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In Topic: How I Cured My Acne (W/o Drugs)

Yesterday, 02:09 AM

While I hear what you're saying and totally agree that giving your body what it needs is a great plan to help prevent a whole host of diseases, especially diabetes, I also know people who eat crap and their skin still looks great...my mother was one...ate a crappy diet, no exercise, obese...ultimately succumbed to diabetes...but great skin...no wrinkles either...and others who eat great, do the right things and still have bad skin...i.e me lol. But... my worse skin also coincided with my worse eating...in my teens. Ate better in my 20's...skin better (not great) in my 20's. Ate fantastic in 30's AND exercised regularly...annnd...BAD SKIN in my 30's! WTF!? I went for the topicals...I had to...it was that or risk permanent scarring. I used them for about a year...then my acne resolved on its own. To this day I have no idea why I had acne that lasted 24 years...maybe it really was years of bad eating choices still affecting me years later. Maybe genetically my cure date was set from conception...who knows. Today I am acne-free. I am sure healthy diet, regular exercise, and multi are helping to keep my skin clear. I do indulge in the occasional McD's double cheeseburger...hey we all have our weaknesses! lol But I think what ultimately cured my acne was time.


Great you are leading such a healthy lifestyle! Well done!!! Bet we can eat off your skin!


That is a common question people ask: Why do some people eat so bad, yet have clear skin?! Well, it's simple. Everyone breaks down differently. For acne sufferers, we break down in the form of comedones i.e. acne. It may be embarrassing for some people to have acne, but it's actually a blessing in disguise! It is a visible signal for us that something is going out of whack. Unfortunately for other people, their body will break down in different ways, such as diabetes, or heart diseases. Acne is a blessing in that, we can heal ourselves, using acne as a meter, before much worse health problems manifest!

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15 July 2013 - 05:35 PM

Sadly, there is no "magic" cream or potion that will make it heal super faster. The only thing that can heal your body is your body!


By giving your body the essential nutrients it needs, your body can heal itself faster.


I would be taking:

20,000 IU vitamin A
50mg zinc picolinate

200 IU vitamin e
1-2g vitamin B5

as well as the rest of the essential 90 vitamins/minerals/EFA's your body needs, but those I listed are extra important for acne sufferers. 



And the most important thing of all...




The biggest culprits are grains, soy, and dairy.

I highly recommend going on a paleo diet and eliminating problem causing foods. Make a diary and record how you feel a few hours later after you eat. Did you get any bloating, gas, burping, heart burn, etc? If so, that is a food you have to eliminate.

Best of luck!

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13 July 2013 - 06:00 PM

You increased to 200,000 IU or did you mean 20,000 IU?

20,000 IU vitamin A is a good dose to be at. 100 mg zinc is a little too much I would say; 50 mg (zinc picolinate) is what I recommend.

Make sure you're getting a full spectrum of your other vitamins/minerals. Also watch what foods you eat that could be causing inflammation. Try cutting out common allergens like grains. Try going a paleo diet which means more veggies and protein; zero pasto, breads, cereals, etc.

Make sure you're taking good probiotics too. 80 billion units a day with several strains. You'll also want your EFA's, flaxseed oil, 9-12 soft capsules.

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13 July 2013 - 05:53 PM

The foods you listed barely have vitamin a, I wouldn't worry about those. As long as you aren't supplementing extra vitamin a.

I would make sure you're going enough of your other vitamins though. I'd get on some B-complex and vitamin C. Also make sure you're getting plenty efa's, omega 3's/6's. 50 mg zinc (picolinate) is essential too.

Of course I also advice to avoid foods that trigger inflammation. Dairy, soy, eggs, corn, grains are some common ones...

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12 July 2013 - 09:14 PM

Eliminate insulin spiking foods. Try cutting grains from your diet completely for 1 month, and see how you feel/look (that means no bread, pasta, etc). Instead eat lots of protein and veggies.

It's good that you're supplementing. Try supplementing 1-2 grams of vitamin B5 which should reduce oiliness.  Also make sure you're getting 50 mg zinc (picolinate best form of zinc). And also make sure you're supplementing probiotics: 80 billion units with several strains. And you'll also be needing your EFA omega 3's/6's; flaxseed oil with a blend of primrose/borage is ideal.

Lots more you can do, check out my thread if you want more info.

Best of luck!