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In Topic: Need Help From You Guys

05 April 2015 - 12:20 AM

It's kind of hard to see your scars clearly in those pictures but it does look like you'd benefit from subcision. Even if subcision isn't advertised by anyone in your country, you can probably convince a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform it. A couple of people on here have done the same. Another option is microneedling but that is more for overall texture. Don't rely on any topicals for anything other than temporarily plumping your skin up, that's all they can do.

In Topic: Regimen Not Working

04 April 2015 - 06:56 PM

Keep using it. This has happened to me before as well. I notice if I quit any acne medication cold turkey (bp included) my face completely erupts with cysts 2-4 weeks later. I've quit the regimen twice in the past and this has happened to me and unfortunately gained new scars from it, so it's best to be consistent. Give it another month and it should work again. Make sure to moisturize a lot because your skin is probably going to be really inflamed from having restarted the routine.

In Topic: Left Face Wash On Overnight And Burned Face

03 April 2015 - 06:04 PM

Do you have a picture? Have these patches faded at all?

In Topic: Comments Welcome On Skin Texture Please Following Fraxel, Co2 And Ipl

03 April 2015 - 05:44 PM

Your skin really does look amazing. I see no need to do anything other than maybe some good topical products. CeraVe moisturizing lotion is fantastic and helps with the overall texture of my skin. Tazorac is also good for anti-aging and to give you dewy fresh face so as long as you dont over use it and wear lots of sunscreen.

In Topic: Dermaflage New Acne Scarring Kit! Any Advice On How To Apply Properly?

03 April 2015 - 05:36 PM

hi no_hope :)


give it a try, it needs practice but very time efficient in my case compared to applying make up (which still makes it looks worse). I see from your profile pic, you have the ice pick n rolling scars?? that'd need more time to practice and apply imho. mine is a large hole next to my nose near the cheek bone. imagine how that looks with every angle of lightning >_< With dermaflage, i need even less than 5mnts to apply, sometimes it takes longer (u know one of those bad days) but the result is fantastic. 


I receive this video from them for applying in larger areas. perhaps you've had a look at it too but I still post it here as it might help others too



that's very creative of you. but how's ur skin after covering it with the glue? i find dermaflage silicone is of a very good quality standard (but I only have one large hole to cover). it keeps my skin hole moist and even i feel that the hole looks shrinking after peeling it off. perhaps it's because of the silicone glued to the hole pushing it upwards a bit.  I read somewhere that a veteran user here once in a while got breakout because of the coverage. I also never leave it for the whole day but I could understand it might be impractical for ppl w/ larger areas to cover. 

Replying way late because I never saw your post, sorry! My skin is fine after covering it. I apply only the thinnest layer (two total). When I peel it off it also plumps the scar up for a while and it looks and feels so fresh and dewy. I use the texture pad from dermaflage to help give it a more realistic finish.

 My only complaint with both dermaflage and eye lash glue i that they dont look great on camera. It looks like I applied too much makeup in area basically. I assume this is why dermaflage instructional videos are often in very odd lighting to help make it look more realistic. 

I just got it today and tried for about an hour and it looks pretty good. I have only one hole to cover and it looks better even when my work wasn't that great. I'm still figuring out makeup with it though because my scar is new and still pink. Feeling a big sigh of relief to have it work.

Wearing makeup with dermaflage is difficult. I just apply a teeny tiny bit of powder, nothing else. Water based airbrush makeup also works well for me. I can use dinair airbrush makeup directly over it with no problems. :)