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#3341676 Before And After (Bp Only Nightly)

Posted by Br93 on 18 April 2013 - 09:35 PM

I want to ask if you buy african black soap online.or i can buy in supermarket? Coz i am in canada.I am thinking to buy aha but i m worried to get initial breakout.did you experience breakout after AHA?thank you for yr replies :) It helps a lot:)


Hey!!! I but my African Black Soap online, here is the link: http://www.coastalsc...oap/as-011.html


This soap is the real deal, straight out of Ghana Africa, it lathers so well you don't have to use much.. And you cant beat the price like 13 bucks for a pound of the stuff.. It works really well for me... Once in a while I also use this natural calcium bentonite clay mask: http://www.amazon.co...g/dp/B0014P8L9W and I mix it with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar: http://www.amazon.co...d/dp/B001AIWAAE


No problem I don't mind helping, let me know if this works for you. Remember to give it time though, be patient, results rarely come overnight smile.png


Ps: forgot to answer your question regarding the AHA.. No I did not experience an initial breakout

#3341404 Before And After (Bp Only Nightly)

Posted by Br93 on 17 April 2013 - 06:00 PM

One word



I appreciate it, thank you and everyone for all the wonderful feedback.

Holy cow! That's amazing!


It is a nice little transformation, I feel better now than I did then.. thanks for the nice comment :)

Astonishing!!! smile.png Glad to see another regimen success story!!! eusa_clap.gif


Thanks I really do appreciate it :)

Omg smile.png yr skin get so much better.so,do you think the aha helps fade the red spots 


Yes it did get much better and I am so glad it did. I have been using aha on and off not consistently. For some reason it makes the skin around my chin and mouth flake like krazy, and I have to continuously put globs of my Cetaphil lotion on to keep it moisturized lol. I think I will try to start applying less or something. But the AHA definitely works for sure in preventing new acne from forming and exfoliating the skin. In my experience all natural african black soap helped with red spots and dark spots. Hope that helps :)

#3340941 Before And After (Bp Only Nightly)

Posted by Br93 on 15 April 2013 - 06:02 PM

Care to give us a 4 or 5 month progress pics? I think newer members can tremendously benefit from seeing real time results... You're doing a wonderful job, so please continue to post your progress!! smile.png


Suree!!! :) I will post a pic in a sec

fantastic results, I'm so happy to see that you cleared up.  looking sharp man.  Makes me want to stick to the regimen and everyone seeing this should know that this is the result of great diligence, commitment, and perseverance to battling acne and adhering to the DKR.  YOU ARE THE MAN!  everyone deserves clear skin and I hope in the future acne will be a thing of the past!


Thanks so much! Yes just stick with it. So many people stop the regimen but its often just because they expect results too fast. I put it in my mind that it might take about 6 months to go away, but to my surprise results came in half that time. I agree everyone should have clear skin and should not have to deal with the pain it causes. I hope you do well keep me posted! :)

Congratulations! You are one of my motivations! I am happy for you smile.png


I appreciate it!!! Im glad I can be of encouragement to you :) 

Here is an updated pic, I took it yesterday:     

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#3318437 Before And After (Bp Only Nightly)

Posted by Br93 on 14 January 2013 - 09:56 AM

I thank everyone for taking out the time to leave a comment, its very encouraging!!! @nycqueen I will definitely continue to make sure I follow the regimen to a T. @casslz9 I will definitely start using Dana AHA and I hear such great things about it so im excited to see what it does for me. I know I am not 100% clear yet but it feels good to make as much progress as I did. In the before photo I was just unhappy with myself, did not even want to be around people.. Now I feel good, happy, hav more self confidence than I had before, I even get more looks from the ladies :) lol

#3318316 Before And After (Bp Only Nightly)

Posted by Br93 on 13 January 2013 - 10:02 PM

Face wash:  African Black Soap (Natural, coastalscents.com)

BP:  Acne.org 2.5%

Moisturizer:  Cetaphil Lotion, Lilly Of The Valley Aloe Vera Gel, or none if my face isn't too dry

My name is Brandon, I have been using this method only at night for almost three months. I wash off the BP in the morning and then re-moisturize.. I leave on the moisturizer that I applied in the morning until I repeat the above steps at night before I go to sleep. It has been working pretty nicely so far. I will start using Dans AHA sometime within the next month from now. The before pick was at the end of summer around mid August 2012. I started this regimen October 22nd 2012 and the after pick is today January 13 2013.. give it a try and keep at it dont give up! Let me know what you think so far of the results ive gotten :)

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