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#3224490 D H T The Sole Creator Of Acne

Posted by Reapt on 11 March 2012 - 04:13 PM

This is borderline craziness. DHT is so common in males. I'm paranoid about my acne but this is taking it to far.
Lets start with masturbation.

-It is genetic, in our DNA, blood, and brain to reproduce. Look at the animal kingdom. LOOK AT YOUR DOG! It will hump a pillow at least 3 times a day. These                  are natural feelings and always have been throughout human history as well as animal history!!!! Its a natural instinct to reproduce, Why do you think we have sex drives? HUMANS ARE ANIMALS, More developed and more intelligent but animals non the less.  
My goodness. "Having Sexual thoughts, and jerking it give me acne" Do you listen to yourself?! What next? Texting causes acne because it can raise stress or happy hormones? COME ON!!!!!!

- Also Males can not avoid DHT production, We are MALES the alpha's. We are designed by nature to be aggressive, strong, and able to hunt. Nature would not produce this if it didn't think you needed it for survival. Stop trying to reduce Testosterone unless you want to start growing breasts(Yes reducing the Hormone T can cause breast enlargement in males), Rather have giant man boobs or acne? Think about it. Also reducing T will make you shrink like a little girl and gain fat and lose all your muscle mass, and kill your sex drive.

-I'm not saying DHT doesn't raise sebum production, what i'm saying is their is nothing that you can do about it its genetic. But some of these off the wall theories and ideas drive me insane. Look at all the professional athletes or even the athletes at your college(you know the big guys that are stacked and muscle ripped yet have perfect faces)Their DHT LEVELS ARE OFF THE WALL. They workout and train all the time and they EAT, EAT, EAT. Why don't they have acne you ask? Because the DHT theories like most theories are just another far-fetch idea that got bumped into people thinking its real.

-You Have acne, its genetic. Like a lot of other things out there. Am i saying you can't control it to some degree? Not at all. I believe a healthy life style with exercise and a balanced diet will help control it. But its in your Genetic make-up to be susceptible to acne. I do believe food allergens can cause acne, especially foods that were processed with added hormones.

-I Think spending all this time on these wild crazy theories is whats giving you acne. GO JERK OFF!!! YOUR A MALE!!!! You want sex, that's part of our lives. Stop resisting nature and get a girl friend and have some fun. Go outside, get some sunlight(NO SUN DOES NOT CAUSE ACNE!!! SOME PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS), Go hit the weights at the gym get healthy, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, stay away from hormone foods like milk and enjoy life.