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Skin Clearing With Bcp

31 March 2013 - 04:52 AM

Hello all,


Well, I'm sure many of you know me from my posts about accutane and whether i should take it and the BCP pill.


I started taking the pill 3 cycles ago. I've just started the 3rd pack, a few days in and I think i am starting to see some signs of clearance. The old spots are going away and my skin looks less irritated. I dont know if this is because of a change in my skin regime - i have used nothing but cetaphil and Dr Dennis Gross products (the sulfur acne pimple treatment, the peel pads, etc) but even with products my skin would erupt from within. The nasty cysts on the chin etc.


I also stopped taking metformin because in the 2 years i was taking it my skin went from okayish (a few spots) to full blown acne on my cheeks and chin. No doctor could offer the solution or explanation on why this was happening. They just told me to go on accutane but i was very reluctant because i have pcos and don't want to take a risk for it to just come back.


Now, i have stopped the metformin and my skin is much clearer. Whenever i used to eat something partially sugary my skin would erupt. It was like i was becoming intolerant to any type of sweet, no matter how much i ate, and my parents noticed a link between me eating anything sugary and my outbreaks but this never used to happen prior to metformin. I also used to have a very 'red' appearance to my skin and in the metformin side effects list it does say that this can happen. Some ladies have mentioned on a pcos forum that their acne got worse on metformin, maybe i am one of those types of women, i dont know.


So now i am just taking the pill (belara) with my usual clean diet and regime, and will see how the results r coming out, but i hope that the pill has taken effect and will continue to work because last week i was in tears crying my eyes out at how i couldnt understand why i wasn't responding and i didnt know what was causing my skin to be so bad. My mom always told me she thought it was the metformin because she said it went from 'bad to terrible' within months of the drug. My periods were also weird on it.


fingers crossed and will keep you all updated. anyone want to discuss anything please feel free to contact me.

Will Bcp Actually Work To Clear My Acne Or Will I Have To Go On Accutane? Worried About...

24 March 2013 - 10:37 AM

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well. I need some advice and support because i'm a bit worried about the situation of my skin. I'm 25, have had persistant breakouts since i was about 14, and have been on and off the pill for a few years but i have never actually been on them for longer than 2-3 months at a time. I have taken several antiobiotics etc, they helped while I was on them but then my skin just got worse when i went off them.


Im a bit worried because I have just started up the pill (belara, which is very popular where i live and supposed to clear skin and oily skin/hair etc) after trying this past year of seeing a dermatologist and literally failing everything she gave me (antiobiotics etc, differin which i can't stand, and i am very reluctant to take accutane for several reasons, mostly because i am very prone to anxiety and have a history of severe depression and there are just a lot of things about accutane that don't appeal to me, like, i dont really know if i want to dry out my skin and ruin the rest of my body for some spots, and i heard it can cause hair thinning because i have a couple of friends who took it and their eyelashes fell out and they lost hair and hair loss runs in my family.


Belara cleared up my skin pretty good the first time i took it. The second time, not so much, but the second time i took it i was also taking glucophage (metformin, for pcos) but i am wondering if this is the actual culprit because since ive taken it i have gotten more acne (the metformin).


I am on the third day of my third pill packet. My hair is a lot drier than it used to be, i noticed i don't need to wash it as often but i am still breaking out and am very worried, its like they are constant and persistant, and most of them kind of start under the skin and then turn into nasty whiteheads with several heads that leave red marks once they leave. That also really depresses me.


I just wanted to know how many months i have to stay on the pill for my acne to clear up because i am starting to get really anxious and i feel bad for saying this, depressed, at the state of my skin. I know there are worse things out there but all you know that acne can actually cause a lot of emotional strain because you never know when you are going to break out. I mean, today, i came home and i was cleaning my face and two big pimples of mine popped and were all oozy and its like wtf?


I had a photofacial with a peel 2 weeks ago and don't know if its all the crap coming to the surface but i mean, its illogical that i am breaking out so much.


I have taken diane 35 before and it caused me a lot of nasty side effects and has also been banned where i live so its not an option. I got deep vein thrombosis from it too so. Im reluctant to take YAZ because it has a lower estrogen count than Belara and i dont know if thats good for me, because i'm also worried about the fact that i am not even getting my period with belara. I know it takes 3-6 months to take effect but shouldn't it be working?


What are my options and how long do i have to wait for the pill to work in order to judge how effective it is? Is accutane the next stop ? my doctor doesn't want me to take accutane (because of above reasons) but i just seriously dont kno wwhat to do. I sometimes avoid neighbours because i have breakouts and dont want them to see me without concealer/make up. Bad i know but its just the way it is, i know i need to build up my confidence but this acne is wearing me down. I want to focus on something other than my acne and the marks it leaves behind.

What Accutane Does Your Body Internally - Link

10 February 2013 - 10:39 AM

Hi all,


found this link, thought it would be interesting to share.



btw i dont know anything about this 'natural' thing they are posting about i just liked the first part of the article.

Initial Breakout On Bcp? Help!

09 February 2013 - 09:32 AM

Hello all!!


I recently just started taking the pill again (Belara) which is meant to be good for acne. I asked two doctors which one would be suitable for acne and they both seemed to lean towards Belara over YAZ, they said they have more patient satisfaction with Belara. I have taken it twice before, the first time my skin cleared up nice but i went off it (can't remember why but never got any bad skin after) and then the second time i was getting breakouts but this time i was taking Metformin as well. Does anyone know if they counteract each other? All docs seem to prescribe both for pcos and even in my nutritional guide to managing pcos book, they say to take both for good effects.


now, i am taking the metformin and almost at the end of my first pack of the pill. I have a few breakouts. some on chin, some near my nose/mouth and n my cheek. My skin wasn't even good to begin with so i dont know if its getting better or not, but i didn't want it to get worse sad.png. I have had a LOT of spotting/breakthrough again as well so i guess my hormones are going a bit out of wack? Does everyone get an initial breakout ? is this bad? my doctor said that i need to be patient. My mom told me to not go off it now as i have to really try this and i should wait till the end of the second month minimum or third month to see if it works or not, and not to make my body go crazy by going up and down. I know she is right. My doctor told that i wont see anything happen before 6 weeks have passed.


I really hope this works, the next thing i would have to take for acne is accutane and omg i really do not want to take it, i know it gives beautiful skin but my skin is SO thin already and i dont want to damage my internal organs or cause stress inside etc. I will cry if BCP doesn't work because i have a fear of accutane, the thought is using cancer medication doesn't appeal to me, i would feel selfish to put such harsh chemicals inside of me when i am so healthy and just have a few spots.


please could someone give me advice on when the skin started to see clearance of acne on the pill? I already see my skin as less 'red' but i still have spots sad.png


btw belara is anti-androgenic and the progesterone is naturally derived.