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09 April 2014 - 05:49 PM



I´m hector and I had the worst acne I´ve ever seen live (Sorry for my bad english i hope you understand what I mean).

I will tell you my isotretinoin story, I´ve been taking that for a long time!:


Hey man, I'm glad you found something that worked for a while. Idk if you've tried probiotics but they pretty much cleared my bacne all by themselves.


I don't think 20mg a week would be enough for me either. I'm still taking 10mg every other day, and that seems like the minimum amount to keep me looking good. That averages out to 35mg a week, so maybe you should try 20mg twice a week?

In Topic: Omnivium's Low Dose Accutane Log

09 January 2014 - 12:29 AM

Hey guys time for an update. The vitamin a just doesn't cut it. I tried taking 30,000iu a day and it felt like it had the effectiveness of about 1-2mg of accutane - it's that weak. That is more vitamin a than I'd like to take, and it doesn't have good enough results. So I'm back on accutane. This time I'm taking a 10mg pill every other day, which averages out to 5mg a day. This is enough to keep my face looking decent without having toxicity. If I take 5mg a day for 4 years, that will be the same amount as if I took 40mg a day for 6 months. That is less than a standard course of accutane, so I should be fine. And it's better than the ~100,000iu of vitamin a I would have to take for similar results.


So that's what I'm doing for the foreseeable future. If I happen to find something else I may start doing that instead...I've always been curious how I'd react to a little bit of spiro...and I don't know if I mentioned it before but here's everything I'm doing for acne, it's not just accutane:

  • Diet - Rarely eat dairy, eat wheat once per day at most, never eat dessert, candy, soda, etc, never drink anything besides water. I mostly eat chicken, fish, turkey, beef, peanut butter, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Supplements - Tried a lot but now I only use probiotics(these help me A LOT), and sometimes zinc(I've taken it for so long, I don't think I need it anymore).
  • Topicals - I only use a knockoff version of cetaphil's gentle cleanser(exactly the same ingredients) 3x a day. And in the shower I just rinse my face for a second.
  • Accutane - 10mg every other day.
  • And DON'T PICK AT YOUR FACE. I try to only pick if there's a whitehead that looks so easy that I basically just have to drain it, not "pop" it. Picking is a bad habit that I still struggle with sometimes, but some of you will be amazed with how good you look if you don't pick for a few days.

That's all I do to be 95% clear. The accutane reduces oil, clogged pores, and some inflammation, the probiotics get rid of most of the inflammation, the cleanser just cleans the oil from the outside of my face, and my diet and not picking just serve to not make my face worse. The accutane and probiotics are definitely the most important things in my regimen.


That's all the advice I have to give, and I don't see the need to update any more since I found a regimen that works for me. If anyone has any questions you can ask here and I'll see it sometime, or you can pm me and I'll see it right away.

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06 November 2013 - 12:53 AM

Vitamin C supplements have decreased my oil production way more than saw palmetto ever did.



In Topic: How Can Jojoba Oil And Other Oils Even Work?

06 November 2013 - 12:38 AM

Wow not many posters here on the oily skin forum anymore.


Anyway, the only thing that affects oil production is androgens binding to the sebaceous glands. Unless putting oil on your face somehow interferes with this process, I don't see how it could actually reduce oil production. My guess is that people who say it does are experiencing the placebo effect or it just makes their skin look less oily. I would also assume that the people who say it works didn't have very oily skin in the first place. Like how people say proactive works for acne, but they only had 3 pimples to start with.


The idea that the skin produces excess oil because it is dry has always been broscience as far as I know.


From what I have tried, accutane works amazing for oily skin, and vitamin A works a little bit, but you have to overdose for it to work. It's safer to just take a low dose of accutane. Spiro is also supposed to work really well, but guys shouldn't take it.

In Topic: Omnivium's Low Dose Accutane Log

17 October 2013 - 12:15 AM

Week 41:


I took my last accutane pill yesterday. Now I'm going straight to vitamin A so my face doesn't erupt with acne and oil again. I'll start at 20,000iu a day while I see how I respond to no accutane, and I'll lower it later if I can.


I have insurance, so the actual medication only costed $5 a month. But with monthly derm visits and bloodwork I was still paying $200 a month for my "6 month" course. Even with insurance, it still costs a lot. Because of the cost and the hassle of appointments, I don't plan on ever taking accutane legally again.


But it was worth it. My face looks so much better than before, even though I never got that 100% clear, "after picture" face. Hopefully the vitamin A will make the results last. My light scarring had some time to heal, and I developed some self confidence. I actually asked a girl out, and we're going on our first date this weekend. I never would have been able to do that just 6 months ago. 


I haven't been on this site much in the last few months because I don't need it anymore. My face looks good enough to accept it and move on with my life. I'll still post occasionally, but I'm not going to dwell on acne anymore; it's time for me to move on and enjoy my life. I hope this thread helps someone do the same.


And if someone is having trouble getting prescribed a low dose of accutane - I would never dream of promoting this because it is bad so don't do it - one could theoretically just ask for a regular dose and then take less than what was prescribed.


Well that's it. I'll update how it goes with the vitamin A in this thread, and if anyone has any questions I'll get around to answering them sometime.