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#3322814 My Isotretinoin Claravis Logs

Posted by Jonquil on 30 January 2013 - 07:29 AM

DAY 46:

  1. my face looks really bad, way too many whiteheads and way too many red bumpy spots, these red spots are not cysts, because they dont pain at all......this is the worst my face has looked ever, i have always had acne but like ten spots, these are more like 50 spots, i am not counting, just a very rough estimate to give you the feel.....also my face is super dry, esp the area around my mouth, no matter how much i moisturize, it gets dry like in the next half hour, and surprisingly that where most of my breakouts/IB are.


I'm sorry about the whiteheads, I experienced that too. But mine's gone now (only a few on the side of my cheeks, unlike before they're all over my face) .. I guess we really just have to wait it out, they'll go away after some time. Best of luck!