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Water Only blog > Day Twenty-Three!

Posted 01 November 2013

My face looks better than it did yesterday. 
My mom picked me up and we went to our favourite RAW food restaurant and ate there. Then we hung out for a bit.
But my face was slowly declining throughout the day, and before bed, after further examination, I noticed my face was covered in dead skin.
I was sort of gross...

Water Only blog > Day Twenty-Two!

Posted 31 October 2013

This is the first day I refused to leave my house due to my skin. There are only a few white heads, but they are like noticeable so I decided not to go. I was upset when I woke up this morning. I was looking at my face, and when of the whiteheads started oozing right before my eyes. I took a square of tissue and soaked up the pus (Sorry for...

Water Only blog > Day Twenty-One

Posted 30 October 2013

Alright, I know I haven't posted in a while. I'll try to be completely honest with what has happened over the last nine days since I posted last. 
Well... Things have kind of gone downhill. It's still stable. Like I don't care about leaving the house with it or going to the gym. But it's enough to embarrass me if I let it. But I'm not letting...

Water Only blog > Day Twelve

Posted 21 October 2013

Hi peeps!
So... yesterday I woke up with a few little raised bumps around my mouth here and there, with a few tiny whiteheads. Plus, I had two large-ish nodules/pimples on either side of my nose right under my eyes from the day before. I panicked, then tried not to panic. And then calmed down, and went about my day! Hahahaha! 
I mean.....

Water Only blog > Day Eight! Yay! :)

Posted 17 October 2013

So I have made it over a week! I have worn make up a few times during the weekend so I used just a bit of jojoba oil and a cotton pad to remove it and then used jojoba oil combined with castor oil and a wash cloth to remove my face make up (the OCM, or oil cleansing method that I said I would use at times). I've read that oil cleansing does not mess with...