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Face and Body > Looking Up

Posted 08 March 2013

My skin is finally looking nice. A few places here and there but they are supperficial at the most. I just finished my cycle and I didn't breakout on it so I'm wondering if I'll breakout afterwards. That sometimes happens. But either way, my skin has been doing really nice. The Tea Tree Oil must be what's doing it. I am activly trying not to pick at my fa...

Face and Body > Options..options..

Posted 28 February 2013

Its's been a while since I'v updated. My skins been doing "OK" on my current skincare. But its not perfect, and I still can't go around make up less, which is something I am dying to do. Especially this summer. Here's my dilema...I'v ordered Dan's Bp.....but I haven't started using it yet because I'm still hesitant to put all those chemicals on my skin an...

Face and Body > Still Looking Up :)

Posted 21 January 2013

My skin continues to do pretty well. I try to eat as healthy as possible, I don't pick at my skin, except for blackheads because they drive me crazy, but I'm trying to stop that because i know my skin will get better if I do. I'm exerciseing a lot and so far not much bacne besides the one or two spots. I had a big HUGE cyst on my chin this week...

Face and Body > Life Is Good!

Posted 10 December 2012

My skin is doing SOOOO good! I had no idea how not picking at my skin could be do so much for it!!!! It's incredible! My skin has been doing so well. ONE current pimple along my hairline.... Dan's AHA+ is my Holy Grail beauty product...I use it almost everynight. I love it! And my skin loves it! I'm...

Face and Body > Pretty Dang Happy!

Posted 14 November 2012

My skin is doing soo much better. This week it was alittle rough because I was on my period and I'd been eating like crap all week...(and the week beforePosted Image )...But its still like insanely better than my skin usually is!!!!!!!! The...