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12 December 2011 - 05:25 PM

Male, 29

Three years ago i was finally prescribed accutane and whilst the process itself was unpleasant i came out the other side with wonderful clear skin and a confidence that has done my career no end of good.

Now however I have found that mild acne is back and living with me 24/7, this has caused me to lose my confidence when speaking to people something that's very important in my line of work and something that is having a profound affect upon it, as well as my social and personal life. I'm due to get married July 2012 and i'm now concerned that i could be spotty for my own wedding which fills me with dread as i've gone from camera confident to camera shy.

I've been using PanOxyl 2.5% on and off the last year to clear up occasional breakouts but over the last few months these have become more common and consistent.

I went to see the doctor 2 weeks ago about 'a cold' she took one look at my face and asked about the acne prescribing Nicam which i am now using alongside PanOxyl 2.5% gel.

Regime :

Wash Face with Simply Oil Balancing Wash
Wait 10 minutes apply PanOxyl Gel 2.5%
Wait 10 minutes apply Nicam Gel
Wait 10 minutes apply Nivea moisturizer (changing to simply moisturiser tommotrow) with 3 drops of jojoba oil

So far its not great the number of pimples have subsided but the scar from the previous weeks are very prominent i've decided to log each evening the status of my skins over the next few weeks for improvements otherwise its back to the doctor and pleading for accutane.

My main task is to not squeeze spots unnecessarily and to avoid picking (two things i'm constantly tempted to do) and finally stop scrubbing my skin using only a wash.