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In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

05 January 2015 - 05:54 AM

Hey everyone, I missed you! Happy new year! The past few months have been very difficult for me...I moved my entire life halfway across the world towards an uncertain future, and life threw some curveballs at me. Basically, I had some of my lowest and weakest moments in the past couple of months. The worst thing was not the things that happened in my life - it was how I dealt with them and how I mentally made them worse than they were initially. I lost my positive outlook and felt completely broken and discouraged. At my lowest point, I tried to remember those less fortunate and feel grateful for even the simple things I take for granted every day.

The only positive thing that came out of this strife was that I stopped obsessing about my skin because I had much bigger problems to worry about. Once I stopped obsessing, my skin became more controllable and, ironically, clearer. Having clear skin did not improve my life. Having a positive and cheerful outlook is what will improve it, and hopefully the rest will fall into place. I'm starting the new year with a more positive outlook and ready to contribute more to this community through research & experience. I try to keep myself busy every day, reduce stress, and remove toxic things from my life. I hope everyone here does the same.


On a more practical note, I'm working on new research regarding inflammation, histamines, and how to control them, if anyone is interested.

In Topic: Really Depressed About New Scars

05 January 2015 - 05:44 AM

I used to come here when i was actively suffering from acne. Now i am not (gluten was the cause), but i have lots of scars on my cheek now, but i have kind of made piece with it. But i got 1 new cystic acne on my cheek last week and my acne on the cheeks have always given me scars unless i get cortisone shots... At first i thought it was just a small pimple so i didn't think of getting a shot..but it turned out to be a big cystic one that leaves a scar. It has given me a couple of new, big, red scars in the middle of my cheek and i was feeling so depressed for a few days. I have been better for a while again, but my sister commented on it today so I was reminded and got depressed again today... The new scars look horrible, dented and so red.. So prominent. It took years for my old scars to become almost like my skin colour again with dermarolling, it will take ages for me to make it look not as embarrassing! just wanted to vent here...


Congrats on finding the cause of your acne. Please try not to obsess about your skin, as difficult as it may be. Keep yourself busy and productive to take the focus off of your skin.


I find that time helps make scars less shallow and less noticeable. Also, I have been trying out diamond-tip microderm and it has made my scars a bit less prominent. Also, a healthy diet rich in vitamin C helps a lot too!

In Topic: Sweet Potato

05 January 2015 - 05:42 AM

Boiled sweet potatoes are better, but you can also bake it provided that you don't have other high GI foods in your diet that day.


If this helps, when I was malnourished from digestive issues, I had a microwavable sweet potato almost every day and it helped a lot with my gut issues and nutrition. Microwaving it was definitely not the best way to eat it, but the fact that my health and skin improved shows that even microwaving a sweet potato does not kill all the nutrients in it.

In Topic: I Can Predict My Acne Based On My Sex Drive

05 January 2015 - 05:35 AM

Yes, I get that too....high sex drive = increased appetite = worse skin. Must be the high androgens causing this. However, nowadays my sex drive has been moderately high every day yet my skin has been stable (knock wood).

In Topic: Hormone & Vitamin Tests

05 January 2015 - 05:32 AM

To update this thread: I would also recommend an alternative treatment. I recently tried a full body scan (non-invasive) using electromagnetic poles to measure the body's energy and detect possible deficiencies and imbalances. This scan confirmed some issues traditional tests had confirmed, so it's relatively reliable. It also helped me confirm some digestive & inflammation issues. I will try to find an article on it to give you more information. it's usually performed by naturopaths and integrative practitioners. No idea what the English name is though :/