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Moving On After Accutane!

22 May 2014 - 09:08 PM

Hey all, I have made a during and after accutane photo set. If any of you have questions for me, I would be glad to answer. I can just say that I have changed quite a bit now that I do not constantly think about my skin and acne anymore.

Do Blackheads Turn Into Whiteheads When They're Finally 'disappearing'?

09 July 2013 - 11:56 PM

I have been putting 2% salicylic acid on my nose and cheek area for about 3 days now and I already have 4 small whiteheads in the area. Are these former blackheads turning into whiteheads (healing because of the pus?) or are these just new break outs??

Apparently the way to exterminate blackheads is throguh the use of salicylic acid, but with the correct pH. I'm using a Clean and Clear one and I don't believe it is the right pH. Gossmakeupartist on Youtube insists that corrct pH for salicylic acid is crucial. I'm using a gel one. After being on Accutane, my blackheads did not leave my face and have been on my face pre accutane and post accutane :(


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

Done Month 6 And Still Breaking Out

12 March 2013 - 09:31 PM

I'm still taking 15 more pills because my next fucking appointment is in April. I'm 17, 5'3", around 120 lbs and at 40mg. I've been on 40 mg for 5 months and he said if I went any higher my limbs would fall off. I have absolutely NO faith that my skin is going to get better. I still break out before my fucking period and my scars and skin is so fucking red. My scarring has gotten so much worse. My skin isn't smooth, but bumpy Jd I look so gross. Honestly... EVERYONE has gotten clear by this time and I'm still looking the same as before. This is bullshit. Nothing works and I'm going to have fucking shitty skin for the rest of my life. I can't even be myself because I'm so insecure with my skin and I don't want to talk to anyone becaus of it an people don't talk to me because I have gross skin and I am awkward because of that. I just. Give. Up. What. Do. I. DO.