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What Happens To Your Face When You Wear Sunscreen Might Shock You

15 August 2014 - 02:48 PM

watch this



imagine how peoples with acne skin looks like then shock.gif

Overdosing On Vitamin A, Good Idea Or Nah

14 August 2014 - 09:08 AM

accutane is somekinda form of vitamin A right?


if i take somewhat hightened doses of just vitamin A supplement would it have similar effects? any effect on acne?


would i have any of the bad sidefects than acutane has like skin drying out, scars, premature wrinkles n such?



I Got A Hooked Nose....

13 August 2014 - 05:07 PM

no i havent got beaten up yet bcs of my acne but shits so ridiculous, i actually got my nose disfigured today...


suddenly out of nothing just somekinda large red lump grew in the middle of my nose, making it look like its hooked..


all i did today was eating healthy and moisturise my face...


mom just made fun of me saying i have majestic roman nose now or some shit like that =.=


if it doesnt go away i will srsly die, i dont have money for no injections or nose surgerys...


weirdly its not painful like usually forming cysts are, its just like inflammed lump of skin, idk wht exactly is that shit...


i just cant.

2 Years Didnt Remove Makeup! I Want To Do This, Is It Really That Bad

12 August 2014 - 08:16 AM



^ read that


im just so depressed again, going from decent looks to such a lame looking face (red nose, pores, cysts on cheek and just usual bunch of shit ETC) is SO SO SO PAINFUL u cant imagine (i was to party like day ago n had makeup on, IT WAS LIKE BEST DAY IN 10 YRS!!), its like a spit in the face afterwards. i just cant look at this face anymore, i just cant. i want healthy normal skin already so much!!


they say her skin aged like 40 yrs old bt...thats gotta be some rly nice looking skin for 40 yr old then isnt it? O.o i mean she looks flawless, whats going on?


so i kinda wanna do this, idk i just cant take my skin anymore, everytime i see it i freak out n get manic depression n just wanna do diff bad stuff, i cant live like this, i dont know wtf to do anymore, srsly tried everything except tane and bp but those r out of question...


ok mayb not like for 2 yrs bt like remove it once in some time





they r fuking retarded for calling her looks twice her age lol, she looks awasome before and after. those r just different looks, retards...

Help Urgent! How Do U Do The Makeup? It Just Doesnt Work?

09 August 2014 - 03:43 AM

i just cant anymore, its super important day today, family gathering etc 


i put makeup (tonal cream, mildly light) overnight so it would soak into my very shitty skin better n look at least somewhat natural this day


but omfg i look so ultimately bad!!! im so depressed as hell and desperate, everyone will have fresh, smooth faces there. i look SO SO SO BAD!! i have noo fun in my mind whatsoever right now, i just wanna either go back to sleep and dont wake up or just jump off the bridge. im soo depressed


i didnt just put bunch of it on i rly just applied layers after layers of it. it was like liquidy? bt it looks like a clumpy mess nyway, just like my face fell in somekinda lame consistency by accident. its not even fake looking, its just obviously bad and ridiculous looking. its so retarded looking i wanna die so much


wth am i doing wrong? how do ppl manage to look natural with it in any way at all??


wht can i do now to improve? i cant take it off either my face will be red and irritated and i rly dont wanna show my shitty skin to all those ppl either?