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Yesterday, 06:06 AM

woa u have it so rly rly bad dude D: u need something to stop new break outs asap and get to fixing those scars. i think u need rly good diet for skin be able to repair itself, its tough but looks like u lack something bcs it looks like ur skin is not making collagen in those spots anymore. im not sure but maybe high in healthy fat diet would be good for u? also greens and alot of healty vegetables. (vitamins) , also omega 3 (supplement + fish)


after u get rid of active acne u should look into dermastamping/rolling to fix those scars. also topical vit c, copper peptides, maybe some aha.

id also put some good vitamin oil like rosehip or else from time to time but those can break u out. oils i think r superindividual, some can break u out, some not, u have to be careful with them..


idk how to get rid of active pimples tho, only options that come in mind are bp and accutane BUT they can waste/scar/hyperpigmentation ur face even more so its rly risky, not allways works either...


u need to at least moisturise


they say getting rly good diet (getting rid of all alergy food, processed, dairy, gluten) will fix acne in most case but im not sure abt this..it should improve at least!

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30 July 2014 - 03:38 PM

its expensive af!  (ill just never get such money, oh man..)

MRT alone (blood test) – $595.00
Single Nutrition Consult for MRT review – $85 (60 minutes)
LEAP program (includes MRT test + 4 Nutrition Consults) – $835.00 ($915.00 value)


anyway is there any other benefits from eating ur intolerance free foods? like would it improve skins overall look? pigmentation, scars, pores etc?
what are ur alergies acording to this test? and what do u eat now?

In Topic: Can You Drink All Your Supplements Pills At Once? (Omega 3)

30 July 2014 - 07:33 AM

i just wanted to ask another thing: is it better to take those pills at evening or morning? 

for better absorption and everything..

In Topic: Acne Not A Puzzle Anymore.

30 July 2014 - 07:14 AM

but toxins, increased sugar nd acne bacteria nd everything thts bad inside of us?


wont person getting our blood get pimples??

In Topic: Flesh Pimples [Without Pus] ! They Stay Forever

30 July 2014 - 07:12 AM