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Can U Actually Dermaroll/stamp Redmarks?

29 July 2014 - 04:39 AM

wouldnt that make them even worse/redder actually? 

what does redmark consist of exactly?  

what does area need to regain previous color/normal skin actually? 

How Do U Do The Elimination Diet?

28 July 2014 - 10:34 AM

some say u break out next day after u ate ur intolerance food 

some say u form pimple after week? whatever it means?


so how do u actually tell u got ur pimple from what?




i ate watermelon yesterday, had alergy a bit from it, i could tell right away. but it went on legs and wasnt acne.

now idk why would some food create reg alergy pimples on body nd other would go on face to make acne there?? but k lets ignore that for now since in other thread u said its just some complicated shit basically nd in some screwed way it can happen so...

but since u advice this diet all the time how do u actually do it knowing all that? 


u probably dont eat only 1 ingredient at a time, if its salad or stew or anything else how will u know was it tomato or carrot causing ur break out?



Flesh Pimples [Without Pus] ! They Stay Forever

26 July 2014 - 04:35 AM

im so sick of my stupid retarded skin thats just getting new shit all the time i just cant tell u! 


i had first one of those like ~8 months (YES THAT MUCH TIME!) ago on chin nd just ignored it for awhile but now that i got second one on my cheek area and just few days ago even ON MY NOSE!! i just think its time to freak out! bcs wtf are those?? 


pls help!


it seems like they consist only from flesh nd no white pus at all, i dont think they r ingrown hairs bcs i dont have no fuking hairs on my nose?


pls what to do? what happens if i dermaroll them? can i cut them off somehow? how can i do it? with needle or else?

How I Reduced Redness Overnight (Pretty Alot) With Zinc Cream

24 July 2014 - 06:15 AM

so i just took a zinc cream i had (only zinc oxide and vaseline in it) and put alot of it everywhere on face, esp on pores on nose and cheeks, chin
put like bunch of it, big thick fat layer! like when u put a mask on
then i wrap around my face (cheeks, jawline) toiletpaper nd go to sleep. slept like 7.5 hrs then i woke up but it was like 2-3 hrs until i bothered to take it off..
so ~10h in total
wipe of with toiletpaper or plain tissue
stare for half an hour until u can believe what u see! O.o 
basically reduced redness nd idk how on earth but i swear reduced pores on NOSE (not on cheeks tht much for some reason?) but like i dont remember when my nose looked tht close to normal actually???
i think tho this is like one time effect, but damn!! if ur totally fed up u might just try it. before event or so. i think tht cream costed like 3 euros...
i was saying bad things abt this cream previously but if u ever stumbled on them hey i kind of take my words back, its not completely useless afterall

Which Copper Peptides Are The Best And Most Effective?

22 July 2014 - 12:23 AM

need it for redmarks, hyperpigmentation, scarred pores, scars, to improve collagen and elastin


tripeptide? tetrapeptide?




what do u think of those? which one from both those would u get better? why?




if u know any better one, pls link to it


can u use this right after dermarolling?