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My Accutane Journey > Isotretinoin (80 Mgs) Weeks 5 And 6

Posted 30 May 2012

Wow, I'm half-way done with month two! I have a lot to update since I'm covering two weeks in one post. It was so hectic with finals at school that I just didn't get around to blogging. So, I was off Accutane (Claravis, whatever you want to call it) for four days in between getting my prescription filled, and boy did my skin get bad! I...

My Accutane Journey > Isotretinoin (80 Mg) Week 4

Posted 09 May 2012

My first month of Accutane is done! My skin has been doing a lot better. There's less redness, and I'd say I'm almost 90% clear right now. Any pimples left on my face are mostly on my chin, but they are no longer inflamed, which is so nice! As for side-effects, all the general stuff I had last week, like dry lips and eczema. I also have...

My Accutane Journey > Isotretinoin (80 Mg) Week 3

Posted 02 May 2012

So, week three on Claravis has been pretty uneventful. I've been very sore and tired, and my lips are extremely dry, but really no new side effects. My face looks horrible though. I've been breaking out pretty badly. It seems like every time a pimple starts to clear up three more pop up! Its so frustrating. I'm also extremely red! :(...

My Accutane Journey > Isotretinoin (80 Mg) Week Two

Posted 25 April 2012

Hello everyone!

So today is the end of week two on Accutane (Clavaris), and I've got to say, so far so good. I have had a few "side effects," so I'll get to that first. My face no longer feels burnt, and my IB is clearing up, but my face is EXTREMELY red! Every pimple, red mark, and pore is more pronounced than ever, but I can...

My Accutane Journey > Isotretinoin (80 Mg) Week 1

Posted 18 April 2012

I got through week one, yay! I've noticed my skin is already starting to look healthier! I did break out a bit at around day 3, but I wouldn't say it's any worse than my usual breakouts. I have noticed a dramatic reduction in oil, so that's a plus, but my skin has also gotten very sensitive. It's not dry yet, but my skin has a...