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Dan's Regimen > Dan's Regimen: Month 2

Posted 18 April 2013

Hey readers! I am currently on my second week of my third month but I was not able to post my Month 2 results! This month was really weird since I was in South Korea for 10 days for a study tour. Although I ran on 5 hours of sleep daily, did not exercise, and ate really delicious/unhealthy foods, my skin got better by the end of the trip. I think it...

Dan's Regimen > Dan's Regimen: Month 1

Posted 06 March 2013

Hey readers! So I began Dan's Regimen on February 8th, 2013 and I have been keeping track of my progress on my phone. The Regimen includes being extremely gentle, and using large amounts of cleanser, moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide. By the time I started this, cysts were already coming back since the time I finished Accutane. Also, I was having wee...

Dan's Regimen > Post Accutane: One Year

Posted 06 March 2013

Hey guys! I have not blogged about my skin since I finished Accutane. However, I recently started Dan's Regimen (Clear Skin Regimen) and I will make another post about that. However, it has been about one year since I stopped using Accutane and I think it is a good time to post an update. So after I finished Accutane, my skin gradually worsened; howe...

My Accutane Journey as an Athlete > My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - End! May 14Th!

Posted 29 July 2012

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Hey everybody! I want to apologize for my delay, I did not forget you guys. I just had too many personal and academic things going on in my life. However, everything has calmed down and I want to tell you guys that I finished my five month on 15th May 2012. My skin is great but there are also some negative effects I will talk about...

My Accutane Journey as an Athlete > My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 17,18,19

Posted 29 April 2012

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I combined another three weeks together because everything is going great! I recently calculated how many mg I will have taken by the end of my five months(http://www.acne.org/...ccutane-dosage/). Which I think is about 115mg/kg...