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Hello All,
I'm totally new to all this forum site stuff! Only ever used them for google-ing pointless questions! Ha!
The reason I have been drawn to join is because of my problem with acne and the discovery of this site! I could have really done with reading through the majority of these posts years ago if I'd have known!
Basically to cut a hell of a long story slightly shorter, I first suffered with acne when I was 14/15 years old. They were terribly blotchy and red marks on my face consisting of all sorts of types of acne from blackheads to whiteheads to full on boils. The pain this caused me was immense and I suffered so much so that just letting the shower fall on my face felt like pins, let alone washing my face properly. I was referred to a dermotologist who recommended the Dianette contreceptive pill and a 4 week course of antibiotics (can't remember the type). From what I can remember the time it took for my face to completely heal/improve was around 6+ months. I continued from this for 7 years with clear and perfect skin. I suffered every now and again with the usual spot but only ever one at a time but most of the time my skin was flawless and I couldn't/never complained! I had almost forgotten how traumatic and physically/emotionally scarring the acne was when......
I turned 23 and broke up with a boyfriend I had been with for a year or so. I decided to come off the Dianette pill to give my self a break considering the amount of time I had been taking it for! That was November 2010. I was suffering with "lady problems" after a few months so decided to go back on to Dianette when my GP said it would be "dangerous" to continue on that type of pill and suggested a different one. I accepted this and took it for 2 months when I started to notice the scarring of my acne become slightly more prominant to touch. I raised the issue with my new partner and he agreed. I hoped and prayed this wasn't the return of the dreaded acne! About a month later I literally woke up one morning to find a red lump on my chin which was very painful to touch. I knew straight away what it was the beginning of.... Two months later (Dec 2011) and I'm sat here writing this with my cheeks, chin and forehead covered in red, painful lumps again. Its a mixture beween blackheads, whiteheads and huge lumps full of puss. Yet again, the pain is immense and sometimes unbarable. I find it hard to sleep any other way than on my back and washing my face can take an age once I've dealt with the pain and dry skin. It has really screwed me down this time around as I'm older and give more of a crap about what people think of me!
Been to the dermatologist again (same consultant ironically!) and he has perscribed me with 300mgs Tetralysal for a month, back at his office just before xmas so hopefully this will eventually take some of the edge of it for now.....
Hope everyone else finds a med that works for them and hopefully my story can help someone else like me on this site too....
Fingers crossed guys!
Holly. x

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