most important thing of all. 


Now here's the low down, I don't use it on my entire face. The only place I get break outs is my lower cheeks and around my mouth. I only use one pump, or maybe 3/4 of a pump twice a day regularly on those areas, never on my forehead. For some reason I could never fully commit to the 2 pumps.. it was just too much. So now I've created a month and a half plan to wean myself off. It goes as follows:


Today is May 7th/2013

(SInce I've already started before making this topic)


May 3rd - 12th :

- 1/2 a pump day alternating with no BP at all every second day during the day time.

- 1 full or 3/4 a pump every night.


May 13th - 22th:

- 1/2 a pump day alternating with no BP at all every second day during the day time.

- 1/2 a pump every night.


May 23rd - June 1st:

- no BP during the day

- 1/2 a pump at night.


June 2nd - 11th:

- no BP during the day

- 1/2 a pump every  second night


Thats all I have so far..


I will be washing with my mixture of jojoba oil and castor oil morning and night, moisturizing my face with jojoba oil during the morning and First Aid Beauty during the night.


I feel really naked without the BP on the alternating day. I have this huge underlying fear.. almost like my face is going to spontaneously combust, but then I get my head out of my butt and stop thinking like such a wussy. This is for the best. I'm sick of relying on stuff to clear my face when my face should just be able to do it by itself. 


In the end, I hope to be just washing my face with my oil mixture and not using any moisturizers or treatments.


Oh, and something else people should know if anyone decides to read this, I quit eating gluten and it really helped with my acne.. probably more than the Regimen did.


Anyway, I'm a few days in and I honestly don't expect much of a change because my face looks beautiful right now and healthy so I'm expecting this will go very well for me. High hopes! I'll update. THANKS FOR READING!! smile.png


Best of luck.

Skin Picking Loggggg

14 March 2012 - 09:59 AM

Decided to do this because I THINK that if I have something to look forward to - like posting everyday that I haven't picked - it will give me some motivation to not pick! Right?

Last night I picked when everything was going well on my face.. kind of reeked havoc on my face. But this morning it's a lot better.

I have a few secrets that I use for when I pick.

After I pick, I panic because I'm like.. WTF DID I DO! So I do this:

1) Apply Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask.. which kind of gets rid of the redness and swelling.
2) Wash my face, apply ACV, then my Benzyclin... which helps a lot.
3) Stress THE FUCK OUT! Have a mental break down. Drink a lot of lemon water.
4) Take two Aspirin to subside any inflammation.
5) Go to bed.



March 14, 8:59 a.m.

Day 1 - No picking, so far. :)

The Extreme Experiment

10 March 2012 - 11:53 PM

This topic was originally a caveman experiment, but due to changes, it has turned into something else.

This is what I call the Extreme Experiment. I'm sick of dealing with acne, so I'm going extreme. After much research, I'm putting my body on overload and IT WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO CLEAR MY SKIN OR I WILL SNAP! HaHaHAAA!

Starting today (March 16th, 2012) I will be locking myself inside, only leaving the house to go for walks, go to the store for supplies, or go to the gym. This will continue until the end of Spring Break.

This is what I will be taking orally, topically, and eliminating from my diet and life for this amount of time..

- Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash. Twice a day.
- Apple Cider Vinegar (3 parts ACV, 1 part water) as a toner, twice a day.
- Benzyclin as an all over FACE SLATHER. It dries my face, but I don't care.. I want it clear.
- Origins Starting Over face moisturizer.
- The occasional face mask, one of the three: Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask, Aspirin, lemon, and ACV mask, turmeric, cinnamon, and honey mask.
- Will steam face instead of wash occasionally, with lemon water.

- 50mg Minocycline once a day (An antibiotic. I HATE antibiotics, but I've read about this one a lot and since I know most of my acne comes from picking, I am hoping it will help with inflammation, redness, and just helping me start with a clean slate so that my natural, internal stuff will have a chance before I pick everything off)
- 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, morning and night.
- 1 tbsp Org. Virg. Coconut Oil.
- 1 tsp turmeric in something I eat, throughout the day. I won't be heating the turmeric, so it will be sprinkled on something.
- 1 tsp of cinnamon right after every meal. Swish it with water and swallow.
- 1 cup pure Cranberry juice with 1 cup of water, twice a day.
- 9 cups (measured) of hot lemon water, daily. Plus more water.. I drink a lot of water.
- I will only be drinking water (with lemon or lime or tea) or cranberry juice the whole time. I don't drink anything else really anyway.

- I am a vegan, have been for three years: no dairy, no meat, no fish, no animal products, no insects, nothing with a mother, NOTHIN'!
- I am going gluten-free: no wheat.. or anything that has gluten in it. No corn.
- No soy products at all, that includes Braggs liquid amino, not even edamame.
- No liquor, drugs, cigarettes. (don't do that anyway)
- No sugar. The only sugar I will be consuming is Organic Blue Agave Nectar.. which is rare.
- No oatmeal.
- Nothing packaged, prepared, process. Anything that starts with a "P". Hahaha (kidding :P) (Besides almond milk)
- No oil besides coconut oil. That means no sesame oil, olive oil, whatever oil. I will be consuming nuts and seeds that are raw and organic, because I'm addicted.
- No white grains, anything process or refined. Nothing white. Not even white potatoes.

Because I am a vegan, my body is really sensitive. I know I will start seeing results within a day or so. I'm going to play around, eliminate or add things and try different stuff. For the first few days, I will be washing my face. But then I will begin the caveman regimen and I will document EVERYTHING that happens. I need to narrow it down and recognize this pattern.

This thread will also be my STOP FUCKING PICKING thread. So everyday that I don't pick, I will post here my SUCCESS!! :D I put a big thick intimidating sheet up over my bathroom mirror. No peaking! And I also wrote on a piece of paper all the things I love about my skin and taped it to the sheet, so whenever I go to the look, I can read all the things I love about my skin. Positive energy!

I will post below all the original posts that were here:

Ahhhhhhh, okay. After reading everyone's success and COMMON SENSE, I've decided I'm going to do it too.. But gradually. I'm a worrier, my skin is a constant burden to me, and cleansing and slathering on s*** is just too normal for me. So this will have to be a gradual process or I might get anxiety.. hahahaha...

Okay, so since I was 11, I had always had minor break outs and I had gotten into the bad habit of picking. When I turned vegan like.. 3 years ago, my body totally did a detox thing and I got cysts and stuff that I had never had before. I went to the dermatologist after much suffering (took three months to get in here, Canada) he gave me Benzyclin and it was a miracle thing for me. It got rid of most of my cysts and everything. (And my wonderful boyfriend stuck with me through it all, my angel!).

Even after the success of the benzyclin, I guess all good things can't last forever. It stopped working as well as it used too.. and the side effects started to become more noticeable: fine lines, thin skin, aging look to my skin.

So after much research, I got the Apple Cider Vinegar routine going. I drink it morning and night (2 tbsp) and I also take a tablespoon of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. My skin looks really good... compared to what it used to be. I still have a problem with picking a lot and it does make me break out. I also get a big inflamed one here and there, which I will proceed to ICE FOR A FEW DAYS and hide inside.

I'm SO SICK of hiding and being scared that my skin will get all crazy. I just want it to be beautiful. In between the blemishes, I can see the beautiful skin I know I have thats fair and clean and supple and smooth. Then there is a big red ugly saying HI to the world. I KNOW MY FACE HAS POTENTIAL.. bottom line.

I know my face isn't as bad as some people on here.. but it used to be. I'm just trying to get myself to the next level. If all those other people out there can have beautiful skin, why can't I??!?!??!?!?!??!


- I am a vegan. I am also currently gluten free for the last two days. (no dairy, no meat, no fish, no wheat, no gluten, no honey, no oatmeal, no soy)
- I am very active. I work out 5-6 days a week in the very early mornings. Addicted to running.
- I currently don't drink alcohol at all. I quit smoking cigarettes years ago, and I don't smoke the reefer, or do any drugs.


- I am fair skinned.. probably as white European as you can get.
- Sensitive.
- Oily.
- One active cyst on my forehead.. by my eyebrow. (I don't know it's active.. it likes to come and go!!)
- Black heads on nose and chin (I hate them on my chin)
- A few small black heads on my cheeks right by my nose.
- A few acne scars. They aren't deep, very shallow and very light. Not very noticeable.

SO THIS IS MY NEW REGIMEN: (I can't stand not washing my face.. this will be hard as hell)

1) Wake up, wash hands, wash face with lukewarm water.
2) Spot treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs, organic, raw, with "the Mother")

1) Wash hands, wash face with lukewarm water.
2) Spot treatment with ACV.

1) 2 tbsp morning and night.
2) 1 tbsp in the morning, working 1 into the night slowly.


I know it isn't the complete caveman thing.. but I feel like if I just all of a sudden stop doing everything, I'll have a MENTAL BREAKDOWN.

So.. eventually I will take out the water wash in the morning and then the ACV treatment in the morning. So.. it's like a tester almost. Posted Image

I will be persistently updating my status because I am on the Acne.org site a lot, and I want to help everyone out as much as I can. I hope this log helps anyone reading. Posted Image I will keep posting even if no one reads.



SOOOOOOO... because I go to school and am a busy little bee most of the time, I've decided to hold off my regimen until March 18, which is the Sunday before Spring Break. Because I'm a dork, and I won't be doing anything significant, I will stock up on food, lock myself up at home, work out at home, and not go out. This will be hard.. because everyone will be having fun. But i'd rather discover new ways to treat my break outs. Posted Image So i'll post again on March 18th, when I begin my regimen.


March 14th,

My skin was actually doing really good. Healing up and stuff.. I went to my moms and she buys this tofu from this Asian supermarket. And I don't know what the ingredients are in it, but it's dressed in this clear sauce with chili's and stuff and it's really good..

Anyway, SOMETHING MAKE ME GET A NEW nodule/cyst/sore bump. And it has totally thrown me off... So, when I saw it start forming, I starting icing the shit out of it and it's shrunk but still hurts a bit.

I've decided I'm going to lock myself up today and continue to ice it till it goes away completely. I guess I'm not going out this weekend like I planned. I was really excited because I bought St. Tropez self tanner and I was going to self tan myself and look hawwwwttt like a few months ago when my acne was under control.

Hope this one doesn't scar.

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