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06 May 2015 - 08:54 PM

If it's hormones then I'm screwed! I want to do bodybuilding, and to get your body to look like that hormones have to be maximized and cortisol hormone minimized.
I don't think it's sleep bc whenever I go to sleep I try to get the very most out of that sleeping session. I have mild acne. Most of the doctors in my area are complete shit!

Unfortunately I know very little about what to recommend to people with acne and who are trying to body build.

Here is an article by Acne Einstein on the subject:


Here is a link to videos on youtube when you type in "Body building and Acne". Maybe these men can help you:

https://www.youtube....ilding and acne

Here are forums on this website with similar questions and problems from others:


Sorry to hear of your doctors, I understand the feeling... I just don't want others to believe that all doctors are shit when there are still good people out there. Please don't give up your search, and if you can talk to people who are bodybuilding and also have (or had) acne. Working together with others may be faster and easier for you. And I am sure you sleep well, but muscle grows when you rest and sleep, not when you weight lift, so snooze an extra hour if you feel you need it.

How muscles grow:


You do NOT need milk to body build:


Click on my success story bellow and read the other milk links if you can. Sorry I don't have more supported links for body builders avoiding milk and protein drinks and what not, but if you have acne you may have no choice but to ditch these food products for a few months and see if it helps.

Hormones are also in meat, which can either be ideal for you as a body builder, or terrible for you if you are prone to acne. If you must eat meat, get the good quality stuff, but it's far more expensive and impractical on a high school budget. The protein might help you gain muscle, but the hormones they pump into the cows and other animals also find their way through your system and can cause acne.

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04 May 2015 - 08:55 AM

Thanks :). And I love your icon.

When I get sick I break out too. Most people I know do, even those who have no acne... their completion goes out the window then they're lying in bed with the flue or cold or stomach issues.

Your diet seems overall good, but be careful of bananas and apples... they still have a lot of sugar to them and can aggravate people with acne prone skin!

Video games can actually be a great stress reliever believe it or not, just make sure they do not interrupt your sleep schedule. If you do not get proper REM Sleep, relaxing won't do much good even if it's something you enjoy.

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04 May 2015 - 08:03 AM

hi thanks for your reply! yes i agree i need more veggies and am going to try and work them in, i eat tomatoes, spinach and broccoli some days, and also have green pepper and carrots every so often. i don't know much about lentils or legumes but will definitely look into them. recently i've kinda stayed away from nuts and seeds and fats because i hear they break a lot of people out, especially peanut butter. :errr:

You don't need a lot of nuts and legumes but they are a good source of nutrition and protein, and they help keep a healthy weight if you loose it fast like I do. Fresh, steamed, stirred or boiled vegetables have so many tasty possibilities, so find what you like and enjoy it!

In Topic: Skin Issues

04 May 2015 - 07:57 AM

I done probably everything you can think of. I get routine blood work twice a year to just make everything is in check. I don't have liver issues. I don't play video games. I honestly research about how I can improve my quality of life and enhance it. According to the Allestess I had done I do have food sensititves but I think the test was crap. I eat tons of vegetables. Kale, spinach, broccoli, green beans. Haha I don't drink soft drinks, I just drink water. The thing that makes me mad is all doctors will do is give prescription drugs such as antibiotics, accutane! Prescrition creams etc. It blows my mind that food has nothing to do with acne and other skin conditions or even other health conditions! All doctors want to do is hand out drugs! The funny thing is I've never met someone with digestive issues that doesn't have acne or other skin conditions! It blows my mind that the medical community is trying to find a cure things like diabetes, but the answer is right in front of people! They don't do like any studies on acne or skin conditions and why they happen or the real core root of why it happens! 
Anyways how do you upload pictures? I've very unfamilar on how to do this.

It's alright, it blows my mind too... if you want to know the deeper reason for a lot of things that doctors do when it comes to drugs and nutrition, it's often a combination of greed and ignorance. Most of them are taught to believe that diet doesn't have AS MUCH of an impact on our health, and that medications and prescribing people pills for many years of their life is "healing them", "helping them", or just "normal". If you are convinced, it's easier to convince others, hence doctors can be very overwhelming when talking to them.

Please don't take what I say the wrong way though... there are many good doctors out there, many of whom still know more about human health than most (including myself). The problem is the over westernized practices they tend to preach. If you know a doctor then perhaps you can be friends! I always treated my dermatologists and doctors with respect, even if they were sweating balls at how much I know about nutrition and they didn't, but everyone is different. When I would accidentally eat a tomato and break out in psoriasis, I did use over the counter creams to get rid of the rash more quickly and stop the itching immediately, but I never stayed on it... this is a VERY important thing to understand. The nature of medication in of itself is NOT evil... it's how people use them. I found the ROOT CAUSE of my psoriasis, so I had the option of just letting my skin get back to normal, or go the more comfortable route and put some lotion on to speed up the process. It's all entirely up to you. Dermatologists in particular study the science of human skin and how direct methods will help it... they didn't study to be nutritionists. People who know a lot of ALL kinds of fields, like medicines, nutrition, emotional heath and well being, and a working correlation of the body, mind and spirit are more rare.

The "root cause" of may people's issues, including skin problems, can be depending on the person. My psoriasis is tomatoes... my acne is milk and sugar and water and sleep (or a combination of all of these). You seem to be eating very well, so you can either continue to explore your diet and find perhaps something unique that's aggravating your skin, or maybe start looking into other places. If you break out really bad, maybe you have more hormones than most, in which case you may want to actually speak to someone else about this. And as much as I hate to say this, sometimes there IS nothing that can be done except to wait out the break out. And as much as I like to recommend vegetables, they could be too harsh on your stomach as well as your skin. Observe yourself and all that you do, and be 100 percent completely honest with everything. Maybe you were eating something you didn't think was bad, or not sleeping right when you though you were.

To upload a picture, go to your profile and click on "gallery". An album is the name of a collection of images you have, so you can make a new gallery, or just upload one image at a time. When you come across a button that say's "Browse", clicking on it will bring up the pictures in your computer (your picture has to of course be on the compute first). Find it, wait for the website to download it, give your picture a title, write a description if you want, then "Upload" it. I can't see all the steps on my profile because I've already done this, but if you're starting from scratch then just follow the hints on the website if you can.

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30 April 2015 - 07:20 PM

Thank you for elaborating on your supplementation, I feel the same way about vitamins. If I ever had to take a Vitamin D pill I would, and as for B12 I've never actually worried about it before. I don't take any pills for it and never had a deficiency. 

NutritionFacts.org is an awesome website with some great scientific and natural research. He comes out with movies on youtube as well as plenty of blogs. Here's a page with Vitamin B-12 information:

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It seems like your ok, and don't worry, I struggle with hyper pigmentation scars too. Just look at the pictures in my gallery... many spots you see have been sitting there for weeks to months. I don't do anything for them but maybe I should. The best healing is prevention, so when I get a pimple or cyst I try to remember to put lotion on it so as to soften the skin and heal it much better and faster.


EDIT: I 'm guessing Acne.org doesn't want me to post youtube videos anymore? Or was it the website they belonged to? I assure everyone I do not spam or post anything risky, so... yeah...