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In Topic: How Should I Go About Telling My Mum About How My Acne Makes Me Feel?

06 July 2013 - 12:06 AM

I think Tim has some good advice I think. Getting emotional support is helpful, since acne has such a depression effect. I would bring the subject up with your mom, and see what her reaction is. Just let her know how you feel about your acne, and how strong the feelings are. 


Hopefully she'll be supportive of you, and be able to help you work on a regimen or something else to take care of the acne. 

In Topic: Epigenetics--What You Do To Yourself Changes Your Gene Expression

06 July 2013 - 12:01 AM

thank u.

some days ago i saw a post(of urs as far as i remember) where u spoke about a few techniques.

did u delete that or am i mistaken?


it would be very helpful if u elaborate the steps and what is to be done for both stress,anxiety & skin related issues like acne and dermatitis.

thanks once again.


That was my post, but I think the admins removed the thread because it was in the wrong board. I will try posting it again in this one, since it's about holistic health. 


In the mean time, I've made a blog post you can check out, where I've uploaded a nice little PDF guide on how to use EFT for acne issues. It's a great introduction, and with a lot of practical how-to stuff you can start using immediately.


Here's a link to the blog post

In Topic: Epigenetics--What You Do To Yourself Changes Your Gene Expression

05 July 2013 - 01:29 AM

i would definitely try EFT.



thank u for sharing.


i am not sure if i have neurodermititis of dermatitis of some sort.do u think it will help in reducing stress related to about anything and suicidal thoughts too?

also,could u elaborate a lil' more on what is to be done to help the skin - zits,red marks,huge pores,oiliness etc?


EFT can help with issues of depression. It's especially helpful for stress, because you can use it on the particular events which stress you out. You can use it on suicidal thoughts as well, by focusing EFT on the reasons to quit. 


Tomorrow I'll post some in-depth tutorials and instructions on my blog for using EFT on skin issues like those you mentioned - zits, red marks, etc. 

In Topic: Epigenetics--What You Do To Yourself Changes Your Gene Expression

03 July 2013 - 10:16 PM

Wow, congratulations! I saw an allergist and she mentioned the fight-or-flight response, and then linked that to stress and depression. I started doing biofeedback exercises, which to me seem a bit similar to yoga and meditation. How long did it take you to see results with EFT? I found some tutorials online - are there any online videos you'd recommend? Not sure which ones to follow. Also, did you change your diet or add any supplements to boost your immune system, or was EFT enough for you?

With acupuncture, after the first few sessions I noticed a huge reduction in stress and anxiety. It was very important to find the right acupuncturist - some didn't work for me, others were trying to adjust my hormones or cleanse my liver and gut and inadvertently worsened my acne.  I found that the best acupuncture treatments are the mild ones - like, ones for stress & anxiety reduction, insomnia, blood building and strengthening the immune system. Sometimes the effects of a treatment can last up to 2 weeks, but if I don't keep up with it I don't notice any long term improvements. Sometimes the acupuncturist puts seeds on my ear lobes with pressure points (e.g. for sleep, stress, etc) so I can self-treat and that helps prolong the treatment by a few extra days. Have you tried acupuncture? I recently visited a new acupuncture place where they use high-tech gadgets, and the acupuncturist used a nice massager and a red light on my face. I noticed a big improvement in my skin within a few hours! It really makes a difference once you find a good practitioner.




I noticed two levels of improvement. On the physical level, my experience was much the same as yours - after using EFT on the acne symptoms, I would notice improvements right away; my acne would fade, the itchiness would go down, the redness would lessen. These improvements happened within a few hours, and lasted for several days.


On the longer term level, it took several months to for improvement in breakouts to show. I had experienced a lot of trauma as a kid, which was responsible for my depression. I used EFT on these childhood traumas, and that's when long-term improvements happened. This was a therapeutic kind of work, and involved a lot of rediscovery of who I was, and neutralizing the painful childhood memories.


Luckily, thanks to EFT, I did most of this work on my own relatively painlessly. 


It took about a year for breakouts to stop entirely, but they did started lessening right away. And it only took this long because of how much I personally had to clear. The process sped up after I worked with an EFT practitioner and therapist, which was towards the end of the year.


I didn't change my diet (I had tried cutting out gluten and sugar at one point, which didn't help) or use any supplements. Partly because I was travelling, and didn't have access to the same supply in other countries. EFT was enough for me. 


I haven't tried acupuncture, but I certainly want to at some point. Finding the right person to work with really does make all the difference. Even after I was working with an EFT practitioner, I used EFT between sessions to hold on the to the progress we had made together - which is one thing I like about EFT; how easy it is to do it on yourself. 


As far as resources, this guy has some really good videos for explaining the basic technique. 


He doesn't have any specifically for acne, but you can use these to work on getting to your own core issues.


I posted a more in-depth explanation of the cause and effect on my blog, as well:



I'm going to be posting more about using EFT on there in the near future. 

In Topic: Epigenetics--What You Do To Yourself Changes Your Gene Expression

03 July 2013 - 08:41 PM

This is fascinating stuff, thanks for the reading recommendations. I only recently began practicing biofeedback exercises for stress, which is complementing acupuncture treatments nicely. I will need to look into other forms of epigenetics as well. I wonder if it is possible to permanently normalize acne genes, or if we are just suppressing those genes while following specific regimens long term.


I was able to normalize my acne genes, to the point where I no longer get breakouts. 


I found that my skin would break out when I felt threatened or in danger. I've hypothesized that the danger triggered the fight-or-flight response, which weakened my body and my immune system, and prevented my skin from healing as well as it could.


At any rate, once I started using techniques like EFT to clear these feelings of danger, breakouts lessened as well. Eventually, both the 'danger signals' and the acne have stopped altogether. 


On the plus side, these threatened feelings were also at the root of my depression, which as also lifted now. 



I'd be curious to know what changes you've noticed using acupuncture?