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Unlikely 'semi-Cure': Flossing

14 November 2013 - 11:21 AM

I'll try to keep it short, I won't be too verbose about my history, regimen, etc. If need be, I'll write about them later.


I have never heard of a relationship between dental hygiene or gum health and acne, but simply flossing every night has reduced my lesions by 90%. It hasn't cured me though, my skin is still sensitive, flossing is simply the most important piece in my acne regimen, but if I neglect my diet or sleep poorly (things which by themselves never had any effect on me), my skin will react.


I've already had temporary successes fighting acne 3 or 4 times in past, but inevitably all would return to normal in no longer than 3 weeks. But this time my skin has been almost acne free for 3 months, with the exception 2 one-week periods in which I did not floss, thus confirming my hypothesis.


I would like to ask your help with two things: 1) figuring out a link that explains the relationship between flossing and acne, and 2) devising regimens and strategies to 'complete' my cure taking into account that explanatory link and thus preventing the 10% of remaining acne from breaking out.



Low Methylation As A Cause For Acne?

06 May 2013 - 05:18 PM

After trying different routes to treat my acne, I started, by advice of my naturopath, looking into my high homocysteine level as a possible culprit. I took a B12 shot (I'm vegan, so it's most likely my B12, not my folic acid is the bottleneck when degrading homocysteine) and have been taking sublingual B12 too. I still haven't had a new blood test to see if it's reduced, but I will soon.


Reading about the subject, I stumbled upon this http://www.lef.org/p...eduction_01.htm, which describes the dangers of high homocysteine and how to reduce it. I also found an old thread from this forums http://www.acne.org/...at-your-greens/. It doesn't have any sources to back its claims, but it's interesting nonetheless.


To sum it up, homocysteine is an amino-acid formed from methionine that is quite dangerous in many ways, and is better marker for heart disease than cholesterol. "It is metabolized through two pathways: remethylation and transsulfuration. Remethylation requires folate and B12 coenzymes; transsulfuration requires pyridoxal-5’-phosphate, the B6 coenzyme." (Lef.org)



Then, trying understand methylation, I found this page www.healthboards.com/boards/acne/296667-acne-new-theory.html which has some very interesting information that seems to put together many "culprits" under one coherent (or almost) theory. This somewhat more scientific page seems to give that "new theory" some credibility http://www.custommed...er-methylation/


I didn't go very deep into the thread, but basically it claims that some people are genetically predisposed to have what is "biochemically but not yet medically recognized" as "histadelic metabolism". "Histadelics have super-fact metabolism, at a cellular level (rather than a glandular one). Super-fast metabolisms burn food much faster and less cleanly and so produce much more toxins than the cellular (and liver) anti-oxidant systems can cope with." (kkpb7825, page 1) The characteristics of this condition may also explain why fasting and insulin helps acne. According to this user, "during fasting, insulin levels fall to almost nothing, so it cannot be the insulin itself that is helping acne it must be something it is doing! When fasting there is no food to 'give off' toxins and in the second case, giving Insulin causes a switch in metabolism from catabolism (burning food) to anabolism (storing food), a histadelic metabolism is a catabolic one." See also these posts http://www.healthboa...875-post62.html http://www.healthboa...901-post88.html


"High-histamine levels are due to a metabolic imbalance known as under-methylation, a biochemical process responsible for the elimination of histamine as well as other functions." (Custommedicine.au)

Again, according to that same user, "Thus, because histadelics have chronically raised histamine they 'run out' of SAMe (amino-acid that gives the methyl group in the methylation process), which can have bad consequences for the body, they become under-methylators. So It seems that from all angles histadelia seems to set up the appropriate conditions for acne-genesis...toxins, low nutrients, low zinc, high copper, immune imbalance, delayed-type hypersensitivity and now low-methylation."


It seems this route of treatment and research may be interesting for those who fit the profile of under-methylators/histadelics, as not only could this condition be in the core of one's acne issues, it could also increase the chances of heart diseases and other serious diseases.


What do you think about it? Has anyone tried something similar to what's prescribed in page 2 of that Lef.org site?

Omega 3 And Returning From Vacations Abroad Causing Break Outs

07 February 2013 - 06:26 PM

There are two issues to be dealt with in this post: first, my observation that Omega 3 supplements, even in small quantities, breaks me out.


Being vegan, I thought an Omega 3 deficiency could be the cause behind my mild acne, so I've tried on at least 3 distinct occasions taking Omega 3, either as flax-seed oil or as Okinawa Omega(a supplement made from different oils, but mostly Perilla). Every time I took them, even if just one teaspoon, new pimples would show up the next day and I woulfd feel my skin somewhat "sensible" and "inflamed".



Now onto the next topic. This week I came back to Brazil after spending 7 weeks in Germany. During the first 2-3 weeks abroad my skin was definitely worse than it was before I left Brazil, but afterwards it was great: scars were fading and seldom would new pimples show up, and when they did, they showed up alone, were small and faded fast.


Before returning, I had some problems with my flight which made me a little stressed (but only for about 1-2 hours), and already a few hours afterwards I noticed that a new lesion was forming; when my flight landed, there were 2 fresh pimples. Since then, I feel my skin is terribly inflamed, oily (in Germany I didn't even need to wash my face, probably due to the cold weather) and very acne-prone, and I believe the new lesions showing up, though small, are going to last quite a while.


I don't believe this change for the worse can be attributed to diet changes: in Germany I had no kitchen of my own, so I didn't have full control of my diet; I ate what the restaurants offered. And though I often ate in excellent vegan restaurants, I also ate a lot of pasta. I also ate almost no fruits, nor did I drink juices. My digestion was indeed not very good, but still my skin was the best it's been for a long time. I also don't think one can say it was due to being less stressed. I don't consider myself stressed, but I wasn't by any means unusually relaxed there: I was studying and not in the most comfortable accommodations. I'd say I was as stressed as I am normally when at home.


My only guess in view of all that is that my acne may be in some way either psychologically or environmentally induced.

What Was Causing Me Acne - Sls

10 January 2012 - 07:38 PM


I've had acne for quite some time now, about 4-5 years, but only last year did the breakouts get more intense. Over these years I've used pretty much everything but accutane.

As I'm already 20 and have no longer hormonal fluctiations (nothing noticeable, at least) and both my parents and my brother have or have had almost no acne as teens, this year I decided to look for what could be causing me acne. I've tested primarily foods, but since I'm already almost vegan and do not really like sugar, it wasn't very likely that the problem was bad eating - indeed it wasn't. Some time in late november, however, I thought that the culprit could be in some topical product; doing some research I've found that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (aka SLS) is, well, not the very best thing one can put on one's face - there are even suspicions that it may be a carcinogen.

I've then changed my shapoo, shaving cream, soap and even the toothpaste (I suspect SLS may also have caused me a two decade problem of gingival recession; moreover, SLS is known for causing aphthous ulcers) and have have ever since not a single acne. It's important to note that before I stopped using SLS products, I was on tetracycline and, despite the high dose, every now and then there was a breakout; after I changed them, I stopped taking the antibiotic, and nevertheless my skin remained clean.

I'm quite confident that SLS was the culprit for me and that it may also be for some other people; and even if it isn't, it may be worth it to refrain from SLS products altogether - a healthy compound it certainly isn't.