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In Topic: How I Reduced Redness Overnight (Pretty Alot) With Zinc Cream

Today, 03:50 AM



i see but i dont get why redness comes back? does that means my skin has somekinda red pigments in those areas forever now? ><   is it possible to get normal skin color pigments back? why isnt skin repairing those places back to normal? how come zinc makes those red pigments go away? err..where do they actually go? P:


nd i did it this night too, 13h this time, absolutely no effect on pores this time at all? but redness went away big time i swear it looks like a normal skin color without any redmarks at all! why it cant just stay like that? x0



Oh my god your pores are fine


uh what..they totally arent xS mayb in 2nd pic but they freaking came back!



btw sry for this thread i was just too damn excited right away after that effect....u_u

In Topic: 36Yr Old Acne Sufferer With Permanent Eye Damage

Today, 02:14 AM

i forgot its saturday today...but im deff going on monday!
dude pls tell what is diagnosis called? 
and u say he said its a frequent case actually, do those other patients also had acne? like really??
just cant believe all of this!

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Yesterday, 04:24 PM


In Topic: 36Yr Old Acne Sufferer With Permanent Eye Damage

Yesterday, 04:17 PM

what was diagnosis exactly??


I had the initial consultation in March and the up-shot was that acne has infiltrated my eyes, setting up a severe infection deep in my eye's. The consultant said that effectively I was seriously ill and if I'd been left any longer the infection could even have damaged my vision or sent me blind.

 i swear this is scariest insane shit ive read in a long long times if not ever!!


im totally going to doctor tomorrow!!


btw my eye were weird tingling since like 2 days ago, could it be..this? >< >< >< oh god pls no..omfg..><


this should be like nr 1 warning on this site, mods should pin this or something, just the worst sidefect ever couldve happen ever!!



In Topic: 36Yr Old Acne Sufferer With Permanent Eye Damage

Yesterday, 03:35 PM

omfg i had pretty calm evening without shock until i got into this thread! i dunno why ppl read creepypasta when u can go to this site!! bcs acne can what? infect ur eyes now????????? are u fuking serious? like are u sure it was acne and nothing else? i just cant believe this! why would it happen? omgggg! u would think zombie invasion is more likely to happen than something like this! im so done