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Mario Badescu

18 February 2012 - 11:45 PM

I have watched a lot of youtube videos and did a lot of research as to this miracle helper line called "Mario Badescu".
I went onto www.mariobadescu.comand looked up a lot of their reviews that they have on each product. They have a tab where you can sign up for a free consultation and you put everything about your skin. A professional responds with what they think you would benefit from.
This part scared me! I was thinking how can this person be able to recommend anything to me without seeing my skin? I did it anyway. A few days later i recieved an email with all the products they suggested and they sent me all the samples for free/free shipping as well!

It took awhile to get here but they sent:
  • Enzyme Cleansing gel for morning and night
  • Cucumber cleansing lotion (toner) for morning and night
  • Drying mask (spot treat or full face mask)
  • eye cream
  • oil free moisturizer with spf 17
  • and other products i did not try as of yet.
  • A brochure of products and directions of the exact regime for you to follow
I couldn't believe all the products it came with!! It was some decent size sample bottles as well. it lasted about 4 washes. Drying mask lasted a little over a week.

I was using CeraVe face wash prior to switching. The major difference about this Mario Cleansing Gel is that it does NOT foam. It does take off my face make up but not really my eye mascara. I go in with my prior face wash because its more soapy around my eyes. I'll probably start buying makeup pad removers.

I LOVE the cleaning gel..it smells really good and i can really notice a difference.

The toner is awesome. I did not have a toner before and i've never really have had one. I like how you can feel the dirt just come right off...and evidence is right on the cotton pad. I feel like that extra boost of clean is what my face needed.

I did not use the eye cream nor the face cream. I love the ones i use already.

So, the DRYING MASK! FANTASTIC!! brings those suckers to a head and so fast!! i slept with it every night and it wasn't super hard to get off in the morning.

After a week of using them i can see a difference. Keep in mind i am also on Minocycline 100mg twice a day and i'm going on one month.

SO i figured a week worth of samples is a make or break. I tend to get irritated with products quickly so i know if i love it or hate it.

I went to Ulta ( for the first time) and bought the full size of the cleansing gel, toner, drying mask, and a kit called the acne kit. It comes with the buffering lotion which is ideal for cystic acne ( what i get), drying cream, and drying lotion ( the most famous product, a spot treatment). All for 106$ including tax.

I really really hope this helps! This is my first year of really breaking out. I would always get a little here and there. Major cyst and some thankfully that you can't see because its so deep but you can feel it. Also birth control RUINED my skin.

Has anyone else tried these products?

My other skin care products are indian clay mask twice a week and raw honey twice a week. Also as mentioned previously 100mg of minocycline.

Differin Gel 0.3

26 January 2012 - 02:15 AM

So far, i have been using this for about 3 1/2 weeks. I have noticed a slight difference. Is anyone else trying this product? i used this a few years ago and i remember it worked well. It was not the 0.3 gel. I also am taking minocycline 100mg twice a day. Man oh MAN it has made me dizzy, I also have been on that before. Maybe two years ago. I know its a temporary fix. I am trying to find natural ways to heal my skin for when i get off of it. Posted Image

I also use my face wash twice a day, lotion twice a day, clay mask every other two days or so. Spot treat with benzol cream for my cyst.

I do notice my face itchy. So I'm trying to skip a night here and there with some treatment.

I'm really trying to get it under control. Its doing a lot better this week. I also stopped taking hormone pills so i know my face went a little crazy...

I hope this works! Let me know your thoughts

Before I Buy This! I Need Advice! Glycolic Peel!

12 January 2012 - 01:30 PM

I found a glycolic peel 35% gel!

It's on amazon.com and it's going for $16 and some change.

I have never ever had one done. Is it worth it? Do you have any brands that arent too harsh for the skin? How much down time? Rave reviews on this product as well but I would like to know from you guys!

Wish I could post the pic but I'm on my cell phone! I'll try later on.

Trinessa! What Has It Done For You?

10 January 2012 - 11:50 PM

Hello everyone!

I am currently on my second pack of trinessa. I have about a week left.

When i first started i didn't break out too bad. I had cortisone shots for cyst that would not go away Posted Image SO i figured the i would try Solydn and that made me sick.


I am having the worst luck on this one. I went today and my Derm said she sees no improvement...its actually worse. I didn't even have it bad before. Now, i have little bumps all over and massive cyst that kill.

Has anyone been on this BC pill? If so, should i wait it out? or go to brand name?

ANY advice would help.

I asked for spiro today and she said she can't give that to me. I would have to see another doc.

She did give Differin and antibiotics. Posted Image