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This One Is For The Girls

22 May 2012 - 08:10 AM

Hey Everybody,

I have been on the Regimen for almost 5 months now and my skin has NEVER looked THIS good :-D  Dan is the man!!

Anyways, lol, I went off my BC yesterday because I am sick and tired of it and was only on it for acne.  I just hope my face does not explode like it did 5 years ago when I tried this.  Mind you, I did not have Dan nor his Regimen then.  I hope that with pefect skin now, thanks to Dan, that I can combat any new acne that pay arise.  Any girls had this issue/experience?  Just curious how it went for you and if you were on the Regimen while stopping BC.

Thanks so much! Posted Image

Dk's Moisturizer

25 February 2012 - 12:52 PM

Hey Everyone,

I am into my 8th week on the Regimen and am very happy with my results!  My only issue/concern is the dry and flaky skin.  I love all of Dan's products, however I feel like the moisturizer does not penetrate my skin well.  It always feels greesy when I touch my face yet I am still dry and flaky.  It seems like the moisturizer just sits on top of your skin without really going deep into it and hepling with the dryness

Have any of you found other moisturizers to be better at hydrating your skin along with keeping you clear?  It just seems like no matter how much moisturizer or jojoba oil I add, I am still itchy, flaky, and dry.

Thanks for your thoughts!

How Much Aha+ ?

29 January 2012 - 03:39 PM

Hey Everyone, I've been on The Regimen for a little over a month now and am thinking about using AHA+ at night instead of the moisturizer do to major dryness and flakiness.  Does anyone know how much AHA+ to apply?  I found a video of Dan using it, however it was an older video and the viscosity of the AHA+ has changed since then (it's more liquidy now).  Should I use like a quarter size in my palm for my entire face?

Thanks for any help you can give!!  Very much appreciate it : )

PS. my face also itches like mad!  That is normal right?

Aha+ For Treatment Of Melasma

06 January 2012 - 08:13 AM

Hey Everyonee,  I have been on The Regimen for a little over a week now and am seeing GREAT results!  I clearly am not ready to start implementing AHA+ yet, however I was wondering if it would help treat melasma.  Unfortunately I have aquired melasma through the use of my birth control, Yaz.  I ultimately want to get off birth control and am hoping after being on The Regimen for a year that I can.

So, just wondering if the AHA+ would lighten the areas on my face which have become darker thanx to melasma.

Thanks! Posted Image