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#3479443 New Cheese Good For Acne From Heidi Ho?

Posted by TreatAcne on 30 April 2015 - 01:07 AM

Every Friday where I live there are farmer's markets in the summer and fall... that's the only time and place I would buy my cheese at, and if I was really craving it then it would be goats cheese in the grocery stores. These moments, however, are few and far in between, and I'm actually not a big cheese craving kind of person. Never heard of that brand before but let us know what it's like!

#3479441 Things That Break Me Out And Why

Posted by TreatAcne on 30 April 2015 - 01:02 AM

Hello! I'm -practically- vegan too. The thing about some of your recent posts is that you emphasis Vitamin levels and supplementation, but if you were truly sleeping well, drinking water and getting your nutrients from fresh, healthy vegetables, then supplementation would not be so necessary... maybe something else is stoping the absorption of everything. Whenever I find myself 90 to 95 percent clear, I get rid of ALL sugars and breads for up to a month, and then see the 100 percent clear completion. Some of us are just simply so acne prone that these foods can't be eaten every week, maybe not even every month. Most people make the mistake of eating too much fruit.

And as for the acidic levels of the foods you listed above, I am not quite sure if you listen them as what you are doing to HELP our stomach acid, or if it's a kind of supplementation. Can you please elaborate why you are doing these things?

You are doing very well, and I can tell you've done some reading, but if you can start finding out if you really do have low stomach acid by getting rid of anything processed, anything with sugar (even some vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes), and start sleeping more. What you are doing is rumored to, yes, increase stomach acidity, but they can also aggravate you too much if you're not too careful. My first "regimen" on here was juicing vegetables, but after several months I found out that my stomach got so use to it that I could no longer digest foods like salads, potatoes and other green vegetables like peas and lima beans without painfully squeezing them back out in the bathroom.


Don't forget that vitamins and minerals, such as Calcium and Vitamin D, need each other to work together. You can be in the sun all day, but without calcium the vitamin D won't be as effective as you may like.

#3477387 3 Foods Journey

Posted by TreatAcne on 08 April 2015 - 09:42 PM

^ Don't worry, you have nothing at all to be upset about :). I understand the frustration entirely, and I can definitely tell that you are doing your best. Do not be afraid of most vegetables when it comes to your gut. For now, do your best cutting out the sugary and grainy/breaded foods and see IF you can clear the milk as well. There is still plenty of food to work with in the world and you have much more time than you think to keep away from foods and see if progress happens. When I was waiting and not at a period where my diet was changing, I just went for walks, red a book, played some games, watched a few movies, etc... did whatever until a month or so was up. It took me a long, long time, and too many fast changes may be confusing and harsh on yourself. It's alright to go on an elimination diet, but gradual changing is far more stress-free and permanent and easier to see what's going on. It's true that I too was adding to my changes little by little, but once I hit a period where I thought I was ok, I waited a few weeks more. I too was not very accurate and had no idea what to do next, but I never gave up and kept on learning and exploring as much as I could. There is no need to stress out or worry about anything :). Acne hides and the big spots the a long time to go away. It may have been triggered by something a few weeks ago, or many it's still just the normal state of your hormones or gut.
I use to ask the people in the grocery stores for help like that too, and any information was better than none. People can be very helpful and even insightful, and I even ran into people in the store or at coffee shops who would talk to me as well. Networking is well worth it and nothing to be shy about at all.
Hows this website?: http://www.michigana...histamine.shtml


Thus Youtube Channel?: https://www.youtube....ed9gVhZqxA/feed
My tomato allergy causes the histamines to go out of control in my body too... that's why I get the rash I do. Histamines, as we both know, swell up the skin to stop infections from spreading, which is why we get red bumps after mosquito bites. Those are basically histamines at work. What you need to do is find what is over producing your histamines, not trying to stopping them entirely. Eating low histamine foods is a great thing you've been exploring... I honestly didn't really notice until now that I was not eating the majority of high histamine foods myself.
From that website's list, I don't think mushrooms, spinach, avocados and home made water kefir (http://users.sa.char...l#Kefir-history) are a problem, but that is only my personal experience. And I already eat a lot of herbs and spices... that's how I flavor many of my foods. I have no doubt that fresh parsley, cilantro, thyme, sage, turmeric, etc... have been very healthy for the skin and can be for anyone's skin really.

#3477374 3 Foods Journey

Posted by TreatAcne on 08 April 2015 - 06:38 PM

If I come across some histamine links I'll let you know asap.
Blueberries are one of the only berries I eat actually... I like all other berries but only when they're in season. You don't need to spend too much on them because a few can go a long way for your body, but to fill you up oatmeal is a good choice. That and some honey or very little sugar sprinkled on top.
I don't know if vegetable oil is really THAT bad because I use it sometimes, but if you had to use something then try extra virgin olive oil (which is my main oil). I use it with most things I cook with.

Good job watching what you eat, but remember to find things you enjoy too :).
I like to take frozen vegetables and steam them in a really cheap pot... I put with water in and the bottom of what use to be a metal basket, lol. I also stir fry veggies in oil. I like eating sweet peas, broccoli, onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, baby lima beans, etc... whatever I like (except tomatoes of course). The important thing is that you find ways to emphasis the intake of your veggies, which is why I stared with a juicer (though I ironically do not recommend as much anymore because of how use to it your body can get). I often buy most frozen vegetables you see in the grocery store for a dollar or so if they are not in season. To give everything flavor I season with any spice I like, such as salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, oregano, parsley, etc... I'll get some pictures and recipes soon for everyone...
I also make soups, which is mostly boiled water with things like potatoes, turnips, parsnips, onions, etc... and whatever spices and flavors I like to have in it. To me, simple food and vegetables is better, and my taste buds adjusted to the taste of them after a few months. When I went to take a bite of peanut butter after not having it for so long, I could not believe how sweet it was! It was never sweet to me before, and now I can barely stomach it because of all the sugar they put into it. It's crazy how your body has and your taste buds change after a short period in your life!
As far as nightshades go, I never suggested not eating tomatoes. I know they make great soups and sauces, and can add some flavors to some good wraps (which I still eat, even the wraps at Chipotle), but be cautious with them because of how strong they can be for people.
Legumes are not beans and lentils, so soak and boil some if you want because they go great with stir fried vegetables and wraps. Even though they may make you pass more gas, they should not be that hard on your gut while it's healing.
I too had a few links on my topic board with emphasis on the gut, and as far as I know it's my biggest problem for my eczema. Tomatoes just can't seem to get through it without leaking through and coming out of my skin. The same can be for acne... sugars and breads, as well as the hormones in milk, might be beating the gut up too much. If you feel overall fine and in good shape, then go ahead and try eatting a gut healing diet. Watch out for energy changes and keep us posted. And don't forget the sleep and water!

#3477338 Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And....

Posted by TreatAcne on 08 April 2015 - 12:05 PM

Melloman, on 06 Apr 2015 - 00:48, said:
So, I finally just finished reading your entire thread!  Then I saw your signature at the bottom with your previous regimen.  I take it you were on that when you were eating healthy and reacted to the tomato?  Also, I see you said no more high Gl's, sugars, and Milk has cleared your acne.  Was that immediate, or after months of avoiding them?  And is you're acne %100 gone?

Hello! Great questions. Yes, that was my old or first regimen, and I wanted people to see it so they could see where I started out. I bought a juicer and juiced vegetables every day for a year or so. It worked wonderfully, but I wasn't able to digest other foods all of a sudden, such as salads and potatoes. When I stopped juicing it took a while for my body to readjust. I need to make a note about that, because juicing isn't for everyone and should not be a replacement for food.

This definitely took months of experimentation. The first thing I learned about acne was actually from Dan's Regimen on this website. I learned that it took me almost 3 months to become completely clear, or for the acne to at least stop producing itself. I knew that whenever I tried something else, it would take a while for the acne to create itself, emerge, puss and then finally go away. Spots can stay hidden under the skin up to several weeks once the acne has been "triggered", so if you had milk 2-3 weeks ago then a cyst comes, it could very likely be from that. Patience patience patience.

I was slowly getting off milk when I first started juicing and then did my complete diet change afterwards, but wasn't thinking of yogurt and cheeses on sandwiches and what not. Once I completely got rid of those, I saw improvement in less than a month, but that was almost 6 months later with lots of trial and error. I ate some cake a few weeks ago... some small spots did show up, but nothing like the cysts I was having before. Stopping the soda pop I was drinking, as well as a few other sugar drinks (like those tall sweet tea cans), got rid of the rest of my cysts. Sugar and Milk are a terrible combination for me, but tolerable every so often. The "every so often" depends on your body. For me, it's once or twice a week, but 90-95 percent of your diet has to be acne-free with little tolerance for your specific triggers.

Sleep is the most immediate resulting thing for me actually, not food. Better sleep for me means decent skin almost the very next morning, but could take a few days for others. More sleep means less facial redness too. I just splash water on my face and wipe it off with a towel every morning to get rid of the "oiliness", but sometimes I don't even have to anymore. I use to have a lot more oil, but not anymore.

Unfortunately no, I still get some acne. and I will make that very clear in my post above. Acne is still with me a tiny, bit... I still get a spot every couple of weeks or so, but it's vastly different than the 50 or so spots I always constantly had on my face. A cyst WILL return if I eat too much bread, sweets, and/or sleep very little, but hey are usually hidden under my jaw or around my ear (even in my hair line). Since I eat more vegetables however, the skin is healthier and the acne heals much more quickly and is a lot less painful to deal with. I'm pretty much in the same line of people where if you see a spot on their skin it's fairly rare and not even worth mentioning. Right now I have around 3 or 4 small spots on my neck, but they are hardly worth looking at. I one had a few cokes... which is funny because I drank them and really didn't even want them, but because I drank them I got two cysts a few days later.

Point in case, if I know the acne is coming from my food, then I'll personally allow it, but usually don't bother because I enjoy clearer skin. I'll also make a separate post here soon with some simple and cheap recipes I have.

#3476895 3 Foods Journey

Posted by TreatAcne on 03 April 2015 - 09:35 PM

I am sorry to hear about the first doctor's experience. I've seen a few of these kinds assholes myself, some of whom I'm surprise are not only referred to but ALSO still allowed to keep their profession. The most popular ones can unfortunately be the most intolerable and inconsiderate of all people.


I know a woman who's husband is allergic to apples. I myself am allergic to tomatoes, which upon being eaten turns into eczema. 


Your posts are very good... they have a sense of open thinking and thorough investigation. Don't give up on your histamine examination, and try this link if it helps: http://www.acne.org/...acne/?p=2574130


The hormones in milk were what caused most of my acne, which is why I moved from vegetarianism to (practically) veganism. 




EDIT: I also wanted to mention that a food allergy test did NOT reveal that tomatoes were the cause of my eczema, or "food-allergy" rash. The skin test didn't work, arm OR back. The only way I found out was through elimination.

#3437805 Why Hasn't Diet Had Any Effect On My Skin?

Posted by TreatAcne on 25 June 2014 - 09:54 AM


How come Alternavista hasn't replied?

Do we really need another Alternativista post stating the same thing, low GI diet, antioxidants, vitamin D, omega-3's etc. I have followed those things for well over 5 years, it does not have any effect on my acne. It's how you treat your skin externally, do not dry it, irritate it, don't destroy your good bacteria, keep your pores clear so that they don't get plogged. I think alternativista is a computer bot and has limited pre-made posts that are automatically posted, dead serious.



Finally someone who is actually sensible. Tretinoin? No way, I would much rather smear honey and lemons all over my face! Oh and, I would also like to change my diet even though it's almost impossible to pinpoint what it is that is actually causing acne. There's got to be tons of people who have been convinced that there is truth to all this, only to later wish that they had not wasted their time.


Time is never truly wasted. I understand the frustration with diet not working and finding out if it may or may not help over years of experimentation, believe me, but there's nothing wrong with trying it out in the first place. If anything, it's another thing you've scratched off your list, so you can at least say to yourself "Hey, at least I tried my best and learned some awesome things", and then enjoy the rest of your day :). A diet change certainly worth a shot and a much better alternative that steroids and expensive medications in my opinion, so it's ok to be frustrated in the end. Frustration and failure is part of life, which without we would never evolve and learn anything. But don't close the books on your experience just yet, simply keep a mental bookmark of where you left off, take a break if you want, and be open to everything whenever and if ever you come around to it. Most people I know will say to me that they tried with 100 percent dedication to change their diet and complain how nothing is working (weight loss, acne, depression, etc.), yet invite me into their home for lunch and I'll see an incredible amount of crap food still and cigarets/beer/coffee still lying around in arms reach. It's always difficult to see the elephant in the room, and I personally use to not say anything at all, but sometimes others can see more to what may be wrong with you that you can, so it's ok to get feedback for something that you were almost certain doesn't work for you, because you never really truly know in the end.


I've noticed that people give up more easily that they realize, and most anger and passive aggression is from the fact that they are hiding something that they are suspecting is not working (avoiding good food, not eliminating most of their sugar, etc), avoiding answering questions, flat out lying and effecting others and their acne who also seek help, and not willing to truly change themselves on the inside. I am not accusing everyone who is like that that are frustrated with their acne, only merely suggesting that there is more at work in the human body than most people care to learn about. It's a difficult thing to see, but important none the less. Nutrition research changes all the time, bust so does dermatological research, so why not look at both? Why not try Dan's Acne.org Regimen and have a cheap home made stir fry at the same time? Bars of soap could be harmful, and even many vegetables could be the culprit, whoever said it would be easy for everyone? I once read an article by someone on the paleo diet who stopped eating salads and several other vegetables he used to mix them up with, and found that his acne went away as a result. I also read about how someone started using lotion on their face, any gentle kind, and discovered that almost all their acne went away simply because their skin just couldn't get the hydration it needed from their diet. You never truly waste your time trying something that might work, you just simply learned whether or not it did or didn't, and then move on. But please see that sensible people are also those who come on here and bravely give out free information on what they have found works for them and many others who don't even join the website to talk about it.

Thanks for the post.  The elimination diet that i am soon to embark on i believe is also anti inflamatory like the one you have above.  It includes tubers, veggies and fish.  I know that it will take a while and that is something i need to work on (my patience).  I am proud to say i have cut out all processed oil except for when i eat out and of course can't monitor what they use in the kitchen but that is rare these days.  For the elimination diet, i will be more conscious of this.   I don't eat nuts except for almonds in almond butter form but i'll cut this out as well.   Hmmmm, rosacea was something the derm suggested years back but a part from the acne, redness overall is not really an issue.  I am highly doubtful that diet can clear my acne as i have done it before and nothing but I am willing to try something new.


Thanks again


I feel for you as I can also be impatient and frustrated ;). Whatever you do, just be safe and keep up that experimental and positive energy! You've come a long way, so do what you feel is best and best for your body.

#3384402 Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And....

Posted by TreatAcne on 23 September 2013 - 12:24 PM

... Eliminating Sugar and High GI/GL (Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load) foods cleared the rest of my 'white heads'.

This, however, was what personally worked for me. What I have been able to learn and understand for the past two years is that each and every person is different, and everyone will need to find what works for them and them alone. No one can do it for you.

If anyone wants to see my pictures, I've left them up in my galleries for everyone to see. They are all completely PUBLIC.

Sometimes I am NOT 100 percent clear, but pretty damn close most of the time.
This is last post I will make. I may or may not come back occasionally to update some information. I'm not going to make a fancy thread or whatever because I've already spent a lot of time on this website as it is. I'm also sorry if you eventually come across any typos or broken links, however I am only too happy to leave this forum behind for a while and move onto more exciting things.

If anyone wants to put this post into a success thread then please do so and let others see this.


So, this is what you need to do if you have cystic acne (or what you should try to do to see if it works for you):

1.) Put aside some time for yourself so that you may learn about acne and what it is. The past and even the future is NOT important, what's important is what you do NOW. Not what you did last week or what you'll do in 5 minutes... it's what you'll do NOW.
2.) If it's at all possible, get a blood test done at a doctor's office. Nothing fancy, whatever you can afford, although more data is probably more beneficial. It's always best to know where your starting from and where you stand when it comes to your health, and to make sure that you are ready for a GRADUAL diet change.
3.) Consider completely getting rid of all your milk and milk-containing products for about 3 months to 1 year. This includes yogurt, butter, cheese, powdered milk, evaporated milk, etc.... or whatever. As long as it has milk it in, it probably has a large amount of NATURAL HORMONES in it. Read the labels in the box: If it has milk, skip it. If the cow was injected with growth hormones, it could be even worse than regular hormones. I wrote a 3 to 12 month time period because from what I have read online some people responded well to only a few weeks to a few months, but others were so bad that it took an entire year for their acne to settle down due to the high amount of hormones running in their system. I'm sure this may seem like a long time to go without milk, but hopefully these articles will explain in better detail why that is:
Personally, I am from the Chicago suburbs. I have friends and family of different skin colors and types, and most people I know who tend to learn more towards darker skin have responded well with their health when they get rid of their milk and milk products. I will also say this in regards to me consuming milk: I am not sure if boiling milk, melting cheese, or further processing milk-ingredients destroys the harmful hormones, but I once accidentally melted some cheese on a vegetable stir-fry I made and found out that absolutely nothing happened. Although I cannot say for sure why this is, I discovered that occasionally melting cheese to a sizzling/boiling point didn't effect my skin at all. Maybe it's acceptable for someone to have milk every now and then (once every couple of months or so), or maybe the IGF-1 Growth Hormone suspected of aggravating acne in acne prone people is killed off by heat when it is cooked, which might explain why homemade yogurt is beneficial to those with acne, not harmful. This is extremely difficult to tell unless you can somehow manage to track your skin at this time and know exactly where you are. Personally, I would recommend getting the dairy out of your system and seeing if you skin clears FIRST before assuming that you may or may not have melted/cooked milk and milk products. I am only being honest.
4.) Get rid of as much sugar from your diet as you can... white refined table sugar, cereal, breads, etc... and instead retrain your taste buds to enjoy the more natural, sweeter side of your food, especially your fruits and vegetables.

5.) Go to your local library (and/or free PDF internet database lab) and find/research charts with records for High Glycemic Index/Loads foods. Begin omitting as many blood sugar raising foods as possible without putting your overall health in a nutrient deficient state. You'll want to change your diet as calmly and safely as possible, but not to the point where you start shaking and starving yourself. Do this slowly and gradually, preferably changing only one thing per week.

Here are just a few I read that had the most impact on me (Please wait for some of the links and PDF files to load...):
http://www.cancersup...D Diet Acne.pdf
http://aje.oxfordjou...4.full.pdf html
6.) Find a user on this website known as Alternativista and find her topics/posts in the diet/holistic health boards and try to read every single one of them. Start here:
7.) Drink a minimum of 1-2 bottles of water a day (does not have to be bottled).

8.) Sleep 7-8+ hours a day if possible.

9.) Do not stress about your acne... there are millions of other things you could be doing or not doing. I was able to be stress free the whole entire time I was here. I had no idea if and when my acne was going away either, so why bother worrying about it?

10.) Walk. Don't just flat out run for long periods of time trying to kill yourself and suffer with the thought of doing something so strenuous... just walk. Walk for long distances if possible, and enjoy every single step you take. Do it at least once a day if possible. Two times a day would be your best bet. This is what I do, and if I don't walk, I am already naturally moving around a lot throughout my entire day. Don't make it into something you won't like doing, and don't think about it too much... you'll just end up hurting yourself and possibly your skin even more.


You're not going to like this answer, but no matter what I tell you or how much you read, you'll never find out what works for you until you try it out. I'm not you and you're not me. Maybe a diet change will help you. Maybe it won't. You'll never know unless you try, and honestly try. Truthfully, honestly, and KNOWINGLY try. You have to WANT to try, not want to want to try. Be brave, and watch everything you say, do, think, and realize.

A diet change helped me greatly... that's all I'm really saying here.

My diet is basically fruits and vegetables, nuts/seeds, and beans/lentils. Also, despite what some say about High GI/GL foods, I still occasionally eat potatoes, rice, and very few times bread. I am not a meat eater, so Tofu comes in pretty handy. I drink mainly water and fresh, hot tea (real, loose leaf tea, not the bagged kind) almost every single day. Once every few months I'll fast for a couple of days. I take no vitamins and supplements since they make me sick. All my fruit is usually eaten raw, and the vegetables I eat are either fresh (raw) or frozen and then steamed/boiled. I avoid probably about 90 percent of most average westernized grocery stores, snacking on a cookie only here and there.

Nothing I do is scheduled or recorded... I simply live my life to the best extent I can, eat when I need to, sleep when I have to, and I always find ways to enjoy whatever I do and wherever/whenever I do it.
I've spent less money, sopped washing my face, stopped putting my hair up, stopped visiting my dermatologist, and stopped having cystic acne. I honestly cannot see what others have to lose, but I do understand that a diet and, let's face it, a lifestyle change, is not something people are often anxious to do. I didn't care for the diet I had before, so this wasn't a big change for me. Maybe you do care about your diet, in which case you may need to work on how to get off it.

If you're having difficulty wanting to change the way you eat and live, then try putting some time aside and watch a few of these videos bellow. They may help you make the diet change. (YouTube, Library, Amazon, The Pirate Bay, etc... whatever it takes for you to get them, just find them and watch them):
Food Inc.
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Supersize Me
Food Matters
Forks Over Knives
The Future of Food
Hungry For Change
King Corn
May I Be Frank
Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days
***UPDATE*** (11/19/13): Someone had brought to my attention that a few of the movies above are flawed, not scientifically proven and/or accurate, biased, and make points that have little to no scientific studies (a.k.a. "pseudoscience": http://en.wikipedia....i/Pseudoscience). Unfortunately I may have to agree with some of their arguments as I've done a little digging myself and discovered a few empty holes in their logic. Doctors and nutritionists, aside from what they do, seem to always want to win the public opinion, and the health and wellbeing of others is all but thrown out the window. I understand that it can be tough to really know what works and what doesn't work, and that's why so many people scream "Bread is Bad!" and "Bread is Good!" to one another in all out frenzy. Luckily for you, there are ways to deal with this: Find what works for YOU and acknowledge that you are different than others; Mention again and again "This is what works for me", and never try to shove your specific diet into other people's faces; Work together, create lists of possibilities, provide good research and statistics, and be the best you can be. If you'd like to learn more about the criticism against some of these movies, then just follow the links bellow (and read the comments from other people as well):
Criticism against "Simply Raw": http://www.scienceba...raw-food-diets/
Criticism against "The Gerson Therapy": http://www.scienceba...is-beat-cancer/ , http://www.scienceba...ancer-quackery/ , http://www.skepdic.c...sontherapy.html , http://scienceblogs....t-on-celluloid/ .
Movie reviews on "Food Matters" (and other movies if you use the website and type in the titles): http://www.imdb.com/...s?ref_=tt_ov_rt
There are probably dozens more food/health documentaries out there, but I'm sure you get the point by now.

I'm not trying to shove Raw Foodsim, Veganism, Vegetarianism, Paleo Diet-ism, Cave Man-ism, or whatever kind of diet into your face. I'm just giving you the suggestion that you should definitely be finding ways in exploring all other alternatives before going to the extreme with pills, lasers, steroids, and all those other chemical goodies most of us have sought out at least one point in our lives.
I am also NOT suggesting that you NOT talk to a doctor, dermatologist, or nutritionist first before making extreme changes. Certainly get yourself checked out just to make sure nothing else is wrong. If you can't afford that, network and find some good trusting friends in a similar field who may be able to help.

I am on neither one diet or the other, nor am I choosing which side of the nutrition war I want to be on. I am simply myself... nothing more. I am as natural and organic and I can be with exceptions that I know my body can handle. I make most of my own food and found things that I liked to do (soups, stir fries, etc...). Telling you every detail of my diet would be impossible since I am natural and constantly change. I enjoy and love varieties that life has to offer.

Again, I will say that the biggest thing that helped me with my cystic acne and 99 percent of my white heads would be NO/LITTLE MILK, NO/LITTLE NO -BAD- SUGARS (Table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.), and NO (OR VERY FEW) HIGH GI/GL FOODS with lots of water and vegetables and fruits (certainly more vegetables than fruit).

That is all I have to say about my acne.



Help for you to get started:
I'll provide a list of links for you to read and explore whenever you get the chance. Make sure you are getting as many vitamins, minerals, EFA's, sunlight, and exercise that your body needs to function and maintain itself. You don't have to be daily with everything, but it likely does have to be an overall lifestyle change. Becoming friends with your doctor and/or nutritionist would be a big plus and easy support, so try starting with them. I've always enjoyed properly organized and easy to print PDF pages and information, so I can print them myself and create my very own personal diet book. The specific lists/charts I will give you bellow will help you decide on choosing what foods you want to eat and/or are able to get your hands on based on the minerals/vitamins listed (you may have to do your own adding/subtracting and other calculating based on your own custom made diet):
The minerals your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html
The vitamins your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html
The protein your body needs (Legumes): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html
The protein your body needs (Animals): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html

Although this website provided the above information for free, it also has the information available in PDF Printable Formats for sale. However, with any luck you should be able to either copy and paste the information and adjust it in Microsoft Word or whatever text program you use, as well as using search engines in finding other websites with similar free nutrition information in pdf formats on the internet. I personally prefer the printable "one page information" charts because they are easy to read and understand as well as organized. This is just my personal preference though since I do a lot of reading and printing. I prefer to save paper and space on my bookshelves.
The FDA's Educational Resource Library: http://www.fda.gov/F...s/ucm239035.htm

I don't care whether or not you agree or disagree with what the FDA does... getting the RAW DATA in itself is more important than pointing fingers. If you don't agree with any of the information and/or are skeptical of who has collected it/funded it, then make your own charts or seek those with greater truth. Personally, any free resources are always a plus, and might be important for anyone to consider. With that said, this site has free "Nutrition and Labeling" information in printable PDF formats. Just click on the words for a drop down list and look for more information.
Another website with some of their own printable PDF documents and extra information: http://www.abcompany...n/nutrition.htm

To the upper left of their home page, http://www.abcompany.com/index.htm , there is a search bar. The site seems kind of unorganized, so I just typed in "nutrition" and followed whatever links looked interesting. Read and understand website's URL's to backtrack to other places that may or may not be hidden... For example, they didn't have the link on their website but it still exists. An example of a printable PDF page they have is "food combinations": http://www.abcompany...d_combining.htm .
Despite people "debunking" some of the movies above, some of these people's websites provide their own printable PDF charts with possibly important information (hopefully not biased and supported my several references and resources). One such example is "Food Matters" and "Top 10 Food Additives To Avoid": http://www.drcraigfr...Guide-20121.jpg
*Some minerals rely on vitamins! And vice versa! Make sure your Calcium/Vitamin D ratio is accurate, and your Vitamin E is being absorbed properly!
Learn about labels and what they mean: http://nutritiondata.self.com
Here's a cool Vitamin D website: http://www.vitamindw...om/VitaminDWiki
Great popular educational website with easy to understand videos (Just a warning, this site and the doctor who runs it is practically vegan. If you're worried it's more vegan-propaganda then don't look at it… but the information on the fruits and vegetables alone are amazing): http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/milk/
Complete lists of Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Nuts and Seeds: http://vegetablesfruitsgrains.com
Alphabetical list of Fruits and Vegetables and some extra data (PDF Format): http://www.education...tionSection.pdf
Website where Vegetarians discus updated research about vegan, paleo, raw food, fruitarian, etc… diets: http://www.beyondveg.com
And finally, I saved one of the best for last. It's the only other "acne" website that I think we all can trust since I it had pretty good data and articles to read: http://www.acneeinstein.com . There are also printable PDF formats and information to seek out, as well as their book that I bought for myself and enjoyed reading very much. It's possible to always find more information as time goes on, but learning what you can whenever you can makes the road travelled much less hectic and problem free.



SPECIAL NOTE: I have eczema as well!

That's right... Acne AND Eczema.

Two completely different skin conditions with completely different causes.

People have asked me if they are possibly related to the same "cause", and to this day I still honestly don't know. I have never met anyone else like myself, and very few people online with this double sided nightmare.

Well, after doing extra reading, I discovered that many skin issues likely stem from the gut, and that it is possible AND common for someone to have more than one kind of skin issue at a time. In fact, it's more common that inflammation is hidden under the skin and/or inside the body, not just exposed outwardly like mine was.

My last eczema's outbreak was not milk, like milk is for most of my cystic acne; it was actually tomatoes.


My eczema had been with me most of my life, and no one ever really knew the cause of it. Most of the time it was just dry and slightly red, and few times it was bright red and agitated by... whatever. My family and I just assumed that it was incurable, and I was given topical steroids to make the rash go away. Most of the time the creams worked, but sometimes they didn't. My rash mostly appears on the bend of my arms, but during my early 20's it started to spread all over my hands and fingers. As a kid it was behind the knee cap and on my feet, but those areas disappeared when I became a teenager.

Eating healthy for my acne ironically inspired me to go on what most people would call an "Elimination Diet". I joined acne.org after a year of stalking around silently, and while doing Dan's regimen began expanding my reading into other community boards as well, eventually finding my way into the diet and holistic health stuff. Surprised that acne could be "cured" by diet and lifestyle changes, I immediately started eating more vegetables and fruits, simultaneously omitting tons of other things. This is also when I started juicing vegetables after reading this: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/288705-how-i-cleared-my-acne-after-26-years-try-it/ .

For some reason, no more than a month after eating more vegetables, I noticed an extremely painful change with my eczema. It literally began spreading to places it had never been before, and started to strengthen in redness, puffiness, and of course itchiness. It turned from not mild to literally hot red... If you were close enough to me you could feel my body heat in the particular effected. The insides of my arms, my hands (especially my fingers), my eye lids, temples, cheeks, neck, and even toes were starting to itch like crazy. Before I knew it, I was lit up like a Christmas tree.

After a few MORE months, I started to get extremely strange and inconsistent bouts of nausea and fatigue. I had, during that time, been hired as a cook and prep at a health food restaurant (now permanently closed), so I knew what I was eating an how fresh and clean it was. I had no clue what was happening to me on any level.


Worried about my fatigue and random vomiting, I made an appointment with my doctor to get some blood work done, as well as a average physical. Everything not only came back perfect, I was assured that I was in the best shape possible. I had terrific numbers, my alertness was fine despite my random fatigue, and my mood was pleasant despite my worry for my stomach and skin. I was overall improving on my health and well being from an already good point.


After declining topical medicine and steroids/pills for my skin, they suggested that my stomach issues and energy was probably from food contamination/poisoning and/or other types of poor cleanliness. I was obviously consuming something bad. They told me that I probably wasn't washing my vegetables properly enough. I bought a vegetable brush and went home, embarrassed for my ignorance of just giving most things an average rinse but happy that I had likely learned something important.

However, my stomach still would not settle completely, and I started becoming more agitated with it. I decided that the new diet change had to at least have SOMETHING to do with whatever was happening to me, and started writing down everything I ate. I got rid of the things that I knew were hard for me to digest, such as leafy greens and other salads. When that didn't work, I began getting rid of my vitamins. Surprisingly, getting rid of the vitamins helped a little, but my stomach still cringed shortly after I ate. Whatever was happening, the most discomfort and pain started in my gut area.

After a few more weeks, I sat still for a while observing myself and what else I could possibly be doing. I was exhausted. My thoughts were loud with all the reading I was doing, my positivity was dimming, and no one else had any clue how to REALLY help me. I didn't want to go back on the crap diet I had before... how could that be normal? I had already been through so much. I KNEW I was onto something, and it was up to me to discover what it could possibly be.


I finally realized that perhaps I was allergic to some kind of common food, and never actually knew it until now. As embarrassing as it is for me to admit, I never really ate a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits growing up, and neither had the majority of my family and friends. Nothing I was eating was too alien or uncommon, for I had grown up with all these fruits and vegetable before.

I started getting rid of one fruit and vegetable at a time... apples, oranges, peppers, nuts, potatoes, etc... anything I could. Each thing was gotten rid of for up to a week or so, trying to see if I could catch the severity of the rash when it started to flair up. I discovered that no fruit was bothering me, but wraps and sandwiches were. The more apparent it became that a certain food I was eating WAS causing the pain, the more excited and determined I became to discover it.

FINALLY, I found the culprit.

Dipping raw tomato chunks into a homemade vinaigrette dressing to test the taste, I felt and realized that my stomach pain was almost instantaneous. Later that day I bit into a raw tomato, and only minutes later felt the same, familiar sharp pain in my stomach. To make absolutely certain, the next day I ate 1 raw tomato in the morning and evening, and threw them up each time.


I never really ate tomatoes alone before, and had always added them by default with numerous other ingredients to whatever food I was eating. They were in so many things I ate, if not hidden as some kind of flavoring. I also never ate them everyday, which explains the inconsistency of my symptoms. I also never added a ton of them to my meals, but also always included them as often as I could simply for the taste and the color.

Without hesitation, I got rid of tomatoes... and all my stomach problems went away. After a few months of wrapping and moisturizing my rashes, they too began to heal... and I mean heal! My skin literally began changing... Fresh, new skin began to show where the eczema had overtaken.

To this day, I am still in shock with what I had recently discovered. Tomatoes are not just some kind of rare garnish, they're in almost everything I was eating... pizza, ketchup, salads, sandwiches, wraps, soups, etc... My whole life had always consisted of them. No one I knew would have ever guessed something like this, and no one else still has any clue as to how it may have happened. Unless someone had randomly told me to go on some kind of elimination diet, I would have never learned about it. If I wasn't eating more fresh tomatoes and not just more processed tomatoes, the reaction wouldn't have been as strong. If I wasn't trying to eat healthy to get rid of my acne, I would have never discovered this.

With all this said, is this even eczema at all? Some people have told me that my rash is actually a reaction to having food allergies and not just itchy skin: http://www.dryskinsr...food-allergies/ and http://www.fda.gov/F...ens/default.htm

Well, if that's the case, then why did my food allergy tests all come back negative? Why is my blood work fine and healthy when food allergies often cause abnormal blood count and weight gain in the majority of others? Why is the tomato in it's raw and pure form more hazardous to me than its processed form (which is probably why it was so hard for me to see anything growing up)? Are there other people being misdiagnosed with eczema if all they have is a food allergy/sensitivity? Isn't the allergy suppose to kill me and not give me a rash? Why does it get worse with age? Why do I have it if no one else in my family does? And why are there so many questions??? I have no idea...

If I were to eat tomatoes now, it would take 30 mins to an hour or so to develop the eczema. If I suddenly eat tomatoes again before my gut has a chance to push them out, THAT'S when my stomach act up and tries to get rid of them for me. This time frame MIGHT suggest that my gut/bowels are what is rejecting the foods, not my stomach. Interestingly enough, the gut may POSSIBLY hold the main cause for many other people's acne (according to these websites):
GUT Acne:

GUT Eczema(or Psoriasis):

If this IS the case, then I haven't found any evidence of a gut problem, because all of my blood/stool tests I have taken have all come back negative and healthy. I even had an endoscopy done to see what was causing the extremely hot and burning feeling in my lower torso (when I was eating the tomatoes), but no ulcers or anything else were found in my stomach, just very faint inflammation near the start of the small intestines. My doctor didn't find the inflammation to be an issue for me, and tried to convince me that the incredibly hot and burning sensation I was feeling was not from food but from irritable bowels. Well, despite all suspicions, I miraculously and quite unintentionally managed to figure out what all my health issues were by carefully watching what I ate and how my body and skin felt afterwards.

Eczema was with me longer than acne, so it was a blessing to finally be rid of it. Considering all the tomato products I have eaten over the years at random times, it was no wonder why I assumed I couldn't get rid of it... what a crazy mystery it was for me. And what a shame that tomatoes are so common! Maybe that's why this happened to me... the world overproduced and consumed so many tomatoes that something started to happen to me when I was young... I ate many tomato products, but it wasn't till I was 4 or 5 that my skin started developing eczema. Maybe what I ate as a child was too much for my body to handle, and decided to reject the food once and for all.

Is avoidance a cure? No, but it's certainly a welcoming "solution" while I keep an open mind and eye out for anything that may help me further down.

No matter what happens, we must accept what we are given if we are to ever put the past behind us a move on with the natural changes of the universe. This may not be what everyone likes to hear, but it's one of the closest things to truth that can be understood at this point in our lives.

If you want to see pictures of my eczema/psoriasis they're right here: 
(Please note that my acne AND rash was going away at the same time, so I did not catch the rash at it's full strength... it is already healing at this point. After these pictures, everything was gone in about 2 months).

To conclude, here's a funny story for you. After I found out that tomatoes were the causes of my eczema/food-allergy rash, I wanted to see if I could "out eat" the allergy and become "normal" like everyone else. Stupid I know, but I was willing to try anything at this point because when you think about it, avoiding tomatoes was going to be a life long change for me. Sadly, the preferred result never happened. Only three days was the longest I could go before my rash turned so hot and bright red that my body could no longer withstand it. I couldn't bend my arms, couldn't ignore the heat, and had incredible amounts of fatigue. My hands, face, neck, and arms were so puffed up that I scared every single person I came into contact with. The rash was spreading to places it had never spread before, and areas which rarely saw daylight. I was later working in retail at the time, and customers kept asking me if I had burned myself in a fire. No amount of makeup would have ever been enough to cover up all the bright, fire truck redness on my face and fingers, let alone the puffiness that made it stick out. No one wanted to touch me, and everyone watched and laughed as I tried to grab a cup of water and lift it up with my incredibly large and inflamed fingers. My skin turned so thick, red and rock hard that I had little to no feeling in them whatsoever, and felt like my bones would eventually stiffen up on me. My stomach and gut would burn with pain (which always made me wonder why my stomach would allow the food in the first place if it knew what the gut would do). The final symptoms I had were dizziness, feverish-like sensations, the finally throwing up the culprit. Afterwards, I would feel normal, but had to wait 2-3 months for the rash to go away WITH the help of lots of lotion and Band-aids. What did I learn? Never again.




Seriously, thank you all for your support, love, and kindness. I could have never made it this far and this fast without all of you amazing people.

Whatever you decide to do, be smart, be safe, and be open to ALL possibilities!

May you all find what works for you. Have a long and good life!

#3352743 Is Gluten The Main/only Reason Why Grains Are Considered Inflammatory Food It...

Posted by TreatAcne on 28 May 2013 - 01:00 PM

Both grains and gluten are difficult for the human gut to digest, and the gut has been linked to acne in several studies. Yes they are inflammatory, whether or not your intolerant. Humans weren't "built" to consume processed food groups, such as today's breads, pastas, bakeries, crackers, snacks, chips, etc... and doing so in large quantities is for sure one of the major causes of obesity. Doing so seldom probably wont do anything, but it's still not recommended for anyone. Bread is basically sugar because it turns to sugar after you eat it... I'm guessing 5 to 10 minutes after consumption, and sugar gets stored as fat. Insulin levels rise afterwards, which in turn causes inflammation which in turn may cause acne in acne prone individuals. Bread is not only sugar in your body, it's also high on the Glycemic Index scale (I don't think the glycemic load is an issue, but you can still gain weight of you eat it every day). Don't go for gluten free bread since it's more unhealthy and may actually be worse for people with gut issues.



Having bread every day might not be good for acne sufferers, but if you're on a budget at you do not notice a reaction to bread (such as wheat), try limiting yourself to it one or two times a week. I left it out for almost 6 months before introducing it little by little again, and thankfully didn't notice much of a change. I still eat it about once a week. It's difficult to substitute on a college budget for something else, plus it's more convenient and light to carry around. Maybe when I'm finally done studying I can adjust my permanent lifestyle and focus more on that.

#3346390 Naked Juices

Posted by TreatAcne on 06 May 2013 - 08:52 PM

Well of course the websites for the products in question are going to advertise all their creative words with you. Naked Juice is also owned by PepsiCo... that should have been enough for you to close the website on the spot.


They are misleading to the public eye and here's why:





I use to drink that stuff all the time and thought it was healthy. Boy was I wrong. That stuff is horrible for people with acne prone skin, and is way too sweet for my taste anymore. Just because there's no 'sugar' in it doesn't mean that they didn't sweeten it with something else. 


And don't forget, just because it's a refrigerated beverage does not mean that they didn't put preservatives in it. The shelf life is longer than the average fruit/vegetable. It's real food that you should be consuming. Eat as close to the natural state of the food as possible and stop buying into these "heathy" shelves and bottled drinks.


One of those is around 4 bucks depending on where you live... One a day for a week is 28 dollars... and 5 weeks is 140 dollars. Save your money for a month and get a juicer instead. Start juicing your own fruits and vegetables.


Will it kill you? No. But for acne prone skin, it is extremely questionable.

#3340041 Yoga For Acne!which Ones?how Fast?how Long?!

Posted by TreatAcne on 11 April 2013 - 12:40 PM

I guess it depends on how extreme you want to work out. if it's heavy or extreme workouts you want to do, such as body building and cardiovascular, then you may want to limit those to 3-4 times a week. But if you're only talking about yoga, then I've seen people do their yoga stretches and walks 1 to 3 times a day! It's kind of hard to tell you which form of yoga to use. Just so long as your moving around and doing something then you should be fine. I myself am on my feet more than half the day, so I only need to stretch once a day to maintain loose muscles and some flexibility, but I have done it twice a day before as well (when I wake and before I sleep).


If you type in "Yoga for skin" or "Exercises for clear skin/acne" on YouTube, you'll come across a lot of people who can demonstrate several forms of yoga for you. Most of what I've seen keeps the body close together while the head is upside down. Some prefer this kind of yoga that turns your head upside down so that fresh blood is constantly pumping upwards into your face, clearing out all the toxins that may have been sitting there. Whether or not this is true I'm not sure. For me, yoga alone didn't help. I've done yoga and was even a second degree in Martial Arts for 6 years and still had cysts and pimples everywhere, no matter how many times I was slammed on my back or thrown into the ground with my feet in the air. However I had terrible diet at that time, or at least a diet that the acne boards here consider terrible. I'm glad you understand that living and dieting is just as important. Combine several of these factors together and your skin should improve substantially.


The best thing to do is to simply move around and stretch a lot. :)

#3334929 My Experience(S) With The Regime

Posted by TreatAcne on 20 March 2013 - 06:21 PM

For those of you who are on The Regimen, currently starting The Regimen or thinking about starting The Regimen, I have made an entire "Questions and Answers" page for it that may or may not help you. This was done a few months ago and I just finally decided to post it so that everyone can find it.


Some people have found my pictures in the websites gallery and have asked me if I was still doing the regimen. The answer is no, I have moved onto something else.


However, The Regimen did work for me, so the least I can do is offer both my album and information dedicated to it.


Here is my album (From right to left):




... And this is my album at Month three when I was finished:




As well as another person's album who was on The Regimen:




So, without further ado...



#3317468 How I Cleared My Acne After 26 Years. Try It.

Posted by TreatAcne on 10 January 2013 - 03:26 PM

Hi darkdivine,

Please keep me posted on how it goes for you when you try to be off BP. I have used BP once a day for years now and just yesterday I decided to start apply it only every other night..

Sorry to take your question away, but are you eventually going to quit BP? If so, you may need to prepare yourself for your skin to get worse... at least for a while. I stopped too, and my face exploded with acne far worse than it had ever been, you can see my gallery pictures. I have no idea (if this were to happen to you) how to stop it. Ever other night may or may not work, and in fact almost sounds like quitting the full effects of properly using BP. In what way are you applying BP? Is it Dan's BP? Is it a cream with a different percentage? Is it a wash? Are you doing anything else?

So happy this helped you. I am in the process of changing my diet, hoping for the same results. I will be 25 next week and I am ready for this to be over. In high school, i would get a couple of pimples here and there, nothing terrible though. Then I started college and my face went nuts. I went to a dermatologist and was able to get it under control (not perfect though). SO then I maintained that for a while... it was on and off through college. I got on birth control and it helped for a while. Then I started working after college and it got worse again. Went back to derm, and was able to get it more manageable. Maintained that for maybe a year or so... and it was off and on again. Now, it is probably at it's worse. I consider myself to have moderate acne with a lot of redness, which makes it look worse. I have tried everything (except accutane and i really don't want to). I have started to get deeper acne in spots that I never broke out in before. When one spot clears, another pops up right next to it. Of course I am left with a dark spot also I do everything right when it comes to cleansing my face and treating my acne. So it has to be on the inside for me. I have always eaten whatever I wanted, until recently in the past year or so, I have become more health conscious. So I have done some research about things I should cut out of my diet in order to improve my face and most are things I need to cut out anyways! I eat a lot of carbs, although I try to stick with whole wheat, but I know I need to cut those out all together. Also, sugar and processed foods are hard for me. My skin went crazy again over the holidays, and I am sure it was from my bad eating habits. So what I have noticed is that everything I have tried worked for a little while, but it always came back. So I am making the effort to get my nutrition in order and make notes of the changes in my skin. I really hope it helps.

I'm turning 25 too, this february Posted Image.

GREAT JOB taking notes! I can not express enough how happy I am to hear that! You wont regret recording what you do... people often over exaggerate with themselves and trust to just remember things right off the spot. I use to be that way until I started writing things down every day and noticed that my though process was way off course from my actual lifestyle, at least when it came to my acne.

Changing your diet is a good thing, trust me. I am sorry to hear you are still suffering though. I've been going on this juicing regime for 6 months and still had a few spots come up, but my oil has disappeared and my skin everywhere else has cleared tremendously. If you "facial redness" is what i thinkit is, then it's just inflamation from what you're eating. Do you have an allergy you are not aware of? I began quitting other things like gluten, sugar, and dairy, and my redness, although slightly still prominent, has been going away fast. My acne has shrunk and lessoned, and now my skin is as soft as when I was a child. The only bumps and red spots are my scars. Do you think you have too many toxins in your body? Have you tried any famous diets before? (Mediterranean, Paleolithic, etc...?). perhaps you may be interested in the books I have in my gallery.

#3316580 How I Cleared My Acne After 26 Years. Try It.

Posted by TreatAcne on 07 January 2013 - 06:06 PM

Just checking in! ^_^

So far, the juicing has worked for me CONSIDERABLY. But I also changed my diet to an extreme level.

I ran out of the vitamins a few weeks ago and can't afford anymore. I'm hoping i'll be ok without them since my diet is better. Only time will tell o_0...

Best of luck everyone else!!

#3292737 Starting The Regimen Day 1 Completed

Posted by TreatAcne on 06 October 2012 - 10:19 AM

Hey! Good job keeping up with dan's Regime for so long! Many people often end up quitting at this point, complaining that the BP was too much, but I am happy that you stuck with it. Yes, please touch your face, you have every right to do so, just don't touch it with dirty hands ^_^.

Yikes, your red spots, hu? Yeah, I'm in the same boat. The ONLY thing that will make red spots fade is time, but I would wait until your acne stops emerging before concerning yourself with that. Once your acne is gone, there is a small video about red spots here from "The Love Vitamin". I don't know if this will actually effect your skin on the regime since she is on an acne diet, but I'm not sure where to find anything else unless it's a medication. Hopefully the lotion will soften your skin and improve healing time, so just bear with it for a little while longer :). Again, good work!