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In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

14 March 2014 - 11:19 AM

Hey guys, just checking in... looks like we're kind of thinking along the same lines with diet and fast experiments... I will be doing another fast again, since I've had softer skin and hair effects from the master cleanse, next time I want to do the master, then go straight into water... but more research.


For now, I am preparing to do the olive oil/epsom liver gallbladder miracle flush... I know others were going to do that as well and I don't check in on this website enough so if any of you guys want to share with me your experiences I'd love it if you'd message me or tag me (if that's possible) in your flush results posts.


The final thing, and possibly most important is glandulars. glandulars, glandulars glandulars.  I have spoken about them before here and as I see them helping my eye floaters and helping my skin dryness when nothing much else has, and as I do more research and theorizing, I am becoming quite confident that they are the most powerful tool at our disposal.


glandulars are freeze dried raw animal parts from animals that have the same amino acids, enzymes, t-cells, etc that we humans have and our bodies will absorb them and heal itself with them... the like heals like approach has helped many people with nasty problems online. It's just so simple and cost effective that the mainstream has and will try to suppress it; half out of embarrassment that it is so simple and half out of greed.


As some of you know, I have made a website to promote and sell glandulars that I cannot post onto this forum but if you would like to know the address, please shoot me a message... or, you can search for the product that you want on standard process and then buy it from amazon but I strongly believe if you're not using glandulars for your problems, you are missing out.


Cleanse and rebuild--- glandulars rebuild.


BTW, peppermint essential oil cured my ibs.

picamilon cured my anxiety.


Did a cleanse last saturday that made me crap a lot and feel amazing--- woke, drank some baking soda (boosts ph and kills fungus) little while later drank epsom salts... little while later took some niacin and flushed and sweated in the sun, took a nap, after all the trips to the toilet ended around noon, I felt way energized.



In Topic: How To Do Isotherapy To Reverse Long Term Damaging Effects Of Accutane?

05 December 2013 - 12:58 PM

I recommend 2-6 drops per day of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil.  It more or less cured my IBS stomach gurgling and discomfort in a few days.


As for the migraine, I don't know.  However, in my opinion what those guys on the other page are missing are glandulars.  You can try a product like neuroplex or neurotrophin pmg to see if one of those helps as much as that company's eye and skin products have been helping me.  You might need to take more than the bottle recommends, I take 2 or 3 times the amount recommended for my eyes.


Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

25 November 2013 - 02:52 PM

Hello everybody,


I wanted to post about my results of doing the master cleanse for 12 days.


I did the master cleanse by the book with the exception of still taking my glandulars for multiple body parts.  The cleanse is easy enough because you don't get hungry at all but the worst parts for me were: 1.) having to make so many drinks per day because I squeezed the lemons by hand.  2.) Also, the sea salt water flushing water was awful to choke down but I think I was putting too much salt in them... I have been off the fast for a month now and I believe the salt water flushes are good for you so I it once a week in the morning.


The cleanse underscored the implications of our gallbladder/liver in all this because before the fast I had a bloated upper stomach and 2 days into the fast my stomach started churning a lot and by day 3 the upper stomach bloat was gone.  I was hoping that this would lead to better bile flow post fast but alas, this is still a problem.


Note:  d-limonene has been shown to help with gallstone solubization. 


I have noticed improvements in skin softness on certain parts of my body but other parts remained just as dry.


My hair has been softer ever since.


That is about it. 


I had a lot of energy while on the cleanse, I felt really good; euphoric at times.


I have been toying around with the idea of doing it for 30 days, this time I would take a few drops of lemon essential oil too...  I've heard that taking supplements voids a lot of the benefits but I just get so much benefit out of my supplements, I just don't know.


Regardless of future Master Cleanses, soon I am going to do a coffee enema in hopes to stimulate my liver.  I've been reading about people having great results on these and the only bad stories come from people who do them too much.


Any of you tried coffee enemas?  They sound like they could really help us kick our liver back into gear.


Oh also, I noticed a decrease in under arm odor during and after the master cleanse.

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

27 August 2013 - 12:39 PM

The latency thing is like the biggest mystery to me... makes me think accutane gallstones...


On the other hand my success with peppermint followed by now, eating as much fat and food as I want makes me think stomach, somehow--- or perhaps both...


But either way, with my standard process digestive products combined with my peppermint, I eat as much as I want and am trying to eat as much food and fat as possible, since I am following a muscle growth protocol by Timothy Ferriss and his book "The 4 Hour Body"... which I bought initially to get tips on healing my body overall so I could heal and share my successess...  If you recall from my earlier posts I have had success with his sleep tips... and now with his slow carb diet, and slow movement excercises I put on good muscle and I lost fat from my stomach in like 4 days... no digestive problems--- except I should be having more frequent stools and nuts show up undigested sometimes, but I mean no terrible noises or discomfort like before.

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

22 August 2013 - 01:07 PM

If dubya b thinks that I'm the problem here then, whatever... I'll spare the economic and philosophical dialogue as to why providing good products and services at good prices to people who need them as well as procuring profits is not a bad thing... Perhaps he would prefer I be silent about my success and let everybody continue to spend $$$ on shit that doesn't work.


Look at my earlier posts and you will see that before I created my website and when I started noticing good effects with the dermatrophin and occulotrophin I implored people to buy Standard Process Products from AMAZON, to see if you guys noticed good effects too.


If you want to buy from them instead of a fellow sufferer, go ahead, just please don't question my morals as if I haven't been in the trenches with everyone else here, desperate for relief for over two years.


Here is an article on glandulars that I have been sharing with a many of the people who have been sending my private messages, asking me details about my recovery and website... Thank you to all who have been messaging me, I hope my responses have been thorough and helpful!