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In Topic: Going To Include Flaxseed And Oat...opinions Please

Yesterday, 09:38 AM

Do you need all those supplements? It seems like a lot. You could find a multivitamin (whole foods/ raw) that has some of them so that you don't have to take so many capsules.

As for flaxseed and oats, for me they don't help but once in a while it's fine. 

In Topic: Best Saw Palmetto Brand

Yesterday, 09:35 AM

I take Olympian Labs DIM and Source Naturals inositol powder. Works for me so far. Olympian Labs updated their DIM bottle though, and I just got the new batch which is supposed to be the same but I think it might be a bit stronger.

In Topic: Took Spiro For 7 Year... Finally Clear With Low Dose Accutane.

Yesterday, 09:32 AM

FYI, I had SEVERE cystic acne as well as other forms of acne. My face was a mess. I wasn't lucky, I just did my research and listened to my body. In 10-20 years' time is when the after effects of acutane and other drugs start to appear, so of course it's easy to say it's working in the short term.

And it's a stupid excuse to say supplements are not covered by insurance, so why not medicate yourself because it's cheaper. Just my opinion, I am here to show people that there are alternatives. 

I'm not saying all naturopaths are knowledgeable about acne either. You have to do your own research before going to any doctor otherwise they'll use trial and error.

In Topic: 4 Year Old Acne, No Answers From Doctors, Pic Included

16 April 2014 - 09:02 PM

I agree. It looks like a reaction to either the rubber mask, the steroids, or something in her diet/ environment. Since she has asthma, I highly recommend you check her histamine levels through blood testing and try a low histamine diet for a week to see if the redness gets better. Based on the photo, it looks like a histamine reaction to me, not typical baby acne. 

PS. your daughter is gorgeous! Don't ever let her feel like her acne is a flaw, try not to draw attention to it in front of her. 

In Topic: What Supplements Normalize Sebum?

16 April 2014 - 10:49 AM

For me, I think vitamin D (supplement D2) made me more oily. Can't understand why...maybe the oil in it or something.