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#3456721 How I Cured My Acne (W/o Drugs)

Posted by overfl00d on Yesterday, 06:01 PM

Hello people, I had moderate-severe acne for 5 years. I am making this post because I want to share the knowledge I attained and maybe hopefully help some people.

This is a long post, but I'm sure people who are suffering from acne who are seeking information will give it a read. I know I wish I knew this information when I was younger.

Things I tried

I have tried so many OTC products. From ProActiv to several other Acne creams I can't even remember... Of course, none of them worked. I also tried several antibiotics and prescription creams like Differin - Did not work either. I came to the conclusion that taking anti-biotic's, or slathering chemicals on my face wasn't going to work (or at least be the only solution).


I was so frustrated that finally common sense slapped me in the face. I thought to myself, "Why are these pimples forming?" I know I had good skin hygiene. I wash my face 2-3 time daily - It obviously wasn't that. I realized it had to be diet. There's no other explanation.

So I started researching nutrition. I then found out what really causes acne. And there isn't just one type of acne - There's seven different types of acne.

Androgenic Acne (Male hormone acne, most common)(Women can get it too)
Adrenal Acne
Digestive Acne
Premenstrual conditions
Menopausal Acne
Thyroid Acne
Liver Acne

I'll explain in more detail about each one in the future, but I'll outline what the root cause for all of them are. [Some are harder to treat than others (e.g. Liver acne).]

Acne has to be tackled in two ways: Internally (the most important aspect which is what this post is all about) and topically.

Nutrients such as micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals) as well as macro nutrients (fats, protein, carbs) are essential for our bodies to function properly. Our human bodies are composed of ~50 trillion cells (10,000 cells can fit on the head of a needle). And each one of these intricate, miraculous, tiny cells needs these nutrients constantly . The way these cells obtain these nutrients is through the food we eat. It's kind of hard to imagine this, but we humans aren't even conscience of this whole incredible process of how cells function. Each individual cell is like a city: it has government, divine geographical limits, waste treatment plants, power plants, postal office, police force (of course that's an oversimplification, but you get the point). One little cell is more complex than the strongest microchip in the world. Every cell in the human body needs about 90 vitamins + minerals to function optimally.

Problems start to occur when these cells aren't getting the nutrients they need. Is it surprising that people are so sick with the SAD (Standard American Diet)? People are starving their bodies of the nutrition it needs. Just think about it: What do a lot of people eat for the start of the day, and what nutrients are they getting -
Cereal is one of the most popular breakfast meals:
contains very little nutrients (in fact they have to manually add them in - and even then, laughably miniscule) and the processed grains are high in empty carbs which will spike your insulin. The pasteurized dead milk people add contains a few vitamins/minerals and protein.

With that meal, you're virtually starving your body of all the other nutrients it needs. And to add to that, it has to work overtime to process the high-carb, empty calorie's from the cereal and detox the milk. Doing this kind of diet for several years and for even decades, diseases and infections will certainly manifest. Pretty much all diseases are from cell death, e.g. if you have dieing cells in the heart; it's called heart disease; Dieing cells in the bones; it's called arthritis. Nearly all disease's are preventable through proper nutrition.

Just so you get a clearer picture:
SAD Nutrients in avg breakfast: B2, B6, B12, Thiamin, Niacin, Vit A, Vit D

What you should be getting: Gallium, Germanium, Hafnium, Holmium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Rhenium, Rubidium, Samarium, Scandium, Silica, Silver, Hydrogen, Lanthanum, Lithium, Lutetium, Molybdenum, Iodine, Strontium, Tantalum, Terbium, Thulium, Tin, Titanium, Vanadium, Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zirconium, Niobium, Boron, Bromine, Carbon, Nickel, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), VitaminB5 (Pantothenic Acid), VitaminB6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Choline, Flavonoids and Bioflavonoids, Folic Acid, Inositol, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Biotin, Valine, Lysine, Threonine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Histidine, Arginine, Taurine, Tyrosine, Omega 3 (EPA, DHA, ALA), Omega 6, Omega 9


What we should be consuming is REAL WHOLE FOODS! That means vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, chicken, fish, whole grain bread (not white) - You get the idea. The most important is eating plants, lots of them! And it's not just for the vitamins and minerals but for the more new discovered "phytonutrients." Anything that comes in a box, you need to be weary of. Anything that has a mascot, you need to avoid!

Now, it's important to understand how the plants you eat attains its nutrients:

"Most of the produce you buy in a grocery store does not have anything close to the mineral profile it is supposed to have according to nutritional textbooks. This is because minerals are not manufactured by plants, whereas vitamins and phytonutrients are. When plants create such nutrients, they synthesize them through chemical and energetic processes that can only be called miraculous. But as capable as they are, plants do not create minerals. Minerals have to be absorbed through the soil, and if they are not present in the soil, then the plant's roots cannot take them up, and therefore they will not be present in the plant.

The nutritional and mineral profile of the plant ultimately depends on the mineral content of the soil. Since soils today are so over-farmed and depleted of all but a few basic minerals, most of our produce lacks the minerals they should contain. For example, a lot of plants absorb selenium when selenium is present in the soil. But when selenium is not present in the soil, of course it's not available to the plant. The plant gets grown and taken to the store and sold and consumed anyway, even though it doesn't have the levels of selenium that it should contain according to traditional textbooks." - naturalnews.com

So this creates a dilemma for us: mass produced agriculture foods don't contain the vitamins and minerals they're supposed to have that humans need. And a whole other issue is the fluoridated water and dangerous/poisonous pesticides they use. Now, the simple way to resolve this would be to grow your own food - Organic vegetables is the way to go. Or if you're lucky, you have access to locally grown organic food. Unfortunately, many of us don't have access to organic food. However, there is a way to remedy that problem and that is through supplementation, which I'll talk about in a bit.


So far, what I hope you got out of this is acne is not a skin issue, it's a internal issue. You could slather all the chemicals in the world on your face, but you will never *cure* your acne. Sure, you could hide the symptoms temporarily - But is that how you want to approach a disease? Would you want to hide the "check engine light" in a car by simply putting masking tape over it? Obviously not because the car will break down in the future. Essentially that's what acne is, a "check engine light" if you will: a warning that your body is breaking down. Acne is almost a good thing, because it is a very minor disease compared to the other major debilitating diseases that can/will follow if not treated properly.

The good news is our bodies are miraculous. When you get a cut, the body automatically knows what to do and heals that wound. The same is true for your entire body. The body is capable of healing itself. Once you feed the body the nutrients it needs, you will go from break down mode, to build up mode. The body is constantly breaking down, and building up. You want to be in the net positive of that scale. If you're suffering from any disease, you're in net break-down. If you're healthy and strong, you're in net build-up.

Now this brings me to supplementation. Being alive in the 21st century has its many down falls: Poisoned water, poisoned air, poisoned food.. just to name a few. But, we do have a few upsides: vitamin and mineral extraction. Since we aren't getting them in the food we eat, we have to get them somehow and supplementation gives us that opportunity. A lot of people already know to take their "daily" multivitamin. It's important to note however that 1 multivitamin is really like a drop of water in a bucket - nutritionally speaking. It's very beneficial if you're taking one, but the body needs to utilize vitamins/minerals throughout the day. With one multivitamin you get a spike of vitamins/minerals; the body, however, prefers a low steady amount.You pee out the water soluble vitamins (such as the B vitamins and vitamin C) which need to be replenished. This is why we unfortunately have to supplement in today's world - "supplement" meaning to supplement what you're already eating.

A side note about the current medical model... If doctors and dermatologists really cared about you, they would ask you about your diet and life style. They are very quick at prescribing you a drug that will only make the problem much worse down the road. Drugs only mask the symptom. For example, if you go to the doctor's office for back pain, is he going to help you *cure* your back pain? Most likely not. You're just going to leave the building with a prescription in your hand for pain medication. Doctors and dermatologists are salesmen for the pharmaceutical company's. If you read into the history of the pharmaceutical industry, you will understand how they took control of the current medical system. They fund nearly all of the medical schools and these "doctors" are then only taught how to administer drugs, and not heal the body. It's a very evil conspiracy that causes hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly, where most of them can be prevented. I want to add that most doctors are well meaning, but unfortunately they are victims of propaganda. I AVOID the doctors office. I know that if I walk in there, I will walk out with a prescription that will harm me.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas A. Edison

The ideal way of supplementing your vitamins/minerals is through liquid fashion. The body assimilates the nutrients much more readily. Powder multivitamin/mineral that you mix in liquid is the optimal form. The key is to drink in small doses throughout the day. This is how the body likes it the best; slow and steady all day (almost like a IV drip). Does this make sense to you? Each cell in our body requires these minerals and vitamins to be able to function.

So now you know how important vitamins and minerals are. Next you need to know how important fats are. Yes, fats are very important; specifically the EFA's omega 3's and omega 6's. We know that cells needs vitamins and minerals to function; cells also need fats. EFA's act as a structural component of all the cell membranes and are vital for thousands of chemical reactions in our bodies.The reason they're called EFA's (Essential Fatty Acid's) is because we need them in our diet. Essential in the world of nutrition means it needs to be consumed: the body can't produce it on its own. Most people these days are deficient in EFA's: specifically Omega 3's. One way to know if you're deficient is if you have dry skin. EFA's is what hydrates the skin. No one should have dry skin! Which also leads me to say that moisturizers are a hoax; a scam. The skin moisturizing business is a huge business in and of itself. Ever wonder why you apply moisturizer constantly, yet you still have dry skin? It's because moisturizers only mask's the symptom! Sure you feel better temporarily because you coated your skin in oil/wax/whatever, but you will still have dry skin! No hocus pocus, potion lotion will solve an internal issue. EFA's are very important for your health: they play a significant role in our body's function.

If you're already supplementing with EFA's, you're ahead of the game. You should be making sure you're getting plenty of EFA's in your diet. The best way to get EFA's is from flaxseed oil. Flaxseed has the perfect amount of Omega 3's and 6's. I recommend Flaxseed oil in liquid bottles, or in gel capsules. A sufficient amount is 6-9 tablespoons; or 9-12 capsules. The amount needed depends on you - everyone is different. Experiment with different doses and see how you feel. I really like the brand called Udo's oil.

Last, but not least - Probiotics. Our guts have millions of different bacteria inside. Good bacteria and bad bacteria. Ideally, you want a healthy amount of the good bacteria in your gut so they can fight off the bad bacteria. The good bacteria is like your own little army, protecting your fortress. These good bacteria not only protect you from bad bacteria, but they also synthesize vitamins your body needs. Most people don't have proper flora ecology in their system. When bad bacteria takes control of your gut, huge implications occur such as yeast overgrowth, leaky gut syndrome, etc. It's extremely important to have a healthy digestive system. Healthy food such as vegetables and fruits promote healthy good bacteria, while junk food (high sugar, highly processed food) promotes bad bacteria (they love sugar).

I recommend to take a high quality pro-biotic. Don't skimp on quality. 80-100 billion units daily is a good place to be to re-balance your flora ecology. If you've taken antibiotics, this step is even more crucial for you. Being on antibiotics wipes out all of the bacteria in your gut: the good and the bad. For some, it can take months or even years to re-balance the flora ecology.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

So I hope you have a little bit of a better understanding of health. Now I'll recommend the brand I use.

The multimineral/vitamin I use is called Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0. From my research, it's the best quality complete multi vitamin/mineral you can get out there, and for a great price. It's in powder form and has a ORAC value (antioxidant rating) of over 8000; whereas, most other brands are below 1000. It's also all naturally derived, non-gmo, organic, from 120 fruits and vegetables with no preservatives or fillers and has probiotics. Can be found here: http://HealthfulChoi...y90forlife.com/ Make sure to sign up as a preferred customer, so you get 30% off. I personally get the "Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak"

Here's a list of the especially essential ones for acne sufferers:

80-100 billion units probiotics; multiple strains
50 mg zinc picolinate
20,000 IU vitamin a
3-5 grams vitamin c (throughout the day)
200 - 500mg NAC
EFA's (the amount varies for each individual, use your skin/lips as an indicator)
digestive enzymes with lipase
.5-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

So that's for supplementation, now let's get to the basics of a healthy diet. If you want to get clear, you have to eat healthy too. Eating healthy and supplementing work hand-in-hand, synergistically. You can't just supplement and eat junk food and expect clear skin (but if you are eating junk food, supplementing is even more vital). With that said:

Food I Consume/Avoid

Drinks in high calories, such as sugary juices and sodas
Dangerous oils. Canola oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil are all highly refined oils that are bad for you. (Goods oils are Extra virgin olive oil and Coconut oil)
Starchy foods are also problematic like white potatoes and peas. (starch gets converted into sugar)
Avoid synthetically manufactured chemicals such as aspartame, MSG, and fluroide
Avoid Fast food places such as: McDisease's, Taco Hell, Kentucky Fried Cancer, etc...

What to consume: Vegetables, Vegetables, Vegetables! Ideally you should be eating veggies for breakfast, lunch. and dinner. Added with that is good sources of protein. Chicken, Fish, and Eggs, are all good sources of protein. (Once in a while I'll eat red meat).
Bone soup has incredible medicinal properties (google it to learn how to make it)
Organic *grass fed* butter is healthy
Cultured Vegetables is a really good way to get pre/probiotics. (google it to learn how to make it)
Nuts/seeds - Very good source of protein/ fats (Careful how you get them, roasting/light oxidizes the fats, and many can be allergic)
Legumes (Becareful here too: common source of allergens) - Good source of protein

Organic Bread (Never eat white bread!)

Protein is very important. Most people are under proteinated. You should be getting at least .5 - 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight (depending on your amount of physical activity). What everybody should be doing is taking protein powders. The best source of protein powder is 100% Whey protein (If you're one of the few that can't tolerate Whey protein, there are alternatives such as Hemp protein, Egg protein, etc). And if you're a guy and lifting weights like me, you should get 2-3 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Also, the cool part with being amply proteinated, your sugar cravings will diminish. When you crave sugar, it's because your brain is telling you you don't have enough protein. Whey protein can be considered a miracle source of protein. One of the highest quality sources of protein is considered to be eggs. In fact, the biological value of all protein is rated against eggs, eggs being considered the top score of 100; cow milk 91; beef 80; soy 74. Whey protein has an amazing score of 104! Whey Protein boosts your immune system and has the full spectrum of amino acids crucial for all cell function. Careful with the brand of Whey Protein you get though. Many are over-processed and contain many artificial ingredients that aren't good for you.

Whey Protein also is a excellent source of glutamine. Many acne sufferers have digestive track issues. Glutamine repairs the digestive lining. Whey Protein can be especially beneficial for people who have leaky gut syndrome. It bypasses digestion because it's liquid and goes straight to work nourishing your body.

I recommend "One World Whey." It's the best quality Whey Protein I can find. It's grass-fed, free range, and unpasteurized. Can be found here: http://www.sgn80.com?a_aid=HealthFood

A tip is to hack into your brain wiring. If you're craving any sort of grains/sugar, treat it as protein deficiency. If you're craving greasy fat foods, get your EFA's. In short:
Craving Grains/Sugar - Drink Protein
Craving Fatty foods - Get your EFA's

You'll find that if you drink a protein shake with some flaxseed oil and coconut oil, any cravings disappear almost immediately.

Now that you understand a good diet and supplementation, I'll add that I recommend to cleanse your face twice a day: in the morning and the evening with salycilic acid. Also applying benzyl peroxide (Dan's product is good) or salycilic acid toner can help speed up the healing process.

Also EVERYONE with acne should use Retinoic Acid (vitamin A). Retin-A is the best thing you can apply topically that will dramatically speed up the healing process. Retinyl Palmitate can also be used, but it's not as effective as retin a since retinyl palmitate gets converted into retinoic acid.


So I have been clear for over a year now. I used to have moderate-severe acne and now my skin is as smooth as it was when I was 13 years old. I still have a few red blemishes from my old acne that's healing (gone now). But when I run my hand through my skin, I'm still amazed at how soft and smooth it is after all these years from having acne. I even feel great and healthy now. I know this may be a dramatic life style change for some people, but this is what it took for me to finally get rid of the awful skin disease known as acne. I wish you guys the best of luck. smile.png

Feel free to ask any questions.


I should also add a few more things that will help contribute to clearing your acne.

Exercise is very important. It helps moves your blood around and oxygenate your body. It also helps move around all the nutrients throughout your body. A little as 15 minutes of a hard work out, stressing out your body is all you need to maintain good health. Deep breathing is also important. At least for 1 minute(or longer! There's some neat apps on the iPhone) a day do deep inhaling and powerful exhaling: 7 seconds inhale, 7 seconds exhale. When inhaling breath with your stomach, pushing it out: When exhaling breath with your stomach going in. You will feel better doing this; it helps your adrenal glands. A clear state of mind without stress is vital too. Meditating, deep breathing, or yoga can all help achieve that.

When you wake up, do 1-2 minutes of jumping jacks to get the lymph system circulating. After sleeping for several hours, it gets sluggish. You'll also feel more energized. You can also get one of those mini trampolines called a "rebounder."

At least 8 glasses of water a day. It cleanses and detoxifies your body. Men should drink 3 liters(13 cups); Woman 2.2 liters(9 cups) for the best results. I have a 1 gallon jug so it's easy to know where I'm at.

Also, some people may have troubles absorbing the vitamins and EFA's (this is common, especially among older folks). I suggest everyone take digestive enzymes. Enzymes will help the body digest the food as well as absorb more of the nutrients. Best to take enzymes with or before a meal and swigging some apple cider vinegar will activate the enzymes.

This whole regimen is not only about curing your acne, but your overall health too. Once you give the body what's it's supposed to be getting, you're really going to feel the difference of how a HEALTHY body should be. You'll find that you have a clearer mind, more energy, most diseases will be cured, and you will rarely get sick.


Attain some form of spirituality; a purpose of life.


Hope this helps. Good luck and good health to you all. =)

#3366131 Can Too Much Vitamin A Cause Breakout?

Posted by overfl00d on 13 July 2013 - 06:00 PM

You increased to 200,000 IU or did you mean 20,000 IU?

20,000 IU vitamin A is a good dose to be at. 100 mg zinc is a little too much I would say; 50 mg (zinc picolinate) is what I recommend.

Make sure you're getting a full spectrum of your other vitamins/minerals. Also watch what foods you eat that could be causing inflammation. Try cutting out common allergens like grains. Try going a paleo diet which means more veggies and protein; zero pasto, breads, cereals, etc.

Make sure you're taking good probiotics too. 80 billion units a day with several strains. You'll also want your EFA's, flaxseed oil, 9-12 soft capsules.

#3366130 Vitamin A Food While On Accutane?

Posted by overfl00d on 13 July 2013 - 05:53 PM

The foods you listed barely have vitamin a, I wouldn't worry about those. As long as you aren't supplementing extra vitamin a.

I would make sure you're going enough of your other vitamins though. I'd get on some B-complex and vitamin C. Also make sure you're getting plenty efa's, omega 3's/6's. 50 mg zinc (picolinate) is essential too.

Of course I also advice to avoid foods that trigger inflammation. Dairy, soy, eggs, corn, grains are some common ones...

#3313589 How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Posted by overfl00d on 27 December 2012 - 04:01 AM

Had a great Christmas party with family and friends. I ate TERRIBLE the last two days, but it's ok because I've eaten healthy the last 8 months. Pies, cakes, all kinds of bread, Apple Cider - All that good unhealthy stuff.

Sorry to hear about all the other people who had downer days. I wish you guys wouldn't let skin affect your relationships with your family and friends. Life is so short. Living the moment is so important. In the grand scheme of things, concerning about our skin is so ridiculous. So many people die and don't get to experience this reality we all are facing here on this tiny precious little blue marble we call earth. The past doesn't matter. The future doesn't matter. What matters is now - the present.

#3311206 How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Posted by overfl00d on 16 December 2012 - 01:58 PM

Here is a comment I received on my blog today:

"why are we supposed to take all these beauty tips & recipes when you have such horrible diseased skin & protruding fleshy cysts everywhere??? maybe try not having the skin of a right-whale before dictating what anyone should do, acne monster elephant woman"

^ This is the exact type of bullying that leads people with skin problems (or any other physical abnormality) to suicide, body dysmorphic disorder and feelings of not wanting to leave the house.

I hope I did the right thing by not responding to the comment and deleting it immediately.

And for the record, if anyone who posted that happened to come from this site, I just want to say that my blog is about the pursuit of beauty and health as a woman, including the pursuit of clear skin. I've been quite open on my blog about my battle not only for the health of my skin but for my emotional health and well-being as well. Never did I claim to be an expert on beauty or clear skin, if I was, I probably wouldn't write blogs documenting my pursuit of these things.

That said, leaving a comment like that on the blog of a girl who has openly shared her struggles with low-self esteem and a distorted self image is just fucking cruel. I think whoever did that should be ashamed of themselves.

So yeah...I'm not feeling great about my acne today, but I am feeling like a good person...which is more than I can say for some....

I wouldn't take comments like that personal. It's probably a little kid who's a victim of bullying himself. "acne monster elephant woman," What an eloquent wordsmanship!

#3246101 Supplements For Joint Pain

Posted by overfl00d on 18 May 2012 - 10:58 PM

Try taking some EFA's. Flaxseed oil is the best source of EFA's. Buy some whole golden flaxseed's at a Whole Food's or similiar, crush it up with a coffee grinder ($15 at target or something) and put them on your smoothies/salads. Even better is the capsule form. 9 capsules daily: 3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 3 dinner.

Also take some protein powder. 100% Whey protein is the best one. (If intolerant to whey, their are alternatives like Hemp, Brazil Nut, Egg, ect)

These will support muscle and tissue growth/repair. Good luck!

#3245324 My Accutane Journey: Round Two!

Posted by overfl00d on 16 May 2012 - 04:01 PM

Yeah?  So where's your proof of this?  People often state today that Brazilians have the most "beautiful women" of any civilization... does this mean that there aren't any ugly Brazilian women in existence?

I'm pretty sure the ancient civilizations were too busy fighting off the plague, invading enemies, and wooly mammoths to write full-detailed articles on the discomforts of acne.

Your thoughts are appreciated, but honestly, you are starting to sound like a troll.  It's fabulous that you cured your acne by changing your diet.  But please don't come on the accutane boards and tell us how we're not making the right choice or there are other options, especially since all you're making are broad generalizations without any solid proof.  Thanks.

You're not comprehending what I'm saying are you? You saying "I'm pretty sure the ancient civilizations were too busy fighting off the plague, invading enemies, and wooly mammoths" kind of proves you're retarded - No offense. Do you even know what trolling is? Lmao.

Sure, some people had acne back then but VERY minimal. Not even close to what there is today. You can't connect the dots can you? If it was "hormonal" the same amount of ratio would be the same for the earlier civilizations as it is today. Sounds like you're in denial to me.

I made one post and it's funny how offended some of you get. It's your choice to go the pharmacuetical route - I'm not stoping you. Freedom of choice is lovely isn't it? But don't get butt hurt for me just giving a pointer. I'm only responding to people who are quoting me.

Obviously you don't understand sarcasm.

But you're right!  A 22-year-old has solved the cure to acne!  Millions of people in the world can rejoice!!!

Please provide support in your statement that "some people had acne back then by VERY minimal."  Really, any scientific evidence would be much appreciated.

This is a place for positivity and support.  I'm pretty sure that it's not appreciated that you're telling everyone to change their diets and their acne will magically disappear.  But hey, how would I, being a "retard," know anything about anything?

It's funny how some people like you feel obligated to tell other people not to post on an OTHER person's post. If I'm not mistaken, this is Kaydon's forum right? What gives you the right to tell people not to post on a forum that's not yours? In fact, the OP of this thread said "thank you for the advice" and that would of been the end of it.

I guess some people like you feel like they have some authority of the entire forums and can sit on their high horse demanding people not to make posts.

I never said anything negative or not encouraging. In fact, I was just trying to help. Yes, I'm 22 - But who's the one that's younger and cured their acne, and who's the one that's 27 and STILL has acne?

My question to you then would be:

How come in earlier civilizations, acne was non-exsistant?

Ancient Greece, Native Americans, Jungle Civilizations, Egyptians, and the list could go on...

But thank you, I appreciate it. Posted Image

I'm not going to argue or turn this into a heated debate on the cause of acne. This is getting really ridiculous, and I don't give a shit anymore what the actual cause of acne is. All I know is that I made the best decision, as well as everyone else here, and that would be getting rid of it with Accutane.

You already made your point, there's no need to keep going.

Yeah, this is my final post. Sorry to cause some "mayhem" in your thread. Peace.

#3245123 I Need Help With This One...

Posted by overfl00d on 15 May 2012 - 11:54 PM

I've never been a picker, but I've read other people wearing gloves to help them stop picking.

I don't know if that's much help, but good luck!