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One Bad Sunburn?

22 April 2012 - 11:58 AM

I had to work outside all day yesterday. I got a pretty bad burn on my arms, neck, and face. I just recently got my acne in control and My face was pretty clear. I do have some faded red marks on my face from previous zits. My question is will this sunburn make my acne come back? And will it darken the red marks on my face? they have been fading for months, Hate to see them come back :(
Thank you in advance

Really Take 6 Months?

11 March 2012 - 11:20 AM

So I had bad cystic acne like about 6 months ago in september, around my temples. IDK what happened, IDK what set it off. But it was the worse breakout of my life(22 at the time). Anyway that is all cleared up with a few red marks left behind by my temples. My skin is fairly clear now with a few spots here and there.
Anyway my question: I've been weight lifting for about 8-9 weeks now(hasnt caused any problems) and i've been trying to bulk for about 3 weeks now on a strict diet, again hasn't caused a problem. But i read somewhere that diet changes take 3-6 months to show a real effect in acne on the skin. Should i be concerned that I'm fine now and continue bulking and then 3 months down the road start to break out badly?
My diet:
3 servings of fruit daily
LOTS of Veggies
Lots of turkey, chicken, some lean ground beef
rice(brown and white)
Beans(black, kidney, baked)
peanut butter(about 1-2 tblspoon a day)
Granola(not everyday but atleast every other day)
Occasionally Whole wheat bread, and oatmeal(kinda a rarity, but i don't think bread has ever caused me to break out)
fish oil supplements
NO I REPEAT NO Protien shakes or weight gainers(I get all my protien from whole food sources.