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#3385424 Honey And Its Potential In Treating Acne.

Posted by Hutchdan on 29 September 2013 - 04:26 AM

That sounds like a great research topic. Raw honey can be unfiltered though, so do you think it might be less sanitary? There are some types of raw honey that say filtered on the label, so I'm guessing that most raw honey doesn't get filtered.

What do you think of clover honey? Do you think it has the same benefits? I accidentally bought clover honey instead of regular one and have been using it as a mask...it helps with inflammation but I don't think it's as effective as regular honey. 

Sorry i've been gone so long! No, the human body is designed to handle far worse than anything unprocessed honey would contain (insect parts ect). I will note though that some bacterial spores have been reported in honey, newborn children up to one year are susceptible to infection but our adult immune system is far to strong for any infection to take hold. There are different types of filtering for honey, in terms of nutrition, eating honey in the honey comb (propolis) is fantastic, honey comb is so incredibly dense in nutrients and is antibacterial in itself. Any honey that isn't heated above 40 degrees is usually fine. Most processing of REAL honey doesn't take away any helpful effects as long as its not "creamed honey". I've read a little about clover honey, apparently it is one of the weaker honeys around... i would suggest something like buckwheat, its like the Guinness of honeys and its very dark colour suggests a high nutrition content.  :) 

i use dabur honey in my oats.am unsure if its all 'organic' but its a big OLD and reputed brand thats been there since my grandmum's era.

can i expect any 'good in gut' happening with this?

Its better if you eat the honey on its own, the oats would dilute the effect i would suspect. But thats a very good honey! 

I have honey on my face right now smile.png


Raw honey of course. I washed my face, then rubbed some honey all over my face, rubbed it in nicely so it doesn't drip (just a thin layer). Maybe I'll keep it on overnight, I've had good results with that in the past

It makes your skin so smooth! 

I eat a tsp of royal jelly & raw honey 2x per day.  And 1/2 tsp of propolis 2x per day.  It's really making my skin glow : ] and I have less inflammation. I love this stuff it made my face so much clearer.  I haven't tried using it as a mask though.. I think I'd rather supplement with it.

Propolis is one of the most nutritious foods around "In general, propolis contains 5 flavonoids, about 30 minerals (minerals promote life-activity of the organism), vitamins B1, B2, B6, A, C, E,… it contains various aromatic organic acids, caffeine acid, cinnamic acid, antibiotic compounds and others.  It has from 8 to 17 amino acids including several essentials. It also includes material from the secretions of saliva from the glands of bees. Such materials include some unsaturated fatty acids, which are potent antioxidants."  i mean no wonder you're feeling good.

#3370819 Honey And Its Potential In Treating Acne.

Posted by Hutchdan on 01 August 2013 - 06:49 AM

So i'm doing a research paper on honey and how it kills bacteria, and i've been reading a lot of research papers on the anti-inflammatory factors of honey. Apparently its so antibacterial, many researchers are looking to honey to be the new antibiotic.


Hows this relevant to your acne? well here are some properties of honey that may be good in getting rid of /treating problems associated with acne:


As i said, honey is very antibacterial, and famous for wound treatment.  Russian soldiers in WW2 would use honey on wounds, and it is reported that the application of honey massively reduced the chance of scarring, and often left little or no scars. This is perhaps because honey is rich in minerals, often keeps the wound moist and kills most pathogens in that may cause further scarring in the wound. 


The interesting thing is that all honeys are antibiotic, but the way they deal with bacteria can be completely different. Meaning that different types of honey can have completely different effects on your skin, depending on your condition. However the way it treats infection often depends on the plant its come from. BUT ALWAYS GET RAW HONEY! local is best!


Application of honey has cured infections in wounds modern drugs and topicals could not. Mainly because there are a lot of drug resistant bacteria. 


Honey is used to treat gastrointestinal problems, which have been shown to be related to acne. Manuka honey especially is said to reduce inflammation in the gut


Raw honey has a very high antioxidant capacity, antioxidants play a big role in treating acne! 


Honey has a low GI, which means it doesn't flood your system with sugar, which contributes to acne!  However its still a lot of sugar so dont eat in excess. 


Its important if you do use honey, you should always use raw honey that organic! Supermarket "honey" is often laced with fructose corn syrup, which is terrible!


So how do i apply it? 


Honey is best applied on open wounds ( ones you have popped) or scars, but it can be good in making your skin softer and fighting infections. I'm not guaranteeing it will cure your acne! But i am saying from what i've read it seems to have a lot of potential in fighting factors that cause acne!  I would try it on myself, but i got rid of my acne through the paleo diet. I'm just leaving this here as i think it could potentially contribute to clear skin!


 IMPORTANT for best results! Lab experiments often dilute their honey! This can increase the antibacterial properties, by increasing hydrogen peroxide  I would recommend a mixutre of 50% honey and 50% LUKE WARM water. This also reduces the thickness of honey, which some people claim clog pores....


Or you could take a guilt free spoonful or two of honey each day, knowing its doing you good :) Any questions? Feel free to ask!


P.S i didn't go into scientific details as it would be too long.


All information was gathered from pubmed.gov

#3363283 Success Compilation Thread

Posted by Hutchdan on 02 July 2013 - 06:41 AM




The fabled success thread, never thought i'd make it. 


Anyone reading this, go through my previous content if you wanna find posts about my acne experience,  the link above tells you how to get rid of that last nagging bit of acne. 


Next week i'm going to a nightclub to celebrate my 18th with 12 other people who are on the guest list.  Acne forced me to eat well and exercise and because of it i'm looking good, that is to say i've never been more confident. I just wanna say to anyone on their last legs to not give up. Clear skin is not a carrot on a stick, even though it feels like that sometimes, it will come if you stay focused and remember the real reasons why you're doing this! 

If im honest, i did it for a girl! But it turned out she weren't that great! 


feel free to PM 

and heres a pic from 9 months ago in case you're wondering what i look like:  

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much love! 

#3345797 How I Got Rid Of That Last Bit Of Acne

Posted by Hutchdan on 04 May 2013 - 05:55 PM

After much pain i finally found the right holistic approach which got rid of 90 percent of my acne.. but something was missing......


I'ts been a long time since i was on this board, i felt compelled to come back and mention something which could make a difference to some of you sufferers. 


People on this board get obsessed by the holistic approach, i can understand i did the same. But its important to remember that there are some other massive factors that affect acne 


The most important one being stress! Stress can be a sneaky maiden, you can be stressed and not even know it! each time you look in the mirror you pile on the stress and it just adds up, and as much as you try to slay the acne demon through diet, you'll never succeed if you don't resolve the stress issue.


So what to do:

 I noticed a considerable change when i just let go and stopped looking in the mirror all together. I read about stress causing acne and i knew looking in the mirror induced stress, so i stopped, and those spots that i could never vanquish through diet faded and died. 


I'm just saying, if you're diet isn't working then you should definitely consider stopping looking in the mirror. I recommend 1 glance every 24 hours or less!! 


p.s. i'd also like to add that this board probably saved my life!

#3297665 Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I...

Posted by Hutchdan on 25 October 2012 - 10:13 AM

Hey it's me again

So basically the treatments going well but i still get very small spots on my face. I'm 4 months or so into treatment and i've literally eaten anything moldy that i can find. So basically i was wondering if you could suggest any probiotic sources?  Since you got clear on this you must have gotten all of the necessary bacteria from the food you ate, could you actually say what probiotic and what fermented food you ate and how much you ate? That'd be super ;)

I can list all my sources:
Kefir yogurt
blue cheese
cottage cheese
fermented pickles
natural organic full fat greek yogurt
yogurt enhanced with bifido and acidophilus
Primal defence probiotics ( recommended by the guy on "gutflora")
I've stopped eating dairy now thought as when i came of accutane is started to cause acne again.

p.s. i've been asked to be displayed on the website as a success story would you believe!

I really feel like I need more sources of probiotics but I'm not sure what to do. I can't really afford the supplement right now. I want to try dairy yogurt but I'm still a little nervous considering how violently I've reacted to dairy in the past. I wish there was some way to test if my gut has healed.

Yeah, when i was on accutane i noticed dairy didn't cause any issues for me. But after i'd stopped my skin gradually got worse as i'd become so accustomed to eating diary. Then i realized it was dairy and my skin went back to normal- that is mild acne. I discovered i could probably handle half a bowl of yogurt a day without issue.

#3294428 Effective Red Marks Treatmeants! Score Out Of Ten!

Posted by Hutchdan on 13 October 2012 - 07:47 AM

i've used ACV over the summer. 9/10. it faded a lot of my old marks (6 months old), but you have to keep adding to the concentration for it to be effective. however, eventually, your skin just gets used to it and it doesn't work anymore

yeah i used it as well but it's such a pain to apply, it smells terrible.

#3293486 Effective Red Marks Treatmeants! Score Out Of Ten!

Posted by Hutchdan on 09 October 2012 - 12:35 PM

So basically i went through this horrible trail period back when i had severe acne, where i'd try anything anyone suggested, until i finally found the gut diet. I'm not going through that again. It would be so much easier if people just left their suggestions for red mark treatments  and mentioned what DIDN'T work for them. If you gave it a score out of ten that would be fantastic. to sum up: things you've tried and what you'd recommend.
Thanks guys.

#3285780 Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I...

Posted by Hutchdan on 11 September 2012 - 02:04 PM

How bad are sweet potatoes for someone with a bad gut? I can't get on the website at the moment for this particular diet but i know on the gaps diet you have to cut out sweet potatoes. I'm trying to figure out why i am always so bloated, the sweet potatoes are something i have been eating everyday for quite a while now it got me thinking if they are affecting me negatively. In other places i have read they are a safe starch so i'm not sure what to think.

If you don't have sweet cravings, candida etc. then sweet potatoes shouldn't be a problem:)
They aren't allowed on the GAPS diet because the GAPS diet is designed for people with severe gut dysbiosis, and since all carbohydrates (not fiber etc.) are converted into glucose in the body they can potentially "feed" the "bad" germs...

Hey whitefox i dont get any on my back or face so much anymore but im getting loads of acne on my legs and groin area! Did you ever get this?

I had severe acne on the upper back, shoulders, chest and face (especially nose and forehead). I also had some red "lesions" on my thighs for a while, but I never knew if it was acne or not.

Strange thing has happened to me lately:

Something that is freaking me out a little lately, which is also kind of cool is that I have started "analyzing" people I meet that have acne. And every time I do this I see the signs of chronic low-level inflammation, dysfunctional gut flora, leaky gut etc. I don't really know how to explain it, there are just the small signs like coated tongue, possibly bad breath and "the general look".

This only started to happen the last couple of months since I have become very good at recognizing the signs since it is several years since I started looking into the candida, gut dysbiosis etc. thing.

Also, when I see someone eating for example sugary foods I get these visual images in my head where I actually see how their diet disrupts their gut flora, promote leaky gut, inflammation etc.

It's freakin me out, and I'm actually beginning to look at people with poor diet/lifestyle as "sick".

It's like the movie the sixth sense, except you can know whats happening in people bowels.