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The Poster "bryan" (Shelton) Died A Couple Months Ago, Which Goes To Show...

12 November 2013 - 03:47 PM

that diet and nutritional supplements probably don't do much good. This was a guy who did a countless amount of research on diet and nutrition (and other health-related issues) through pubmed literature and the like, and he died at just 63 years of age from a series of mini-strokes. He was a big advocate for using BHT to protect unsaturated fats from oxidation damage and for chewing nutritional supplements to make sure the body absorbs them. He also advocated focusing on having a diet that takes in plenty of nutrients. And yet, he died at a younger age than the average life span for a man in the United States.


It's all genetic, folks. You're only going to live as long as your genes allow you to (barring any events/accidents in life, I mean). All this holistic health stuff is a waste of time.