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In Topic: Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And....

21 August 2014 - 09:56 PM

Another Free Bump!


I added and updated my Eczema information...

In Topic: Why Hasn't Diet Had Any Effect On My Skin?

25 June 2014 - 07:44 PM

Thanks hun!  I've been dealing with this since 2011 so it's been a while.  But you know what, if you could do it and still hold your head up high, so can I.


I feel for you... I've had severe acne since I was 14, and psoriasis/eczema way before that (which turned out to be food allergies), so I know the feeling of being so utterly, completely, and embarrassingly helpless upon medication. I felt like a failed human being, despite my positivity on life overall. What universe would make someone suffer through so many things? Why this?


But you know... without it, I would have never found some good friends in the dermatologist community, nutrition community, and even in the neighborhood community I lived in who were going through the exact same thing as me, so it was an experience well learned :).


Your frustration on your diet is complete understood, at least by me, so please know that you'll always have people like us supporting you an helping you though out this endeavor until something hopefully changes for the better <3. For now, explore and seek alternatives, and whatever you do, don't feel like it's impossible. But please take a break, or heck... even give up!... if you're thinking that your acne is keeping you from enjoying your life. Acne or no acne, you are here to live, an that's all that matters :).


diets just doesnt work. nothing does.


im no newbie with those diets and healthy ways k?


this time


i even didnt eat nogluten grains and nuts anymore.  no sweets, no lemonade whatsoever!! </3 barely to no dairy (once had somekinda probiotic superhealthy one anyway)

ONLY fruits, veggetables, some rare evoo, chicken, some fish, beans, greens, PLAIN water, green tea. NO SUGAR TO TEA EVEN!! even drink and eat separately for digestion. no eating at evening. everything perfect.


low cal, low sugar, low sodium etc and basically low on food?? o~o

even supplement omega 3, also vit d3






NOTHING HAPPENED AT ALL! shits all over my face...everyday new ones like a rule...


I understand your frustration since many of us, including myself, have been there, but please know that it took me more than a year to see any kind of dietary improvement, and that one month is nowhere near enough time unless you happen to hit the bullseye with what may have been causing your skin to develop acne. I had to get rid of milk for more than six months until my cysts went away, and even then white heads were everywhere. Vegetables can be the culprit too, and even  fruit can be way too much to handle. Always explore and never stop growing... if you give up then you give up. I gave up many times, but it was the break I needed to keep moving forward, so there can be a bit of an irony to stoping and then trying new things :).

In Topic: Why Hasn't Diet Had Any Effect On My Skin?

25 June 2014 - 09:54 AM


How come Alternavista hasn't replied?

Do we really need another Alternativista post stating the same thing, low GI diet, antioxidants, vitamin D, omega-3's etc. I have followed those things for well over 5 years, it does not have any effect on my acne. It's how you treat your skin externally, do not dry it, irritate it, don't destroy your good bacteria, keep your pores clear so that they don't get plogged. I think alternativista is a computer bot and has limited pre-made posts that are automatically posted, dead serious.



Finally someone who is actually sensible. Tretinoin? No way, I would much rather smear honey and lemons all over my face! Oh and, I would also like to change my diet even though it's almost impossible to pinpoint what it is that is actually causing acne. There's got to be tons of people who have been convinced that there is truth to all this, only to later wish that they had not wasted their time.


Time is never truly wasted. I understand the frustration with diet not working and finding out if it may or may not help over years of experimentation, believe me, but there's nothing wrong with trying it out in the first place. If anything, it's another thing you've scratched off your list, so you can at least say to yourself "Hey, at least I tried my best and learned some awesome things", and then enjoy the rest of your day :). A diet change certainly worth a shot and a much better alternative that steroids and expensive medications in my opinion, so it's ok to be frustrated in the end. Frustration and failure is part of life, which without we would never evolve and learn anything. But don't close the books on your experience just yet, simply keep a mental bookmark of where you left off, take a break if you want, and be open to everything whenever and if ever you come around to it. Most people I know will say to me that they tried with 100 percent dedication to change their diet and complain how nothing is working (weight loss, acne, depression, etc.), yet invite me into their home for lunch and I'll see an incredible amount of crap food still and cigarets/beer/coffee still lying around in arms reach. It's always difficult to see the elephant in the room, and I personally use to not say anything at all, but sometimes others can see more to what may be wrong with you that you can, so it's ok to get feedback for something that you were almost certain doesn't work for you, because you never really truly know in the end.


I've noticed that people give up more easily that they realize, and most anger and passive aggression is from the fact that they are hiding something that they are suspecting is not working (avoiding good food, not eliminating most of their sugar, etc), avoiding answering questions, flat out lying and effecting others and their acne who also seek help, and not willing to truly change themselves on the inside. I am not accusing everyone who is like that that are frustrated with their acne, only merely suggesting that there is more at work in the human body than most people care to learn about. It's a difficult thing to see, but important none the less. Nutrition research changes all the time, bust so does dermatological research, so why not look at both? Why not try Dan's Acne.org Regimen and have a cheap home made stir fry at the same time? Bars of soap could be harmful, and even many vegetables could be the culprit, whoever said it would be easy for everyone? I once read an article by someone on the paleo diet who stopped eating salads and several other vegetables he used to mix them up with, and found that his acne went away as a result. I also read about how someone started using lotion on their face, any gentle kind, and discovered that almost all their acne went away simply because their skin just couldn't get the hydration it needed from their diet. You never truly waste your time trying something that might work, you just simply learned whether or not it did or didn't, and then move on. But please see that sensible people are also those who come on here and bravely give out free information on what they have found works for them and many others who don't even join the website to talk about it.

Thanks for the post.  The elimination diet that i am soon to embark on i believe is also anti inflamatory like the one you have above.  It includes tubers, veggies and fish.  I know that it will take a while and that is something i need to work on (my patience).  I am proud to say i have cut out all processed oil except for when i eat out and of course can't monitor what they use in the kitchen but that is rare these days.  For the elimination diet, i will be more conscious of this.   I don't eat nuts except for almonds in almond butter form but i'll cut this out as well.   Hmmmm, rosacea was something the derm suggested years back but a part from the acne, redness overall is not really an issue.  I am highly doubtful that diet can clear my acne as i have done it before and nothing but I am willing to try something new.


Thanks again


I feel for you as I can also be impatient and frustrated ;). Whatever you do, just be safe and keep up that experimental and positive energy! You've come a long way, so do what you feel is best and best for your body.

In Topic: Very Bad Acne And Dry Skin On Chin

19 June 2014 - 06:58 PM

Hey alternativevista,

I've read some of your posts and I found them to be extremely informative and thorough. 

Unfortunately, the information is too scientific and it gets into too much detain that makes it a little overwhelming.

What do you recommend for a female who has deep persistent acne and has been struggling with it for 10+years ever since a teenager?

I would seriously appreciate your help or direction (if ou just want to copy and paste links with information).

I was also wondering if people who have followed your advice have cleared up completely.


Thanks !!! <3


For me, reading such information from Alternativista helped because I was fascinated with the approach, but if you don't care about the nuts and bolts of how it works, then just try actually going milk free (for example) and start from there. You don't need to understand something in debt to make it work, it just helps to know all the angles so that you can make a small adjustment and/or be safe without causing any possible harm. If it helps, I have a success post in my signature bellow, with links that are solid and strait to the point, but it's all up to you on how much reading you want to do. You have to explore yourself as well as what you would like to try, and keep a log of what goes on in your life (sleep, exercise, diet, etc...). If it seems like a lot to look at, then just start small, but don't expect supper large changes because of it. Try a combination of face washes AND vegetables if you want, then void one or the other every so often. Everyone on here has a different regimen that they found works for them, and they will post it to their own specifications, but if you haven't noticed by now then you will later on that everyone is slightly different because everyone IS different. For me, it makes complete sense to start eating a good, nutritious, un-dead, healthy diet with emphasis on vegetables and water, and constant walking most of the week without any stress or awareness/attention on my acne. It did take several months of experimentation but in the end I finally found the culprit and always learned something regardless smile.png.

In Topic: Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And....

19 June 2014 - 10:56 AM

Free Bump!


I came back to print out my pictures because I lost everything in my computer a few months ago :(.