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In Topic: Where Do U Get Money For Ur Acne Products And Everything

Yesterday, 06:26 PM

I Wouldn't classify myself as rich considering our modern-day standards but my parents had enough money for all the products "So many that i lost track of the exact number" and procedures "Erbium yag laser - Peeling ... etc. You know the drill !!!!


All-out war fighting acne for nearly 8 years "I'm 24 now" Yet I'm suffering from a Cystic inflamed acne breakout so it doesn't matter even if you can afford the money in my case it didn't help me at all. For the most part it made my scars look worse and never managed to get my acne under control.



if ur wealthy tho y cant u just buy all the best supplements u can and rly rly good food. also since skin gets used to everything for somereason n u hv to switch products nyway u could b buying rly good products n just ty them all. cos r u sure u tried everything yet


Panoxyl Aquagel costs 3 quid.


i hv no idea how much is tht bt wht is tht n does it work? does it make ur skin dry nd red?

In Topic: (Enlux) Blue Light Therapy.

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

If it helps the vicious spots I have I'm sure traditional acne/spots would benefit greatly. When an infra red light bulb cost less than a tube of Clearasil there really is no excuse not to give it a go, any light bulb shop should sell them.


u mean u can buy those in ny store n they will work like infra red light? does this hv nything to do with wht u wrote here v 

(sry i cant allways follow everything px)


All you need is 90 seconds of blue light to kill the bacteria, that's what it says on the information leaflet with the Enlux bulb I bought from the Acne company. I was also watching a video on YouTube of a woman receiving professional Blue and Red light therapy in a clinic by a Doctor - he just ran the blue light device over her skin in seconds - literally a flash or two then done. Gave her a little longer with the red light afterwards, that's what shrinks the sebaceous glands and reduces the inflammation - it's the warmth of the sun in a light bulb - minus the harmful UV rays. Blue and red light together produces much better results, infra red light goes incredibly deep into the skin - Inches I read.


I'm not sure what the spots I have are, I think it's staph aureus running riot, but they are horrible, if I squeeze them I end up with a huge lump under the skin, possibly my immune system going crazy. The Doctor gave me Oxytetracycline and told me I may be on them for the rest of my life but I have decided to give the light therapy a go and it's working great so far. My back is clearing up and the few active red lumps I have are benign and not spreading. 


is tht antibiotics? if they r internal, ill just tell u wht i recently read wht some patient said, they said tht internal antibiotics practicaly dnt work bcs they dnt go/reach to face. nly topical antibiotics hv any impact on skin. nt sure how true it is bt it was her experience.

In Topic: (Enlux) Blue Light Therapy.

Yesterday, 12:22 PM

When I first got the peel I used it every week or so, first you have to let your skin get used to it and remember that the peel is just the catalyst for what happens next - your body doing it's thing, shedding the dead skin and revealing the newer fresher skin underneath. You have to let nature take it's course. I don't get too may spots on my face so it's my nose pores (T-ZONE) area I used it on.


Test a small area first, don't just slap it on your entire face. It's very painful, stings like crazy. It took me a long time to get enough nerve to use it on my entire face, as it turned out it gave me a nice tone - a few little patches of skin did peel, better than face washing with a Clearasil type scrub.   


It's anti inflammatory as well, so it should help reduce redness. Wash your face then apply, rinse off, AVOID the eyes, keep them well closed when rinsing your face or using the deactivator, keep them tightly shut.


y only once a week? cnt i use it like every other day for faster effect? >< nd agh im rly scared to ask this bt like superhonestly after how much time will b improvment seen? 


how long do u keep it on before u wash it off? nd y wash it off? if u leave it on does it leaves sticky residue or smthn?

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

omg i just need to rehab center.............



In Topic: The Beginning Of A Caveman Life

Yesterday, 10:33 AM

it will never work

bt wait nope, caveman didnt hv zinc n d3 supplements so it might work