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In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

19 March 2014 - 04:04 AM

** The regimen: 
wake sunrise
eat pot: 1x chicken breast, 1.5-2 cups rice, 1-2 handfuls small shrimp, bottled water. take with .5-1g UDCA (for liver damage) and thumbnail (dead nail, not cuticle) of Blue Ice. Stir Blue Ice well into pot, take UDCA separately. Reuse same pot and spoon to avoid dishes.
afternoon: eat pot (same)
pre-sundown (optional): pot 1 cup plain rice
blue blocker glasses sundown
start winding down.
blindfold and bed early enough to wake without alarm
This gets me a baseline with no cyclicality. Last pieces were figuring out bottled water and taking small dose Blue Ice with meals to dilute. 
Optimized for those with severe fat malabsorption and IBS/IBD. But it doesn't seem anyone else here is still suffering from gastro.
Agree that Cannabis is wave of the future. Smoke em if you got em. Drink em if you're Heisenberg. 

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

17 November 2013 - 08:08 AM

no joint pain, no. 
Agreed Nick Ryan, except that it does not logically follow that an epigenetic change induced by environment is therefore reversible by environment. Humpty Dumpty, bullet to the head, etc. 
Dubya B, you are on point today. Brainfog clearing?
Judging by your second post, yes, undoubtedly. 
"Something I find very interesting is the few recoveries resulting from water fasting. It has been shown in vitro, that if a cell is starved for long enough, it will begin shedding epigenetic tags and makes its way back towards pluripotency."
Damn, but...
" I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the fasting recoveries since it would be difficult to accomplish the level of "starvation" as in the in-vitro experiments while still living, but it is something to think about.
I have completed a 7 day water fast, and a couple other sufferers have gone 21 and 28 days without remission of symptoms, so it is not a sure thing."
Ouch. Mega ouch. 
Still. "This kind comes out only by fasting and prayer." Something to think about.
"She eats organic, makes a living from organic farming, and basically lives organic, but still suffers severe side effects. ...It only helps so much. I will try to get her on this board if I get a chance to speak with her again soon."
I'm fascinated by such cases. I wonder how much vegetables and fat she eats. One million percent organic of either would slay me. 
Anonyy is probably wonderful to talk to in person. Disorganized posters typically are lively, engaging conversationalists. But not useful on forums. 
Ouch, MovingOn. I continue to do quite well on my regimen. Just need the blue blockers to cut the fluorescent light and I'll be 100%. Standing desks help quite a bit with nap adherence and productivity. 
Can you summarize Accutaneispoisons recommendations, TaneAbomination? Ah, Rick Simpson oil, yes legit. 
"Excerpt: " The following adverse effects have been reported to persist, even after discontinuing therapy, suggesting persistent (or perhaps slowly-reversing) gene expression changes and epigenetic effects: alopecia, arthralgias, ocular abnormalities, inflammatory bowel disease, keloids, osteopenia, hyperlipidemia, erectile dysfunction, and psychiatric disturbances. Isotretinoin is postulated to have complex effects on the brain and central nervous system.""

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

11 November 2013 - 08:23 PM

I managed to eliminate the cyclicality and fragility!


First I got a healthy, controlled baseline: rice and lean shrimp only. Then I introduced new things. First I tried free range lean chicken breast. Worked fine. Then same chicken type but drumsticks, and yogurt. Gradually proceeded to meltdown. Cannot tolerate fat. Dialed back to lowfat chicken breast, rice and shrimp. Worked again. 


Adding the chicken breast makes the diet more stable:

1.I can overeat without abnormal consequences.

2. The abnormal compulsion to overeat is gone

3. I have more energy and better mood


I theorize this is because the chicken breast gives me sufficient protein, and a little bit of very diluted fat. 


I now know for sure that fat quantity alone is a trigger. This confirms the general trend of the dirtier data I accumulated in the past.


I'm now able to make zero-variance clean experiments, because simply staying healthy and on regimen is no longer a struggle. Even when you factor in life/job interruptions. 


Regimen summary:

Eat only

1. true free range lean chicken breast (expensive)

2. Lean white-tail shrimp (moderately expensive)

3. Glutinous rice gruel (very cheap)


All ad libitum, minimum 150g shrimp/d. 



1. Blue Ice CLO / Butter Oil blend

2. Udca ~1-3g /d

3. Source Naturals Essential enzymes 2x per meal

4. Symbiotics Colostrum ~1/8 scoop per meal

5. Cycled topical testosterone cream

6. Topical ACV, tea tree oil (morning) and benzoyle peroxide 10% (night)



1. Aim to nap every 3 hours for 20 minutes

2. Match light exposure to sunrise, sunset

3. Match meals to sun

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

02 November 2013 - 05:39 AM



Now you're heard "somebody" say the butter oil is important. Unbelievable...


Well I have heard them time and time again say it is important, but most people I have talked to take the butter oil just because WP says so and say they get the benefits from the FCLO. I eat butter from grass fed cows that is the closest to butter oil I am going to get

Then you are ahead of the curve, well done. 


But still, butter oil != grassfed butter. But you are doing well. 

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

01 November 2013 - 07:38 PM



Now you're heard "somebody" say the butter oil is important. Unbelievable...