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#3449604 What Happens If You Dermarolled Every Day Or Every Week? + Very Important Que...

Posted by blissbalance on 29 August 2014 - 03:25 PM

what exactly the effect/damage is? 


its said u gotta wait ~4-6 weeks after session to let collagen rebuild (also rebuild or grow new one????)


BUT U GOTTA REMEMBER tht we all r agiiiiingggg! since age of 15 we r all getting oldass every day so does anyone know




bcs is it even slower than tht boost we r trying to achieve from dermarolling/stamping or anything else?

and how does it makes sense to get scar filled and it would supposedly stay tht way while rest of face is slowly wasting away 


Actually, since the age of 0 we are aging. We get older every day and this is old news. 

Collagen is a type of fiber found in the dermis, which is below the epidermis. Skin cell turn over in the epidermis occurs every 30 days, or every month

I am uncertain of the speed at which collagen regenerates. Fibroblasts create collagen, and when there is damage to the dermis, it depends on the individual's cellular structure and ultimately genetics. Some people are able to heal from acne scarring faster than others or have no scarring because wounds are properly healed, in other words, collagen and elastin fibers are regenerated and repaired effectively. With scarring, there is a defect in this healing process, hence the pits.

There are very minimal studies actually done on dermarolling/dermastamping. I wouldn't recommend you do this to your entire face, but only to a small area over the course of several months and track your progress. To stick tiny needles into your skin to induce collagen growth is something that hasn't been elaborated on enough for people to risk having even worse skin. I would say, it can have its potential to aid acne scarring, but you MUST do it once a month. If you were to do it every week, or several times a week, you are just damaging your skin. Skin needs to heal. Healing takes time, and as you get older, it takes even more time. Again, the speed at which collagen 'goes away' depends on the person. Collagen is broken down when the fiber is no longer tough enough in the dermis to be kept in tact, because it has been damaged. You cannot make it come back, but you can stimulate the growth of new collagen. THIS is quite a lengthy task though.

well how are u gonna regrow or repair subcatonous fat then?
does dermaroller  even goes that deep n does anything to it at all? cos fat is like totally diff substance than collagen right? it needs to be stimulated differently am i right?
btw once u loose your fat from face you never gonna get it back! thats why u should never get fat ppl! bcs when u will start loosing your weight u gonna loose alot of face too! which is weird for me bcs why will ppl when begin eating again still grow giant ass and belly, legs etc but stay with wrinkly r gaunt faces? its so stupid lol
hey sometimes i am writing better k? but when i dont have time for typing and grammar ill write quick


You're wrong about 'losing' fat from your face. Fat cells do not disappear, they shrink in size. Therefore, you will never lose fat from your face. You would be dead if you had no fat in your face. The dermis can't be touching directly muscle, there is always a layer of fat between the two. 

#3315282 So Hard To Stay Motivated :(

Posted by blissbalance on 03 January 2013 - 03:14 AM

I love watching movies for that reason too. I really agree about family always being there for you, it's so nice that they talk to you normally and love you even with acne. It is weird how we can't be ourselves with other people, but when we're by ourselves it's almost relieving that we can relax and not be insecure about anything. Congrats on your psychology pass! & your doctor sounds like a complete a-hole. You need to find another doctor ASAP and go on Accutane!!! Please.

#3315249 Do Girls Care About Acne? Tips For Guys With Acne

Posted by blissbalance on 02 January 2013 - 11:23 PM

Personally, I've never really thought acne looked that bad on a guy! At all. It doesn't make them any less of a human being than a male without acne.

#3315247 What Supplements Can I Take To Help Speed Up Healing And Reduce The Likelihoo...

Posted by blissbalance on 02 January 2013 - 11:18 PM

I'm pretty sure that the best things we can do for this shitty issue is go to bed early, wake up early, drink a gallon or more of water a day and eat a TON of vegetables and some, but mostly veggies. I'm sure if we honestly dedicate ourselves to that it will help. Veggies help because of all the different vitamins and minerals, including zinc. The dark marks are essentially wounds that our body is trying to heal, so it would make sense that if we feed our bodies the best of the best foods, we'll hopefully get the best of the best results sooner or later! <3

#3294316 Isn't It Funny That There's A Share Button For Facebook?

Posted by blissbalance on 12 October 2012 - 04:56 PM