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Only Way To Cure Is This

22 September 2014 - 06:22 PM

u need to find a lab tht will dissect n examine u individualy nd develop special extra individual unique cure only for u and do so asap nd attack it hard bcs tbh tht shit will start get resistant nd develop new form rly soon after u start doing tht


otherwise ull b stuck in acne wonderland for yrs or forever.


nly thing tht idk where this lab is :>


ur welcomeee!!

Ever Been Traumatised By Ur Own Face

18 September 2014 - 08:58 PM

tht feel when u finally make a decent pic of urself (tht u still dnt rly like) bt ur so eager to show it off on fb asap bt u know tht u fking cant bcs u know tht when u will go to other room u will suddenly look like rotting corpse with parasites infesting ur face nd just tht feel tht ur lying to ppl n all tht crap???

so many good shots wasted bcs of this shit also ><


fuking rollercoaster of feelings when u just dnt fuking know which is ur real looks bcs u look so drastically oppositely in diff times, its such a  mental torment, ur practically dying one moment then suddenly u look good n u just dunno wtf to feel, its like u arent done being depressed yet bt shouldnt b either now


bt thing is im so fuking traumatised by now, good face just doesnt do it for me nymore, its enough to just remember THAT face or see a pic of it n u feel the poison taking over ur mind nd body again


its so fun to look 10 one moment n then like 100 other time? 8D just tht im done with it


ima bipolar hell 


bt this time i feel like im going down for good


i rly just want to b normal person with stable face now


y wont redmarks n pores just go away???? y i dont grow out of acne just yet? 10 yrs


i deserve looking pretty after all those yrs so much!! it should b top priority than everything in life bcs ive fuking suffered more than jeesus christ fukkk!!! all those christans should donate money to me!!!


nd even when u get those moments its just no joy whtsoever bcs u know tht sicko face is still there n everythings just sucks even more now n just theres no life in anything..




i just feel like my minds decaying at a insanely rapid rate.

Where Do U Get Money For Ur Acne Products And Everything

15 September 2014 - 09:34 AM

srsly i dnt get it......................


r ur parents rich?


or do u work? where do u work?


also if u work, when do u hv time for researching etc?


nd if u hv rly complex issue nd hv like rly mentally screwed psyche due to this disease as well as SA where do u actually get cash for all of this cos shits nt cheap yknow?


i read somewhere tht they make milions from acne treatments which is somth i cant rly grasp yet bt like acne is rich ppl disease it seems? which it ofc should b btw cos poor ppl with acne can just gtfo? i mean they just hv absolutely no chance against this cos u need million things to just maintain urself


so r u a poor or a rich one?





What Is The Best Linoleic Acid Source For Topical Use (Natural Or Product)

14 September 2014 - 05:12 PM

i heard safflower oil is for linoleic acid?


r there ny products, serums cointaining it too? can u just link smthn tht has the most of it? or is it better to apply oil



What Is A Good Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) To Get?

14 September 2014 - 05:06 PM

which is the best nd which hv u tried n how it worked?


is this ok to get



if u dnt know wht it is, read this



it has been mentioned on this forum many times too..






pls answer this asap cos i wanna get all the stuff tomorrow or day after