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Celebrities And Models With Acne - Pics

12 September 2013 - 01:07 AM

For so long I tried to be perfect. To obtain perfect skin with not a single flaw. Let me tell you something: it doesn't exist. 

Photoshop has us thinking that because we have acne we are not normal. In my findings I think it is more abnormal to have nice skin. Obviously none of these pictures show severe acne, but it is acne nonetheless. They all have makeup on which makes it look better than it is too. All of the models pictures are from fashion week  in the past few days. 


My advice: The less I focus on my skin the more it clears. When I try to fight it more acne comes. Accept yourself as beautiful and love yourself for who you are. Acne and all. Don't let society tell you that you can't be happy. Focus on making yourself feel good and enjoy living your life. The law of attraction works - imagine the feeling you would have with perfect skin. Now go outside and feel that feeling and pretend you have it. Then it will come to you. smile.png And when you feel down, know that you are nowhere near alone because so many others have felt and are feeling the same. But you choose how you respond to life and going with the flow is almost always the best option. Hope these pics help someone. 






Sibo As A Cause Of Acne

02 February 2013 - 02:18 AM

Has anyone here looked into research about small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and it's affect on acne?

I'd be really interested to hear any information. 


I used to be able to control my acne if I eliminated all sources of corn and wheat. I have been eating TONS of probiotic yogurt the past 6 months trying to solve gut issues which could relate to my skin. What I noticed is that once every few months I will break out with a million little whiteheads all over my forehead. These whiteheads are not related to what I eat other than they get worse with the more sugar/starch I consume. The only way I can get them to stop coming is to load up on oil of oregano and coconut oil - both of which are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Since stopping consuming yogurt the whiteheads will also stop coming. When I took probiotic supplements I broke out in little white heads as well, mostly on my forehead. 


I'm starting to believe chinese medicine "facial mapping" isn't just bogus information, as the forehead is related to the small intestine. I believe these whiteheads are related to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. By consuming too many probiotics and having low stomach acid the bacteria are free to overgrow my small intestine resulting in the acne. I had a friend who primarily broke out on her forehead, I told her to consume apple cider vinegar and not eat any sweet food and she cleared up perfectly from moderate acne. Apple cider vinegar is also an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal and would also stimulate stomach acid production to cure the SIBO. 


Anyone with acne primarily on their forehead care to also experiment? Stop consuming probiotic foods or supplements and start with natural antibacterials. See what happens. I'm really curious. 


What I've also noticed is that cysts are mainly caused by an actual allergy, like citrus, coffee or dairy. Cysts on the chin are usually hormonally based for most people. Small whiteheads are usually caused by a food intolerance or related to bacterial/fungal issues. Acne in between the eyes is related to the liver - if my boyfriend drinks too much he always breaks out there and I've noticed it with several other people as well. Dark circles under the eyes are usually related to the adrenals and kidneys or a symptom of a gluten intolerance too.


I am really starting to believe that different areas of your face are related to different organs of the body. Let me know your experiences as well! I'm sure some of you will think I'm crazy but I've been piecing things together for myself and people I know and if this information could help just one person I would be very happy. 


Also, mistakes I've made on the hollistic route that may help others:


Fish oil - caused giant cysts and I'm not prone to cysts

Spirullina/Seaweed/Iodine rich foods - also caused giant cysts because they detox bromine

Probiotics - caused millions of whiteheads all over my face primarily on my forehead

Vitamin supplements - being allergic to corn (which is in most pills) made my acne worse

Whey protien - caused acne

Flax seeds - are too estrogenic and will cause hormone fluctuations resulting in cystic acne on the chin

Topical yogurt - completely broke me out all over my face


These are just my individual experiences and are not true for everyone at all - we are all individual with different chemistry. But if you notice these things doing/or did the same to you also let me know. I like compiling research. 




Corn Intolerance

02 January 2013 - 10:20 PM

Hey everyone! Just curious if anyone else here has an intolerance to corn. It is probably the worst intolerance to have because corn is in absolutely EVERYTHING. Can anyone relate?

I have found corn in yogurt, in medication I take for anxiety/panic attacks, in most supplements, in canola oil, in dry shampoo and hairspray, makeup etc. It seems almost everything in the grocery store and anywhere for that matter has some form of corn in it since it can go by other names as well (eg. matodextrin.) Corn is added to almost all alcohol so I cannot drink too. In some ways having this intolerance is a blessing forcing me to eat healthy but in other ways it is so freakin' annoying! I am also intolerant to wheat so it makes my options very limited. I found out my intolerances through an elimination diet and highly suggest anyone to do the same!

What are your intolerances? do you find it near impossible to avoid them even at all costs?