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Ultra Low-Dose Accutane Users, Help!

16 August 2012 - 07:54 PM

I need some counseling from other people who have been on ultra low dose Accutane. I am currently on 40mg twice a week - one 40mg pill on tuesday and one on friday. It's has been a little over a month since I started treatment and I haven't seen any evidence of the Accutane doing anything except for the occasionally dry lips.

I was on a normal course of Accutane around 2 years ago but my acne came back, sadly. It was only after reading such amazing things about ultra low-dose treatments that I decided to bite the bullet and take the medication again. Many said that they were able to notice significant changes in their skin on the low dose in short periods of time, e.g, a couple of months.

I just want to hear from some other people who have done ultra low dose treatments:

- When did you start seeing results, e.g, reduction of oil, less inflammation, less active spots, etc.
- Did you have any purging/initial breakout on such low doses? If so, how long did it last and did you do anything extra to remedy it?
- Did you use anything for your skin topically or orally in addition to the Accutane to treat your skin while the medicine was kicking in?

Any information someone can provide is greatly appreciated, but please, only post if you are on, have been on, or are familiar with ULTRA low-dose treatments, i.e, 20mg to 40mg twice a week or less.

Thank you!