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In Topic: Who Did You Used To Be Before Acne

03 August 2014 - 05:12 PM

I was a prepubescent 12 year old lol sad.png

My skin was clear on accutane 3 year ago, though, and it was a great feeling. I try to remember what that was like and push myself toward that every day.


Yeah accutane made me clear for the first time since I was around 12/13 and it was crazy how good it made me feel. I actually forgot what it was like to have acne until it returned about a year after being on accutane. A lot of people take having clear skin for granted where as it's something pretty much everyone on this site would trade almost anything for.



Thanks for posting this. 


I was nine.


Whenever "inner child" comes up, I remember a clear-skinned little girl who had stage fright but loved rehearsal, piano, dance, mermaids and manatees, reading, writing poetry and short stories, going to musicals and plays. I didn't judge other girls, no matter how weird they thought I was. I lived in my imagination, but loved to laugh and be silly with my friends.  I loved my dog. 


Any clear time after then, I was already folding in on myself, dysmorphic, judging myself, judging others.  Only male validation mattered. I still measure my success by my sexual power, including rejection and withholding, although the isolation has made academic accomplishments possible, when I gave up the oblivion of drugs.  The rest of my life apart from my reflection and beauty has blinked away like a dream in the morning. I still love animals, they don't care what you look like. 


Who am I when I'm clear and why am I still afraid, still waiting for the skin fallout, for my body and time to betray me again?


Turn0ver that's beautifully written, thank you for sharing. I strongly believe that the emotional scars of acne run deeper than anything physical, and becoming clear leaves a feeling of constant fear and anxiety of breaking out. It's something I am still struggling with in my journey for achieving and maintaining clear skin. The Love Vitamin website has a lot of articles on how to deal with 'the fear' of breaking out which are a good read and some of it may resonate.

It would be a shame for you to live in fear of breaking out. Are you still close to girls now, or only males? x

In Topic: Diane 35/ Dianette Birth Control Pill

21 June 2014 - 02:26 AM

This is more a general curiosity than a call for advice really. A lot of hormonal acne sufferers have found relief and clear skin from using the birth co trol pill diane 35 (which im pretty aure here in the u.k. we call dianette). This was the first thing my doctor gave me when i went to him about my skin....however it made my acne TEN times worse. Cystic and painful and like ive never seen before. I was 16. I stayed on it for six months before switching to yaz which also didnt help but wasnt as bad as dianette. I tried dianette one more time when i was 21 and the same thing happened. I jus wondered if any body knows why this could be seeing as my testosterone levels are elevated and it makes sense that it should have improved my acne?

I was on diane before, and I think if your estrogen is also high, estrogenic birth control can make matters worse because excess estrogen can convert to more testosterone. 

did it work for you? aah I see! its so tough to get a balance isn't it. my face literally went from bad to worse within the first month and never subsided that was my first experience of cystic acne. but all of my friends who went on it said it cleared them up right away.

In Topic: Anyone Tried Dim Before?

08 June 2014 - 05:10 PM

can I ask, what brand of DIM everyone takes? I am currently on DIM Plus (natures way) and have been for about 5 weeks, I havn't noticed much of a huge improvement in my skin and I am still breaking out (although to be fair my breakouts are less cystic and more isolated if that makes sense). A lot of people seem to be on Estroblock ...how is this different? and should I switch - i have around two weeks worth left of DIM Plus before I order more so maybe i should order estroblock instead? I want to give it at least three months before i throw it in the can.

In Topic: Can You Get Hormone Tests In The Uk?

27 May 2014 - 03:18 PM

I'm fairly sure my acne is caused by an imbalance but I gather it's almost impossible to work out what the problem is based on symptoms alone. I was just wondering how easy it is to have your hormone levels tested in England.

Thank you


so when I was tested for PCOS my GP tested my androgen levels and LH, so it might be worth asking for that blood test, however when I asked for estrogen and progesterone tests they just brushed me off so i think a saliva test may be good for that. I'm researching in to this my self so I'll let you know if I find anything

In Topic: 5 Things To Do That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Skin

26 May 2014 - 01:27 PM

This is great, thanks for the positivity boost!! Especially number 1, this is something I must try to stop doing and I'm going to adopt that mantra!! smile.png


I'm glad it made you feel better :) Number one is a tough one and it is something I am still working on myself!! xx