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What Can A Dermatologist Do Outside Of The "normal" Treatments?

09 August 2012 - 01:15 PM

Hello everyone!

I have had acne for 5 years now, the past 3 years unfortunately have been cystic. In those past 3 years I have seen a doctor a couple of times and got 2 rounds of antibiotics (Erythromycin + Tetralysal) and some topicals (BP + Zineryt), however I have never seen an actual dermatologist... the last time I went to my doctor she mentioned she would refer me to a derm if the Tetralysal did not work (which it hasn't), which brings me to my question, would it be worth seeing a derm?

Now, I'm sure most people would say yes but I'm not sure if the "normal" treatments will be beneficial to the way I want to treat my skin. By "normal" treatments I mean topicals, antibiotics and (ro)accutane.

I don't want to be prescribed another different topical - they only lessen my acne and don't deal with the main root cause, plus they can be damaging to my skin.
I also don't want to go on more rounds of antibiotics as while they work for a short amount of time, the acne comes raging back seemingly even worse after you stop, another concerning point is how antibiotics can mess up your gut flora.
Lastly, I want to avoid (ro)accutane like the plague - I understand it has helped many people and while the risk is small, its not a risk I want to take at all.

These 3 main areas of treatment seem to be the only options that seeing a dermatologist would provide, so I am not sure it would be worth being referred. I'm basically wondering what peoples opinions and experiences are with dermatologists are in how they can treat you in different ways apart from the norm (if there are any!), thanks for reading Posted Image