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In Topic: Relationship Between Kimchi And Acne

17 January 2012 - 08:19 PM

hey bro im sorry i forgot to eat kimchi last night and im glad i did too because i broke out this morning i think it was from yogurt and if i were to have eaten kimchi i wouldnt have known what the cause was. so im going to stop eating yogurt and also not the kimchi experiments yet because i have to many conflicting variables to contribute to acne with my regimen i will try this later though word? peace!

That's fine! Definitely the diary :/

In Topic: Relationship Between Kimchi And Acne

15 January 2012 - 08:00 PM

i experiment with this alot actually i just ate some kimchi with my dinner tonight hahah

the cabbage is a really good choice for probiotic but people say that the red peppers could trigger acne. i experiemented with it a few weeks back i hate kimchi every single night for like 8 days and i dont remember breaking out at all during those days or after however i stopped eating it every day and now i eat it just once in a while. you have to get like real made kimchi though from an asian oriental market would be best. or if you know how to make it yourself thats even better. so to answer your question no i dont think it beaks out me

although it has some crazy healing properties. some asian folks even say its a cure for cancer!
good luck with your kimchi! the only way you can really know is if you try it yourself bro.
im going t the store to actually buy weeks worth of activia because of the live cultures in it and its a probiotic. i havent had dairy in months so wish me luck with this experiment!

Yeah I am planning on experimenting myself since I LOVE kimchi. If kimchi doesn't break you out then you should just eat kimchi for your probiotic intake since diary breaks most people out. For calcium I changed from milk to almost milk, taste so much better haha. You probably bought activia already haha! So goodluck and keep me posted if it breaks you out or not if you can. Thanks!