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#3367739 Scarless Healing

Posted by trendycat on 20 July 2013 - 05:45 AM

Anyone else excited that there's actually progress related to this hydrogel and regenerative medicine?


The day when this hydrogel, or whatever treatment years down the line heals my face into something that is smooth, is the day I'll be able to open myself back up to the world and start healing the deep emotional damage I have accumulated by living with this disfigurement.


Best wishes to all other sufferers out there. If it isn't this hydrogel that will save us, it will be some other treatment in the future. Regenerative medicine is coming!


I'll be proud to know the hell I lived through when I can look myself in the face and see a new person.

#3350885 Scarless Healing

Posted by trendycat on 22 May 2013 - 12:06 AM

Recent developments in limb regeneration and scar-less healing:



Here's hoping for a cure within 20 years.

#3330778 New Acne Scar Treatment

Posted by trendycat on 03 March 2013 - 10:33 PM

Sure I wouldn't mind seeing an update in about 3 weeks if you don't mind. I also smoke and don't live the healthiest lifestyle, but the least you could do to help yourself heal is to always have water available. It's recommended to drink 8 glasses a day, so having a pitcher nearby at all times isn't a bad idea.

#3303267 Scarless Healing

Posted by trendycat on 17 November 2012 - 12:46 PM

Here's a new hydrogel being funded by the US Army that is essentially a biological filler which does not degrade (think silicone microdroplets except not synthetic plastic). I'm not exactly sure how, but they list accelerated wound healing as one of the possible applications.


#3300469 Scarless Healing

Posted by trendycat on 06 November 2012 - 03:30 PM


#3300057 Scarless Healing

Posted by trendycat on 04 November 2012 - 04:47 PM

This is wonderful news. I just have one question though, will the hydrogel work on stretch marks?

In theory - you would be able to get a doctor to cut out any skin imperfection and regrow new "clean" skin.

I DON´T THINK SO, sounds to good to be true.

In the paper it cites that non degradable hydrogels scar, whilst degradable hydrogels create new tissue.
It was demonstrated that the soft 8020 hydrogel degraded in 7 days, It was also stated in under 14 days the wound had reepithilized. (Scars take over 21 days to form, cited fact.). In the paper the 8020 hydrogel degraded rapidly, the hydrogel was degraded rapidly by the neutrophils in the 7days, after 10 days the neutrophils couldn't infiltrate the control scaffold and had only degraded the edges of the control scaffold. In the study the appendages regenerated whilst the control, a standard used by hospitals, scarred (the control behaved like it exactly does in mammals).  With regards to appendages, appendages do not grow in scar, the hydrogel treated wound regenerated appendages. In the study you had complete regeneration of a 3rd degree burn, hence no scar. The facts are clearly there.

It's not fact that wounds that heal in 14 days will not produce a scar. I haven't done much research, but the first result I pulled off of google stated that wounds that heal withint 10-14 days still have a risk of scarring, and wounds that heal after 21 days are almost guaranteed to scar.

Link (second paragraph): https://docs.google....XhPg0tT5BO1j3AA

#3290417 Scarless Healing

Posted by trendycat on 28 September 2012 - 02:23 AM


^nothing that'll translate to any thing clinically in the near future, but interesting nonetheless.

"Although many scienctists are trying to speed up the healing process, our studies on spiny mice and salamanders show that slowing things down is the path towards regeneration."

Posted Image That's so strange, the fact that they're saying the opposite.

Some of these statements, by the way, that they're making are so standard. We've all heard it 1000.000.000 times before. Like they're saying anything new. Posted Image

I'm not criticizing you, chuckstonchew, I'm just kind of baffled by the fact that some of these doctors/researchers seemingly make discoveries that are yesterday's news. Posted Image

(Shrugs) Yeah - I don't know. I've never read anything about a mouse being able to regenerate skin like that. I mean, the ear holes, yeah. But the full thickness wounds on their back - That's pretty remarkable.


But, although that's interesting, I'm kind of agreeing with seabs at this point...

TBH I'm only interested in scar free healing with the 8020 rapidly digested hydrogel that has been proven; where the theory:results ratio is weighted in the results. The hydrogel gets funding and they remove procrastination, we could all be using this soon.

Ahhh, come on November! I'm growing impatient of being patient.

Here's a neat comment on this discovery by a regenerative biologist:

If the hydrogel doesn't prove to be as good as it has shown in tests, then surely modifying our own DNA to activate the ability to regenerate skin with all of its components will be a definite cure. It might take a decade or two, but it's kind of a sure thing.

Another article on the topic:

has this quote:
"The results were astonishing," he said. "The various tissues in the ear grew back through formation of blastema-like structures -- the same sort of biological process that a salamander uses to regenerate a severed limb."

#3285314 Scarless Healing

Posted by trendycat on 10 September 2012 - 12:47 AM

Came across this article today about the U.S. army's support for regenerative medicine. Some interesting pieces about skin, muscle and bone regeneration. http://www.courierma...r-1226470648580