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#3196531 Retin A 0.025% Log

Posted by dieffenbachia on 24 December 2011 - 07:18 PM

Merry Christmas people! Fantastic with the smoking! Keep it up! Woop di woop.

Yes good luck to you too! I just had a really rough night actually.
My sister is visiting for xmas at the moment. I havent seen that much of her since I started on retinoids. I came downstairs after a shower, when my red marks can look a little worse and with no make up... She looked at my face as was like "Oh God, have you been picking at your face? that looks so sore.... awww"  I just wanted to burst into tears... I know how bad it looks I just dont really need others making me feel anymore aware or self-conscious about it! I was meant to be meeting up with some friends but I just couldnt face going out, I stayed in and cried about it... what a dickhead (myself not my sister).

Argh! family! Although she wasn't trying to be mean, a bit of sensitivity wouldn't have hurt?! Couldn't agree more with Paul, quite often it might feel like the best thing to do is to hide but then you can spend the time dwelling on your skin. Conversely, if you're out with your mates, you will likely forget about it! Though totally know it's sooooooo difficult to pick yourself up from a putdown (even unmeant) in one day. I dunno if it will help to know this, but I had really bad acne with a lot of inflammation and redness but this lasted, at most, a year. Since then it has only improved, to the point now where people cannot tell I had an acne problem. I can wholeheartedly promise you that this is just a bad skin period and it will finish!
Go pamper yourself the next time you feel knocked down: I like to have a warm bath and then put on some luscious body moisturiser and then watch a movie Posted Image

Have a great Christmas day, enjoy the lunch and booze! Got anything nice planned for NYE?

#3195282 Retin A 0.025% Log

Posted by dieffenbachia on 21 December 2011 - 09:31 PM

Hey I've just read your entire blog - it's been quite a story - and I wanted to reply (sorry for the length).
Thank you so much for the consistent updates. It has been captivating reading and while it's horrible to read you go through the ups and downs, and have the same feelings that a lot of us have felt, it's vicariously cathartic to come to the last post to know that you have found an overall improvement, subjectively and objectively.
From your photos your skin looks like it has improved greatly since the IB. It's looking a lot less inflamed and the spots are smaller.

You probablly have honed your routine after trying different things but thought I'd mention a couple of things that helped me over the years.
A long time ago I was put on acnisal cleanser which was ok, it didn't stop spots forming but I think it lessened the rate of breakouts plus is quite cheap (you can get your gp to prescribe up to three month supply on one prescription which means that 3 cost the price of a prescription ~ £7.40 which may work out cheaper than your simple wash).
This has salicylic acid in it so it may inflame more for you if you've not had good experience with this.

After 7 years I've now stopped mainly because I was worried about getting tinnitus from long term use (one of the side effects).
Moreover, it wasn't a HG for me so I forked out for dermal clay cleanser from dermalogica - it has calmed down breakouts more but again no HG so I use BP on the spots that do erupt which appear to shrink them relatively quickly!
Dermalogica producst are very expensive though Posted Image
I would say that a bottle that costs around £33.50 (500ml) lasts me around 3 months (which possibly works out less than what you save from not smoking so you'll have change for the pub ;p).

If you don't want to fork out for this bad-boy then I would recommend hot cloth cleansing which I have just started (about 2 months ago).I bought a whole load (12) of muslin cloths from johnlewis.com (these seemed to be the cheapest) and use one per face wash (morning and night) then I put in the laundry to be washed at weekend so that every time I'm using a clean cloth. This feels so nice to use plus I'm a bit ocd about cleanliness so psychologically I like having something clean everytime I wash.
Plus they are cheaper for removing make-up because you don't have to buy cotton wool each time.

I agree totally with your sentiment about oral antibiotics in that I've found they don't work long term (I've tried more than 5 different oral ABs) and have a too many nasty side effects (thrush, photosensitivity, skin flaking, stomach cramps, to name a few). For me tetralysal helped but again was not a long term solution. As for topical antibiotics I've tried benzamycin (which has BP and clindamycin in it) which was such a pain because you have to keep in a fridge. It did bugger all for me really! I may have tried a whole lot of other things but will have to dig out my old diaries as this was a long time ago so will get back to you.

Are you using a moisturiser? It might help with the flakiness. I really like Paula's Choice hydrating repair or ren's clearcalm3 night serum...although both are expensive neither have made me break out. Also for natural alternative A'kin do some great products. Their hydracalm emergency relief gel may help inflammation too - it certainly helps me! Also I've read that to aid healing you should keep the skin moist, moist, moist! In the past I've used sudocrem - for me this is a wonder cream! It helps heal the spot, calm the inflammation, is good for moisture and also help healing. I use as a targeted treatment because it's pretty thick.

Keep going with your smoking quittage; smoking hinders the skin healing process as I think some of the chemicals in them either break down or speed the break down of collagen in the skin (either way, not good for healing acne scarring). Plus extra cash to spend on something nice Posted Image.
If you like wearing make up and haven't found it already you may like Cassandra Bankson's you tube blog about make up for acne prone skin:

Finally, may I say that even if sometimes you feel that the breakouts look unattractive, you are really pretty and have stunning eyes so try not to let the bad days get you too down!

Keep at it and I look forward to reading your next post!

Merry christmas!