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#3326833 Claravis Log- I Guess Everyone's Doing It!

Posted by cheezycakes on 14 February 2013 - 06:55 PM

Day 126


Just a quick update..... I got a pretty small zitish thing on my hairline, not sure if it's acne. I kinda hurts when I push on it, but it hasn't gotten bigger for several days. The bad thing is it kinda calls attention to itself because of the location. All in all, that's about it. I'm very happy with my skin right now. If I could freeze it for the rest of my life, this is exactly the kind of skin consistency I want: not too oily, not too dry. I know some people have reported permanently drier skin post-accutane, I'm really hoping I'm one of them.

#3325259 Claravis Log- I Guess Everyone's Doing It!

Posted by cheezycakes on 07 February 2013 - 07:29 PM

Day 119


119 days seemed like an eternity when I first got on Claravis. It's just amazing how time flies. I'm still doing very well. I tried to shave a stray eyebrow yesterday and accidentally cut myself above my eye and have a small blemish. It's healing slower than normal. I'm assuming this is due to the medication. I am down to my last 60 pills and I calculated it to be about mid-March when I'll be completely done. I really haven't had anything since the second month.


One thing I noticed is that when I had acne, I started to question everything I did- how often I washed my face, how often I shaved, how I dried my face after showering, what I washed with, what shaving cream I used, what moisturizer I used, how I blotted during the day. Now it seems, no matter what I do, I'm just simply not getting pimples. I think ultimately, 99% of it boils down to your genetics and how your skin is constructed. When I had pimples, nothing really worked (aside from antibiotics and retin-a). I must have spent a fortune on products. I get depressed thinking about how much money I wasted. I used to buy a whole basket of facial products from the convenient store. NOTHING WORKED. I've learned that MEDICINE IS THE BEST MEDICINE. For everyone whose acne has gone away with holistic methods or diet changes, I say I'm really truly happy for you, but I'm guessing most people on this website have been down that road and it hasn't helped.

#3322575 My Accutane Journey Round 2 :) + Pics

Posted by cheezycakes on 29 January 2013 - 04:48 PM

Congratulations on your baby boy. I really hope this course is the long-term solution for you. If it means anything, you look really beautiful in your picture. Good luck!