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#3211290 Acne Has Quite Literally Ruined My Life

Posted by EffThis on 01 February 2012 - 05:24 AM

Story of my life mate. I'm sure you've had things far worse than me in terms of your actual acne - but I can't believe I let a skin condition take over everything & destroy any sense of self-worth I once had, leaving me with absolutely nothing. I completely understand where you're coming from, being held back from your true potential & being confined to the night like some sort of nocturnal vampirical leper purely because of how your face looks on any given day. Even worse when you're so embarassed & uncomfortable in your own skin that you can't even talk to your parents or friends about things. It's a horrifically debilitating disease that I've only truly come to terms with recently - I won't lie - I've shed fucking rivers of tears over this shit; but I'm probably too far gone now to be honest, I'm hoping you aren't.

Take a step back & have a look at what you do still have in life, what you can appreciate & enjoy regardless of your skin. I'm trying to find that myself at the moment because my issues have developed far beyond just my acne now, but try to hold on, don't lose yourself the way I have man. Think of the simple things that make you forget about your acne for a moment. Whether it's food or TV or books or working out or anything else. At least you're taking care of yourself & trying everything instead of literally just sitting there doing nothing like I've been for so long. & try to believe in living. If you've got opportunities to have a life beyond your skin & can gather the courage to do it, then go for it. It took me far too long to learn things the hard way, but at this point I've finally realised that I was the only one holding myself back the whole time. & despite being beyond overly self-conscious about my skin so much so that I couldn't even walk out of my front door for a year, I've got to say it really just wasn't worth it. I've been in essentially complete isolation for all of 2011 & I regret every second I've wasted. Don't do that to yourself if you don't have to. You're better than that.