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In Topic: Acne Not A Puzzle Anymore.

Yesterday, 05:20 AM

is it ok to donate ur crappy acne blood to other ppl tho? :/


im totally doing this!!

In Topic: 31 Years Old, What's The Next Step...

Yesterday, 05:14 AM

you should give acnefree some time man! you cant wish for results so soon! treatments take time to work u know? 10 yrs psh..give it at least 20 yrs?

In Topic: Any Idea How To Fade These Dark Marks?

Yesterday, 04:45 AM

it might take month or few to fade those i think. u could help a bit with aha, maybe some rich in vitamin oil like rosehip (undiluted with other oils) if u dont break out from it, moisturise but most of all its just to not break out new pimples nd give it some months..

In Topic: How Long After You Make Changes Should You See Improvement...

Yesterday, 04:32 AM

dude y would u drink 5 l of water?

did u know drinking too much water is not even good for u?

it flushes out minerals (nutrients too i think?) nd in some cases ppl can even get somekinda water poisoning nd die from drinking it too much. it also is said that it makes ur brain swell


i dont like to sip water through the day so i usually drink more at once or several times a day but it still kinda bloats me



btw im sick of fukin water, lemonade for life! go lemonade!! Bx

In Topic: How Do U Do The Elimination Diet?

28 July 2014 - 02:32 PM

ok thnx but does this mean u will break out from ur intolerant food right away or next day? i think it should be so..
but what abt this "pimple takes week to form" thing? if i eat a food but pimple of it appears only after like week, during whch ive eaten bunch of other foods how will i ever tell which food caused it anymore?
esp if i have multiple pimples on my face they might be caused from diff times diff foods @~@
also can ppl who arent gluten intolerant still get acne from gluten foods?
i have a feeling im not gonna do this tho >.>