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In Topic: How To Edit Topic Titles?

Today, 01:02 PM

I totally agree, members should have the ability to edit their topics' titles as well as the content! Never understood why only the Mods could make these changes.

WishClean, I've edited the title! :)

great, thank you!

Editing titles ourselves could also help with finding old threads...I have some old threads that are no longer relevant, and it would be good to edit the title for those.

In Topic: Which B Vitamins Can Cause Breakouts?

Today, 12:54 PM

Also, check the capsule ingredients. Many people break out due to the ingredients in the capsule (e.g gelatin), not the vitamin itself. Try to find good quality, reliable brands, and buy them either at the store (check expiration date) or trustworthy online retailers (iherb, vitamin shoppe, boots, etc - avoid amazon sellers!)

In Topic: Can Low Weight Cause Acne?

Today, 12:52 PM

I believe that eating disorders can affect acne, but low weight in general probably not really, if that's your natural body type.

In Topic: Did A Test/ Histamine Intolerance

Today, 12:41 PM

Let me know how the DAOSIN works for you, but be cautious if you have issues with pork.

Personally I have a leaky gut or some kind of gut issue - which i'm yet to determine - so I produce a lot more histamine than a normal person, rather than my DAO enzyme being underactive (not that I've had it checked, although tests are unpredictable and next to worthless apparently). 

I guess all these supplements are just masking the symptoms thinking about it, as the effects are almost never permanent, when I say 'cure' I mean to the point where you have absolute normal skin and your body functions completely normally so long as you continue with the treatment and you can focus on getting to the root cause without the continuous emotional scaring accompanied with skin problems and your life can continue as normal and i disagree with anti histamines as i would not class these as a 'cure' because as far as a normal body is concerned, histamine is not blocked (histamine is important that's why we have it) and personally for me this causes symptoms such as brain fog and with others drowsiness etc .

its probably worth mentioning a small amount of peoples body's simply reject DAOSIN and so it will have no effect or a placebo effect and of course its rather expensive just for that (works out about 75p a day where I purchase).

DAOSIN has pork in the capsule? Ohh, I might stick with SOD supplements then...those seem to be the safest, and they help process histamine more efficiently. Histamine blockers/ anti-histamines are definitely NOT the way to go because, as you say, the point is to reduce & effectively process histamines, not completely reduce them. Anti-histamines suppress the natural release of histamines, so one would have to be on them indefinitely otherwise once they are stopped, the body starts releasing all those suppressed histamines.

There is hope with a consistent low histamine lifestyle...I now find it easier to minimize reactions and I seem to have become more tolerant of some foods & products. For women, though, it can also depend on the time of the month, estrogen levels, etc.


Just curious... what is a low histamine diet? What foods are recommended and what foods should be avoided? Thanks.

Check out the low histamine chef online for tips, and if you are looking for a practical grocery list to start with, check out my thread, linked in my signature.

In Topic: Please Help

Today, 12:36 PM

If you suspect digestive issues, yes, gluten could be the culprit but so could other things. If you have taken so many prescription drugs, then your digestion is probably off. 

For the dermatitis, have you thought about changing your cleanser and/or moisturizer? SLS could make it worse, so try to avoid sulphates for a while and see what happens.