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In Topic: Extreme Dryness/ib

18 August 2013 - 02:32 PM

i got an intitial breakout on the third week of my first packet then it all cleared up! i heard monophasic pills are better at controlling acne than triphasic pills.

In Topic: Accutane Hairloss Recovery + My Story

23 July 2013 - 02:06 PM

i think diane 35 and spiro could have also caused your hair to fall out as i took diane 35 when i was 16 and my hair fell out in ways i couldnt even imagine. This is why i am so reluctant for accutane. my mom almost 70% of her thick hair on diane 35 and i dont care if a doctor says its an anti androgen, we both lost hair on it. my hair came back but i am sure diane 35 caused the issue with you, and the addition of spiro and accutane is so stressful on the kidneys and body. i hope you are recovering well and your post is appreciated. I know endocrinologists get to the root of the problem.

* my mom lost ...

In Topic: The Story Of My First Month On Accutane - Heart/swallowing Issues

17 May 2013 - 03:16 PM

i suggest you stop taking the medication because although i have not taken accutane, i have never heard of this, but this drug might be causing the issues you are mentioning and in my opinion they sound quite severe/scary and you do not want to risk anything right now. stop taking it for sometime and see if this persists.

In Topic: Anyone Breakout From Macadamia Nuts?

17 May 2013 - 03:08 PM

when i eat too many nuts, i do breakout. it is that way with some people, ive been like that since i was a teen. the worse offenders are peanuts, cashews nuts, pistachios and yes, macadamia.

In Topic: Question For All Ladies Out There On Birth Control

02 May 2013 - 10:57 AM



i have tried antibiotics as well, would also rather not be on them, they aren't necessary to be honest and its not a long term treatment for acne.


i know what you mean about being self conscious without make up, i still get a bit conscious when i go to have treatment done and everything but i just try to shrug it off but i do understand the anxiety that you feel. I have been on birth control pills 4 times, never really long term but i can give you a low down -


diane 35 - when i was 16, cleared up acne, horrendous side effects so had to stop but i have two cousins on it who are fine. I think it clears acne nicely. but for some reason it has more pronounced side effects than other pills and i was later told you couldn't take it longer than 6 months, because of depression and mood problems can occur.


belara - went on the first time when i was 19, didn't have acne was quite mild, more like clogged pores, but it made my skin nice and glowy. no side effects, nothing negative. not sure why i went off it, but i just did.


second time of belara i was taking another medication(metformin) that was actually making my acne 1000000% worse, the combination was no good. i stopped the belara when i should have stopped the metformin.



third time on belara, i started 4 months ago, it was my last draw to try and see if i would clear up on the pill before giving into accutane(which i obviously didn't want to take) but at this time i was developing cystic acne under my chin and spots on my cheeks which left red marks and all, and it was causing social and emotional problems for me, so i started belara and gave up metformin.


my skin went about 50% worse in month 1, which is expected because its a change of hormones then my body just started changing. my hair never got oily, i can go a week and its not oily. skin gradually got better, less cystic pimples, more mild pimples. to be honest, its only now in month 4 i started to see clearance, my doc told me its 90% better. im not sure but i thought its nice to hear. waiting for 100% clearance still but the body needs time.


ive attached a link to a study of the pill i take, if u go down to monograph and detail aid i think it compares belara to yasmin for acne.




hope this helps.