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In Topic: Blackheads And Laser

17 July 2013 - 10:44 AM

After every laser treatment I had, the blackheads on my nose seem to surface up and extraction of it is so much easier. After after two weeks, it all came back whistling.gif(


Thank you for sharing scaredemon. Too bad...your blackheads came back...! I hate blackheads neutral.gif These days, I try to exfoliate and clean up my pores once every 2 weeks, and use BHA to eliminate blackhead. It seems to be working for me for now. Maybe you should give a try!


In Topic: Blackheads And Laser

12 July 2013 - 07:34 AM

I have never heard of co2 laser diminishing blackheads. Do you mean the laser vaporizes blackheads or helps them surface? I have heard of people getting blackheads and millia after co2 laser when they used aquaphor or Vaseline, as their pores ended up clogged. If you do decide to do laser, I highly recommend using a post-op kit, like Avene's SOS Complete kit and their Cicalfate cream, instead of Aquaphor/Vaseline. I used Aquaphor after TCA Cross and my first laser treatment. Both times, I broke out and ended up with blackheads. Using Avene's kit, I didn't experience any issues and found the spring water very calming for my skin. I do still get blackheads when I wear makeup, so I have completely stopped using powder since my second laser treatment.


I am confused products like aquaphor and vaseline...because petroleum jelly classified as non comedogenic and it won't clog pores. It sounds safe to use it after laser treatment. But it also makes sense to me that it possibly causes blackheads and breakouts for some people including me. I tried it before for a few days, and I broke out horribly...! 

"petroleum jelly can prevent the skin from releasing toxins, sweat and sebum. If this happens, the skin can’t breathe or eliminate toxins, thereby blocking pores and causing breakouts. In the final analysis, it seems to depend upon the individual."


Thank you *Inspired* for sharing your experience smile.png  I'll defiantly check out a post-kit instead of petroleum jelly. I hope your second treatment is going well! I still use mineral powder on my face, and I know I should stop that...!


More likely than not - it won't help with blackheads/enlarged pores. It would also be dumb to undergo a treatment such as a fractional co2 just for blackheads.


No, I don't want to go through painful co2 laser treatment just for blackheads lol. Thank you for your comment!


In Topic: Subcision Done & Sharing The Rest Of The Journey.

10 July 2013 - 09:34 AM

michi31 - thanks, glad to know that Dr. Yang was good. His article is very helpful. I did ping him but did not set up a consult yet. I am on the other side of the coast so I can't use him. I had a hard time finding anyone who does subcision where I live so I did seriously consider flying out to New York if that is what it takes.


For those who are considering Dr. Yang, he consults by skype and charges US$125. 


SKype consultation for $125 is really expensive..., because it is no way you can clearly see scarring thorough skype. What kind of information he can give me for $125? It is a nice idea, but it is unrealistic to me...


I got a lot of resources and free help/advice from org members. If you want, you can post photos of your scars and ask org members. Many people here are so knowledgeable(sometimes more than some doctors), and it's really worth to browsing around org than paying short Skype chat. I also chatted with a few org members on Skype. We talked about treatments and it was very helpful, also encouraging. Some doctor offers free email talk, or even free consultation, too.  But it's just my personal opinions, so maybe some people are willing to spend money for Skype.


Good luck OP! I hope your treatment will go well :)

In Topic: My Total Fx Diary - Procedure Scheduled For 12/04/12 - Updates To Follow

08 July 2013 - 09:31 AM



i don't think it'll disappear over time. i noticed a big lump a month after my first treatment. i bruised up a lot. maybe filler might helped a little to build up unnecessary collagen underneath of my skin, i am not sure. my plastic surgeon thought it was filler at first, but later on confirmed me it is a lump. he told me i should keep massaging it and it should get better, but it still stays the same and i really don't know when it'll go away...might take years...the surgeon told me the sub is best for deep rolling scars, and not effective for shallow scars. i have shallow rolling, boxcar and icepick, and my skin texture got worsen instead of improving those scars appearance. it really did nothing to my shallow boxcar or icepick, but for rolling , i can't really tell because of lumps. but sub won't correct skin texture anyways, i am hoping laser will help.




yea i don't think i can call these lumps as raised scars, because they feel very soft and empty, almost look like mosquito bites. my biggest lump is obvious and visible in any lighting. smaller lumps are visible only in certain lighting. i am hoping maybe laser can correct these damages and improve my shallow scars even a little. i know laser treatment is not a easy thing to do, and you are very tough to go through that! smile.png


In Topic: My Total Fx Diary - Procedure Scheduled For 12/04/12 - Updates To Follow

03 July 2013 - 02:23 PM

Yes, other doctors are so right, my scars are visible but shallow, so my skin ended up with lumps(maybe it's called raised scars). My ex-surgeon didn't explain to me clearly about risks of getting lumps. He warned me that subcision won't really work on shallow scars, but I didn't know there is a risk of raised scars. I must say I regret my decision to go for it...


I am thinking about repair because many doctors in my area offer repair. I haven't been able to find a good doctor who offers Total FX. I am happy for you found a good doctor for it , and you are seeing improvement! I hope to find one soon, and yes I'll keep you posted!