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#3384402 Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And....

Posted by TreatAcne on 23 September 2013 - 12:24 PM

... Eliminating Sugar, Caffeine, and High GI/GL (Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load) foods cleared the rest of my 'white heads'.


This, however, was what personally helped me. From what I understand, you'll need to find what works for you. Each and every person is different.


This took me about one year to discover and figure out.




This will be the last time I come on here and talk about my acne. If anyone wants to see my pictures, I've left them up in my galleries for everyone to see. They are all completely PUBLIC.


I'm not going to make a fancy thread/post/topic or whatever because I've already spent a lot of time on here as it was. I'm also sorry if you come across any typos or broken links but I have at this stage in my life happily moved on and will be leaving acne.org.


If anyone wants to put this post into a success thread then please do so so that others may see this.




So, this is what you need to do if you have cystic acne (or what you should try to do and see if it works for you):


1.) Put aside some time for yourself so that you may learn about acne and what it is. The past and even the future is NOT important, what's important is what you do NOW. Not what you did last week or what you'll do in 5 minutes... it's what you'll do NOW. Next, find a local library that has a computer or free internet and begin reading a hell of a lot of material (I'll list some links below). If it helps, get a notebook and begin recording a food diary and things you are only going to be eating from now on.


2) If it's at all possible, get a blood test done at a doctor's office. It's always best to know where your starting from and where you stand when it comes to your health.


3.) Consider completely getting rid of all your milk and milk-containing products for about 6 months to 1 year. This includes yogurt, butter, cheese, powdered milk, evaporated milk, etc… whatever. As long as it has milk it in, it probably has a large amount of NATURAL HORMONES in it. Read the labels in the box: if it has milk, skip it. If the cow was injected with growth hormones, it could be even worse than regular hormones. This may seem like a long time to go without milk but hopefully these articles will explain in better detail why that is:

























4.) Get rid of as much sugar from your diet as you can... white refined table sugar, honey, breads, etc... and instead retrain your taste buds to enjoy the more natural, sweeter side of fruits and vegetables.


5.) Go to your local library (and/or free PDF internet database lab) and find/research charts with records for High Glycemic Index/Loads foods. Begin omitting as many blood sugar raising foods as possible without putting your overall health in a nutrient deficient state. You'll want to change your diet as calmly and safely as possible.


Here are just a few I read that had the most impact on me:


(Please wait for some of the links and PDF files to load...)



http://www.cancersup...D Diet Acne.pdf

http://aje.oxfordjou...4.full.pdf html


http://www.google.co....52434380,d.aWM (This is an automatic download).

http://search.medsca...0&submit=Search (You may have to log in and create a username/password... don't worry, it's free).














6.) Fint Alternativista's Acne.org profile and topics/posts in the diet and holistic health boards and read every single one of them. Start here:




7.) Drink a minimum of 4 bottles of water a day (does not have to be bottled).


8.) Sleep 8+ hours a day if possible.


9.) Do not stress about your acne. I was able to be stress free this the whole time in front of hundreds of people and they could all clearly see that I don't give a damn about it… or at least to the extent to where I would start harming myself. Is life fair? Who knows, But anyone can see my past posts and photo's, I've left them all up and alone for good. I had no idea if and when my acne was going away either, so why bother worrying about it? Clear your mind, forget the past, and start NOW.


10.) Walk. Don't just flat out run for long periods of time killing yourself trying to do something unnatural and harmful, just walk. Walk for long distances if possible and enjoy every single step. Do it at least once a day if possible. Two times a day would be your best bet. This is what I do. If you want to take up Yoga and/or other Meditation-like classes then do it, but I didn't have to. Don't think about it, just DO IT.




You're not going to like this answer, but no matter what I tell you or how much you read, you'll never find out what works for you until you try it out. I'm not you and you're not me.


Maybe a diet change won't help you. Maybe it will. You'll never know unless you try.


It helped me... that's all I'm really saying here. 


My diet is basically fruits and vegetables will little fish. I take no vitamins and supplements since they make me sick. All my fruit is usually eaten raw, and the vegetables I eat are either fresh (raw) or frozen and then steamed/boiled. I avoid probably about 90 percent of most average westernized grocery stores.


I'm not a meat eater, but I'll occasionally have fish once a month or so. I don't eat chicken, beef, pork, turkey, etc. Once I accidentally ate some chicken in a stir fry… but it's not like I'm going to throw the chopsticks across the room and demand retribution. A tiny bit every few months or so is something that I doubt will cause an issue with most people, so it's wise to be practical and open minded. Also, I still eat potatoes, rice, and very few times bread. I drink fresh, hot tea (real, loose leaf tea, not the bagged kind) and water every single day. Once every few months I'll fast for a couple of days. I make and drink my own homemade vegetable juice about once a week or even less than that.


I've spent less money, sopped washing my face, stopped putting my hair up, stopped visiting my dermatologist, and stopped having cystic acne. I honestly cannot see what others have to lose, but I do understand that it's not something people are often anxious to do and get rid of. I didn't care for the diet I had before, so this wasn't a big change for me. Maybe you do care about your diet, in which case you may need to work on how to get off it.


If you're having difficulty wanting to change the way you eat and live, then put aside some time and find and watch these videos, they may help you make the diet change (YouTube, Library, Amazon, The Pirate Bay, etc... whatever it takes for you to get them, just find them and watch them):


Food Inc.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Supersize Me

Food Matters

Forks Over Knives

The Future of Food

Hungry For Change

King Corn

May I Be Frank

Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days



***UPDATE*** (11/19/13): Someone had brought to my attention that a few of the movies above are flawed, not scientifically proven and/or accurate, biased, and make points that have little to no scientific studies (a.k.a. "pseudoscience": http://en.wikipedia....i/Pseudoscience ). Unfortunately I may have to agree with some of their arguments as I've done a little digging myself and discovered a few empty holes in their logic. Doctors and nutritionists - or raw foodists, naturalists, etc… whatever you want to call them - CAN work together if they really want to, but when their beliefs get in the way you can be sure that there will be an all out war to win to public opinion. I understand that it can be tough to really know what works and what doesn't work, and that's why so many people scream "Bread is Bad!" and "Bread is Good!" to one another in all out frenzy. There are several ways you can deal with this: Find what works for YOU and acknowledge that you are DIFFERENT than others. Mention again and again "This is what works for me", and never try to shove your specific diet into other people's faces. Work together, create lists of possibilities, provide GOOD scientific research and PROPER statistics, and be the best you can be. If you'd like to learn more about the criticism against some of these movies, then just follow the links bellow (and read the comments from other people as well):


Criticism against "Simply Raw": http://www.scienceba...raw-food-diets/

Criticism against "The Gerson Therapy": http://www.scienceba...is-beat-cancer/ , http://www.scienceba...ancer-quackery/ , http://www.skepdic.c...sontherapy.html , http://scienceblogs....t-on-celluloid/ .

Movie reviews on "Food Matters" (and other movies if you use the website and type in the titles): http://www.imdb.com/...s?ref_=tt_ov_rt




There are probably dozens more documentaries out there, but I'm sure you get the point by now. I'm not trying to shove Raw Foodsim, Veganism, Vegetarianism, Paleo Diet-ism… etc… whatever kind of diet into your face... I'm just giving you the suggestion that you should be exploring all other alternatives before going to the extreme with pills, lasers, steroids, etc.


I am neither one or the other, I am simply myself. I am as natural and organic and I can be with exceptions that I KNOW my body can handle. I make most of my own food and found things that I liked to do (soups, stir fries, etc...). Telling you every detail of my diet would be impossible since I am natural and change with it every time.


Again, I will say that the biggest thing that simply helped me with my cystic acne and 99 percent of my white heads would be NO MILK, NO CAFFEINE, NO -BAD- SUGARS (Table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.), and NO (OR VERY FEW) HIGH GI/GL FOODS. 


That is all I have to say.





*** SPECIAL NOTE: I have eczema as well! That's right! Acne and Eczema: Two different skin conditions with, in reguards to MY body, completely different causes. I use to tell people with a sad expression that "The roll of the dice had gotten my twice".


People have asked me if they are possibly related to the same "cause" since few people have both problems at once, and after finding out what worked for me I began to tell them that we have to be careful with the word "cause". My eczema's biggest cause was not milk, like milk is for my cystic acne… it was actually certain vegetables and nuts. With that said, is that even eczema at all? Some have told me that it's a reaction to having food allergies, not the rash itself: http://www.dryskinsr...food-allergies/ and http://www.fda.gov/F...ens/default.htm . Well... If that's the case, then why did my food allergy tests all come back negative? Why is my blood work fine and healthy when food allergies often cause abnormal blood count and weight gain in the majority of others? Are there other people being misdiagnosed with eczema if all they have is a food allergy/sensitivity? Isn't the allergy suppose to kill me and not give me a rash? Why does it get worse with age? Why do I have it if no one else in my family does? And why are there so many questions??? Gah!!!


I didn't even know food was causing my rash until I joined acne.org and started eating more raw vegetables and nuts. My "eczema" has been with me most of my life, and no one knew the "cause" of it. Most of the time it was just dry and slightly red, and few times it was bright red and agitated by… whatever. My family and I just assumed that it was incurable, and I was given topical steroids to make the rash go away. Most of the time the creams worked, but sometimes they didn't. To an extent, my rast IS -currently- incurable, but that doesn't mean that it will NEVER be cured for good! It just means that it's a complex issue that has many "triggers". My rash mostly appears on the bend of my arms, but during my early 20's it started to spread all over my hands and fingers. As a kid it was behind the knee cap, but disappeared when I was a teenager and now only has smooth skin in that area.


One again, it wasn't until I came here and began juicing vegetables and eating salads that my rash exploded out of control in a way that I had never seen before. It was too much of a coincidence to not compare it to my diet change, and every flair up was 4-6 hours later after eating the culprit.


This time frame of consuming the food and then digesting the food within 4 hours MIGHT suggest that my gut/bowels are what is rejecting the foods… which is also, interestingly enough, POSSIBLY the main cause for many people's acne according to these websites:


GUT Acne:







GUT Eczema(or Psoriasis):







If this IS the case, then I haven't found any evidence of a gut problem for me because all of my blood/stool tests I have taken have all come back negative and healthy… but the SENSATION that it IS my gut is completely there with 100 percent accuracy. I even had an endoscopy done (I was put to sleep) to see what was causing the extremely hot and burning feeling in my stomach area, but no ulcers or anything else were found in my stomach… just very faint inflammation near the start of the small intestines. My doctor didn't find the inflammation to be an issue, but tried to convince me (rather smugly since I was the "only one" who had ever come to him with this issue) that the incredibly hot and burning sensation I was feeling was from stress, which we all know is nowhere near the truth. So once again, I had to try to figured out the "cause" for the fiery feeling in my gut on my own. Unsurprisingly, I did! I discovered that the hot/fire/tingly feeling in my gut/bowels to be a reaction to caffeine and vitamin pills. … Something that I had drunk and eaten most of my life without any issue whatsoever?… Insert confused face icon here: huh.png .


Why my body suddenly decided doing this at the age of 25 I have absolutely no idea, but any amount of caffeine will cause my lower belly's front, sides, and lower back to feel as though someone is wrapping a hot blanket around me. This started happening after my diet chance and after I stopped drinking vegetable juice. At first I was convinced that the juicing and diet change had somehow screwed up my body for good and that I could never go back to drinking coffee or anything with caffeine in it again, but I later accepted what IS and decided that MAYBE I had so much crap inside of me that when it was finally "washed out" my body could then tell me what I should and shouldn't be consuming. IS this a legit conclusion? Absolutely not, but it's all I have to go on for now while I continue searching for the truth. Either way, I can't have anything with caffeine in it (or "decaf" products since they also contain small traces of caffeine) with the ONLY EXCEPTION of loose leaf tea. So there's not only THAT weird burning issue, but also my eczema and acne. Gut. Gut. Gut. That's all I'm hearing and understanding, but no one else seems to have any idea how to help me...


Anyway, despite the doom that has been mysteriously permitted upon me, I avoid the vegetables that irritate my second most common skin condition; eczema… which is flared up by corn (yes, many things have corn and even HFCS), tomatoes, peppers, table mustard, certain kinds of nuts, and eggs. When I found out that corn and tomatoes were a HUGE factor for me (as an example), I wondered why I never broke out with pop and candy (HFCS) and pizza (tomato sauce). It turns out that the closer the food is to its natural and complete/whole body source, the greater of a reaction I have. Maybe now you could imagine my absolute confusion and frustration with my breakouts… as well as my excitement in FINALLY figuring out what was causing it to behave in the way that it did!


Is avoidance a "cure"? No, but it's my current and temporary "solution" while I join the thousands of others who are searching for the truth as well. We must accept what we are given if we are to ever put the past behind us a move on with the natural changes of the universe. This may not be what everyone likes to hear, but it's the closest thing to truth that can be understood at this point in our lives.


If you want to see pictures of my eczema/psoriasis they're right here: http://s1096.photobu...tml?sort=3&o=27 . Please note that Photobucket keeps changing it's website to the point where I can't seem to organize anything or add any titles to my pictures, so please forgive the lack of description while you start at the link I gave you and work your way through all 28 of my pictures. In a nutshell, this is what happens when I eat the rejected food once, and then wait out the rash until it goes away. Sometimes it takes longer than one month, but lotions can and usually do speed up the healing process.


Out of curiosity (and possibly for other people's sick amusement), I wanted to see how red and irritated my rash would get if I continue to eat the rejected food for up to three days. Well, three days was the longest I could go before the rash turned so hot and bright red that my body could no longer withstand it. I couldn't bend  my arms, I couldn't ignore the heat, and had incredible amounts of fatigue. My stomach and gut would burn with pain, a sign that my body can no longer attempt to digest it, let alone get it past my stomach in the first place. The final symptom would be dizziness, feverish-like sensations, and alas throwing up the culprit. Afterwards I would feel normal after 24 hours, and simply wait for the rash to go away as long as the culprit has not passed my lips.


It's a crazy, complicated life, but I guess someone has to live it!





Help for you to get started:



I'll provide a list of links for you to read and explore whenever you get the chance. Make sure you are getting as many vitamins, minerals, EFA's, sunlight, and exercise that your body needs to function and maintain itself. Becoming friends with your doctor and/or nutritionist would be a big plus and easy support. I've always enjoyed properly organized and easy to print PDF pages and information, so I can print them myself and create my very own personal diet book. The specific lists/charts I will give you bellow will help you decide on choosing what foods you want to eat and/or are able to get your hands on based on the minerals/vitamins listed (you may have to do your own adding/subtracting and other calculating based on your own custom made diet):


The minerals your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html

The vitamins your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html

The protein your body needs (Legumes): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html

The protein your body needs (Animals): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html

(Although this website provided the above information for free, it also has the information available in PDF Printable Formats for sale. However, with any luck you should be able to either copy and paste the information and adjust it in Microsoft Word or whatever text program you use, as well as using search engines in finding other websites with similar free nutrition information in pdf formats on the internet. I personally prefer the printable "one page information" charts because they are easy to read and understand as well as organized. This is just my personal preference though since I do a lot of reading and printing. I prefer to save paper and space on my bookshelves.)


The FDA's Educational Resource Library: http://www.fda.gov/F...s/ucm239035.htm

(I don't care whether or not you agree or disagree with what the FDA does... getting the RAW DATA in itself is more important than pointing fingers at the people or the government who hold onto it. If you don't agree with any of the information and/or are skeptical of who has collected it/funded it, then make your own charts or seek those with greater truth. Personally, any free resources are always a plus and should be important for anyone to consider studying. With that said, this site has free "Nutrition and Labeling" information in printable PDF formats. Just click on the words for a drop down list and more information.)


Another website with some of their own printable PDF documents and extra information: http://www.abcompany...n/nutrition.htm

(To the uper left of their home page, http://www.abcompany.com/index.htm , there is a search bar. The site seems kind of unorganized, so I just typed in "nutrition" and followed whatever links looked interesting. Read and understand website's URL's to backtrack to other places that may or may not be hidden... For example, they didn't have the link on their website but it still exists. An example of a printable PDF page they have is "food combinations": http://www.abcompany...d_combining.htm .)


Despite people "debunking" some of the movies above, some of these people's websites provide their own printable PDF charts with possibly important information (hopefully not biased and supported my several references and resources). One such example is "Food Matters" and "Top 10 Food Additives To Avoid": http://www.drcraigfr...Guide-20121.jpg




***Some minerals rely on vitamins! And vice versa! Make sure your Calcium/Vitamin D ratio is accurate, and your Vitamin E is being absorbed properly!!


Learn about labels and what they mean: http://nutritiondata.self.com


Here's a cool Vitamin D website: http://www.vitamindw...om/VitaminDWiki


Great popular educational website with easy to understand videos (Just a warning, this site and the doctor who runs it is practically vegan. If you're worried it's more vegan-propaganda then don't look at it… but the information on the fruits and vegetables alone are amazing): http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/milk/


Complete lists of Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Nuts and Seeds: http://vegetablesfruitsgrains.com


Alphabetical list of Fruits and Vegetables and some extra data (PDF Format): http://www.education...tionSection.pdf


Website where Vegetarians discus updated research about vegan, paleo, raw food, fruitarian, etc… diets: http://www.beyondveg.com


And finally, I saved one of the best for last. It's the only other "acne" website that I think we all can trust since I it had pretty good data and articles to read: http://www.acneeinstein.com . There are also printable PDF formats and information to seek out, as well as their book that I bought for myself and enjoyed reading very much. It's possible to always find more information as time goes on, but learning what you can whenever you can makes the road travelled much less hectic and problem free.





Seriously, thank you all for your support, love, and kindness! I could have never made it this far without all of you amazing people!


Whatever you decide to do, be smart, be safe, and be open to ALL possibilities!


May you all find what works for you! May you all live a long and happy life!!


GoodBye and God Bless!!!

#3354830 Those Of You Who Breakout From Wheat/gluten/grains.. How Much Do You Need To...

Posted by TreatAcne on 04 June 2013 - 08:44 AM

It depends on the thing...the last time I consumed gluten (which was years ago) I broke out (and became ill) instantly. I get very sick and break out in hives if dried wheat straw even touches my skin or gets in my immediate environment, so I think I must have a severe wheat allergy, not just gluten sensitivity. I've never tested to see if my sensitivity has gone down or gone away over the past few years... I would be interested to know if anything has changed, but due to the fact that in the past I've been sickened for a month or more from even one exposure, I just stay clear of it and plan to for the rest of my life. 


Other grains... I've only tested corn so far. I was corn free since 2009 and ate some this past month. Unfortunately I did have a reaction. Cystic acne (when I was previously clear), stomach pains and a rash. The good news is, this reaction didn't appear until I'd eaten corn for three days in a row (at dinner each night). I used to have an immediate reaction to corn the way I did gluten, so it's good to know it has improved a bit. That said, I still won't be eating it, because anything that causes a reaction probably isn't good even in small amounts.


I was able to add rice (brown and white) back into my diet with no problems after being off them for two years. If anything, my skin and overall health improved with the adding of rice.


I am sorry to hear you had such a reaction to wheat/gluten after so long. 


Last week I also discovered that corn (and sweet peas/green peas) faired up my childhood eczema, and that corn also made me nauseous if I eat it every day. I haven't eaten corn (or so I think o_0 snce it's in everything) for over two years, and trying it at a picnic last week was an incredible discovery into what other things effect my eczema. I'm sort of a simpler eater and don't dwell on the things I can't have, but after exploring a few other vegetables I haven't had for a long time, I'm shocked at how much I react to them. Reactions are different each time, but they are still reactions. Yet I am not "allergic" to them according to my food allergy test. I'm going back to my GI in a few weeks. He thinks, since the pain is in my bowels and my stools are green whenever something happens, that my food allergens MIGHT be fairing up because of my gut flora possibly being off balance, but he's incredibly skeptical since I have no other pains or symptoms whatsoever on a daily basis and appear overall healthy.


It's confusing, but writing down what happens to you and remembering it will be your best key for great digestion :). I hope you can get better with time too!! Maybe one day you'll eat these foods again, who knows?


There's a great blog for corn free items here: http://corn-freefoods.blogspot.com

#3354499 Canadians Don't Have As Much Acne Because Of Vitamin D Levels?

Posted by TreatAcne on 03 June 2013 - 08:08 AM

Meh.. whatever.  Let's just say that America has a slightly different lifestyle that the average Canadian wouldn't relate to which is slightly off putting - not necessarily in a bad way either, it's just a different culture. I feel like the U.S is just "really out there" if you know what I mean, and Canada is just sort of under the radar.


I don't have acne.


What's wrong with being different? sad.png


UNDER the radar??? Sweet tap dancing Jesus, my family's gone missing!!! How will I ever get them back??? Hold onto your pineapples, were going north and beyond!! We've already lost Africa and Australia, we are NOT going to loose this one!!!


I think I get what you mean but I've come to assume that when people usually mention "Americans" on the internet (in mostly negative ways) that they're actually just summarizing the entire north continent overall. It's not like they're shoving you under a rug... the very idea of hiding a Canadian or ignoring them because they're Canadian makes me want to burst out laughing and I honestly have no idea why... probably because it makes no sense whatsoever. Everyone knows who and what Canadians are, lol... people go where the warmth and heat is, with is further south of our continent. Canadian's aren't being ignored and if anything some should enjoy the solitude if they haven't already.


On an acne site with no acne... 0_0... ohhhhhkaaayyy.

#3352743 Is Gluten The Main/only Reason Why Grains Are Considered Inflammatory Food It...

Posted by TreatAcne on 28 May 2013 - 01:00 PM

Both grains and gluten are difficult for the human gut to digest, and the gut has been linked to acne in several studies. Yes they are inflammatory, whether or not your intolerant. Humans weren't "built" to consume processed food groups, such as today's breads, pastas, bakeries, crackers, snacks, chips, etc... and doing so in large quantities is for sure one of the major causes of obesity. Doing so seldom probably wont do anything, but it's still not recommended for anyone. Bread is basically sugar because it turns to sugar after you eat it... I'm guessing 5 to 10 minutes after consumption, and sugar gets stored as fat. Insulin levels rise afterwards, which in turn causes inflammation which in turn may cause acne in acne prone individuals. Bread is not only sugar in your body, it's also high on the Glycemic Index scale (I don't think the glycemic load is an issue, but you can still gain weight of you eat it every day). Don't go for gluten free bread since it's more unhealthy and may actually be worse for people with gut issues.



Having bread every day might not be good for acne sufferers, but if you're on a budget at you do not notice a reaction to bread (such as wheat), try limiting yourself to it one or two times a week. I left it out for almost 6 months before introducing it little by little again, and thankfully didn't notice much of a change. I still eat it about once a week. It's difficult to substitute on a college budget for something else, plus it's more convenient and light to carry around. Maybe when I'm finally done studying I can adjust my permanent lifestyle and focus more on that.

#3352328 Canadians Don't Have As Much Acne Because Of Vitamin D Levels?

Posted by TreatAcne on 27 May 2013 - 05:40 AM

Well, I live in Canada and I have acne (ranging from mild to moderate, and thankfully, mostly under control now) and I've certainly seen people here with all kinds of acne - varying from mild to severe.  It's possible that people in the states have more acne - I don't know.  If this is true, I'd guess that it's probably for the same reason that there are more overweight people in the states.  Their diet is generally crappier.  Canadians don't have a great diet, but we don't eat quite as much fried food and pop and our portion sizes are smaller. 


Interesting that people here are saying that Canadians live a stress-free life.  That may be true in some parts of Canada, but it doesn't seem to be true in the Toronto area, where I live now, or Vancouver, where I used to live.  Actually, whenever I visit the states, it seems as though people are living a laid-back, relaxed lifestyle (unless they're in the city).  I guess the grass is always greener..


Canada can be a nightmare as well. No place is perfect, and pretending that every part of America is worse then Canada overall is insulting to both Americans and Canadians. Some of my canadian friends grew up under a leaky roof and with horrible parenting, including illegal ownership of a gun. Their worlds have been turned upside down by other Canadians. Many of my Canadian friends who travel here wish they lived here, and many of my American friends who visit Canada wished they lived in Canada. I've been to Toronto myself and always end up the target of many Canadian's dogma, that they think they can say whatever they want to my family and I when they overhear us talking amongst ourselves, and that we are all suppose to grin and bear listening to how terrible we are. Much of what they claim to know about us is usually on a personal level. I've lived through more racial slurs and nightmares in Canada than I have in France, Mexico, and most of the other US states with a high immigration status.

I'm Canadian, I have acne. Come on, plenty of Canadians have it.


Yes, a lot of my canadian friends have it too. Whether at home or visiting us in the states.

#3351815 How much fruit should you really eat?

Posted by TreatAcne on 25 May 2013 - 07:14 AM

Personally I eat fresh blueberries, strawberries, apples (usually sour green), and plums. Every now and then I'll have a banana.


Fruit obviously comes with a variety of different sugars and nutrients. Fructose may be an issue for the gut, where as banana's may be an issue for the Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load. Then there's the nutrients in fruit that HELP acne, but MAY be aggravating your digestive system, such as your stomach or gut. My aunt can't eat oranges because they give her a kind of acid reflux feeling, and people with gut issues may benefit from not eating fruits and vegetables with fructose in them:




However, there are so many things to take into consideration, and not everyone is the same. ONE fruit can fall into 10 different categories, both good and bad depending on what you're looking for. Some people benefit from 5 servings of fruit a day, and some don't eat any fruit at all. Ideally, I would start off with just one or two a day, then increase or decrease at your own preference.

#3351684 Still 99% Clear After No Carb Diet

Posted by TreatAcne on 24 May 2013 - 04:51 PM

That sounds like my acne. It's so annoying how after 1 pimple clears another forms. It's ridiculous. That is amazing that you have cleared your acne so much and is a great accomplishment to have done that by yourself with dietary changes. I have done the same thing and it has taken months or research and experimentation.


I've been researching since last august, that was my first picture in my "Final regimen" gallery, so I know how you feel. I couldn't have done it by myself of course... I must have gone through weeks and weeks of posts on these forums, most of which pointing to the same thing (Mostly Paleo diet, no dairy, good food, etc.). But I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch... I tend to go at least one or two years without any cysts before celebrating. I'm hoping to bring my acne down as much as possibly through my diet, THEN add in other things if necessary, such as supplements. The less I need the less money I spend. I've seen your pictures too, you're really not that bad looking! And your acne is not as sever as I would have thought (and you should read your picture's comments ;)).

The way I look at it, most people can get clear from omitting dairy/sugar and refined carbs. There are some unfortunate souls (I am one of them), who have to have a flawless diet to be 70-80% clear


There's also the time frame of your body adjusting don't forget. I'm about where you are right now, 70-80%, but I'm still screwing around with foods that I probably should be eating (peanut butter, extra fruit, etc...) To the people who had avoided dairy first (it was the first thing they tried), they ended up waiting at least a year until their hormones went back to normal and their acne stopped producing all that puss. And that's from dairy alone. Growing up with these foods will take maybe a quarter as long to filter out... it depends on the individual. Some spots I have now under my neck are STILL from my original cysts LAST YEAR. It takes time to clear out all the crud, but as long as you see an overall improvement then you should be ok. Take things one step at a time and do as many good things at once as you possibly can. That's what I and the majority of some of my friends have been doing (not on acne.org).

#3351301 Still 99% Clear After No Carb Diet

Posted by TreatAcne on 23 May 2013 - 09:37 AM

I don't necessarily think its the stress. Its the lack of sleep + diet. What do most students do the night before studying? Eat a shitload of sugary foods to stay energized

All we need to get rid of acne caused by diet then is something that lowers the over active insulin response to carbs and sugar or something to that interrupts whatever the bridge is that leads the insulin to androgens to our skin making sebum in a safe manner. Some sort of pharmaceutical I guess or something to made to increase insulin sensitivity.

Interestingly most acne antibiotics actually increase insulin sensitivity due to their impact on our gastrointestinal organs. Here's the study http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/2374516/
Here's a study saying that vitamin A improves insulin sensitivity: http://www.ncbi.nlm....ubmed/21466649/
I don't know if that's why these products work for most for acne but they effect insulin sensitivity in a positive way: minocycline, accutane, tetracycline

Might as well just put this out there:


Paper from1939 where doctors show that women tend to get acne around there period and one doctor says it is a simple fact that patients clear up with a proper diet and lifestyle. He also states that acne patients have a problem with insulin as it causes them to metabolize sugar too fast and causes comedogensis. So 74 years ago they were the connection of diet, insulin, sugar metabolism with acne and some doctors even stated that a proper diet will clear acne. But today doctors will not even admit that diet can cause acne and diet changes are not prescribed for acne. I'm sure that it was just an accident that they overlooked the results of the paper and insulin-diet-acne connection for the last 74 years.


Welcome to frustration land, we've got jackets.


General Practitioners (the people most of us see first, a.k.a our doctor) have been trained to prescribe pills for the last 60 or so years as the normal practice. This is what people want, so it's not entirely their fault. My doctor never even took a nutritional class before, it was all for the study of cancer and other diseases through mostly western practices. No one purposely set up these complicated threads to hurt anyone, they just wanted to make the company they work for as much money as possible. It's a business, and we need our doctors to stay in business. I love my doctor to death and have even given him gifts on occasion, but when I realized that he wasn't going to help (nor the dermatologists he sent me to) I had to walk down the eczema/acne path on my own :(... but at least it was worth it.


The people who are hiding this information for us is likely the food corporations. They even made a video on that here:


#3351292 Foods That Are Good For Our Body,skin And Mind?

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Gut-Brain-Skin: Body and Mind effecting the Skin, and sometimes vice versa. Booyah.




^ READ the comments and understand HOW MANY people were able to get rid of their acne or greatly reduce it.

#3351287 Canadians Don't Have As Much Acne Because Of Vitamin D Levels?

Posted by TreatAcne on 23 May 2013 - 08:54 AM

Care to give the link?


Raw/natural/hormone free milk may actually be quite good for people, even those with acne, but you'll have to experiment this on your own. I find that avoiding anything to do with milk has gotten rid of all my cysts.


If you're up for it, lacto-vegetarians are great people for milk recipes: http://en.wikipedia....acto_vegetarian


My notes on milk here (Canada and USA): http://www.acne.org/...t-is/?p=3338544


Also, try milk kefir. It's delicious as well as benificial with millions of strains of bacteria that even out the bad bacteria in our bodies if done correctly. Personally I prefer the water kefir since I started making some for myself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kefir 

#3348997 Peanut!peanuts!checking- Food Test Day!

Posted by TreatAcne on 16 May 2013 - 09:38 AM

i dint really have  cyst u know.

and i belive use of a bha wash(low %) as a cleanser and changing my diet & lifestyle has given me a better skin.

ur skin is changing and it looks so so good now.

am really really happy for u.


FYI,u r a fighter and da funny one!!=p

i wish i was anything near u!!



Thanks a lot smile.png


Keep up the great work/attitude!

#3348593 Has Anyone Cured Acne 100% With Just Nutrition Changes?

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lol no, for some reason the stuff does not freeze. Ive tried it.



Haha, I never knew that! :)


Weird things people try to freeze, just ask me anytime since I work in a giant freezer ^_^.

#3348247 Peanut!peanuts!checking- Food Test Day!

Posted by TreatAcne on 13 May 2013 - 02:20 PM

Peanuts haven't given me acne or aggravated my eczema, so I lucked out on that one. Once a week I put peanut butter on one of my apples if I feel like it. The biggest issue with peanut butter are the oils they put in the bottles, like cottonseed oils and vegetable oils. They're overloaded with Omega-6 fatty acids which cause inflammation. You'd have to eat a lot of fish and Omega-3 rich foods like special eggs and flaxseed to balance out several tablespoons full of peanut butter I think. 


Edit: I have no idea what that bottom picture is 0_0.

#3348244 Has Anyone Cured Acne 100% With Just Nutrition Changes?

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The colors were never consistent either, lol.


You can freeze it??? o_0


yah they are a kind of scary-looking color. Also, beet juice dosnt freez. Weird eh? 

#3347650 Cut Out All Carbs And Now I Am Clear?

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^ It's ok everyone, lol! There are going to be arguments in every diet in the world. There is no perfect diet, and there is no "one diet fits everyone". Finding what's best for you is what's important :3.