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In Topic: My Way Too Clear Skin.

27 July 2014 - 01:50 PM


I've been meaning to see a naturopath but I haven't got around to it yet. I've always had the impression though that they'd take one look at me, see my skin isn't great and then just tell me something that's possibly generic and not actually specific to me (like candida etc).There's one at my local health food store that advertises food sensitivity testing. I think they do saliva testing too - not sure. If I do get around to going, hopefully they're a more experienced / reliable naturopath.

 But I was just wondering if any of you know how reliable saliva testing is? I don't really know anything about it but I thought I'd read somewhere that it wasn't that accurate, reliable or helpful. I'm just curious about it - so if you have info on it, let me know, - thanks


Hey lilly,

If you do decide to see a naturopath, do some background research on them (e.g. check if they have patient ratings & reviews)...like with any doctor, not all naturopaths are experts at any particular issue. If they try to give you a bunch of supplements without really trying to get to the root of your individual problems, then it means they are not knowledgeable enough about acne. 

Saliva testing (and I also heard good things about urine testing) is better than blood testing if done through a reliable source...this is because saliva testing tests your hormones during different points of your cycle, not just once like blood testing. Hormones fluctuate all the time, which is why saliva testing gives you a better indication of which hormones could be causing an imbalance. Also, many times, it doesn't matter whether your hormones are in the "normal" range (which is still too broad for most women)...it's the RATIO that matters more, e.g if you have very low progesterone compared to testosterone or estrogen. 

I remember seeing your photos before you started the regimen, and I'm pretty sure your acne is hormonal...perhaps some of it is sensitivity to products or something like that, but I would say it's probably mostly hormonal. So it might be a good bet to get some hormone tests done when you can.

The other thing I forgot to mention recently is how much acupuncture has helped me. It can take a few tries to find the right practitioner, but honestly, my former acupuncturist (before I moved) was able to diagnose most of my health issues (including anemia) before I even got bloodwork done. They also helped me with digestive issues and stress.... but acupuncture, at least in the beginning, needs to be done regularly and consistently to pay off. It really is the most individualized treatment you will ever get. 


Thanks so much for that! Really helpful smile.png


I'd definitely research them before hand. Going to a homeopathic doctor (not sure if that's the right term - but they're a medical doctor who also has naturopath qualifications etc) is something I'd consider too. I like the idea of combining both approaches or at least being to hear 'both sides of the story' at once. 


I think my acne is related to hormones more than anything else. When I've had blood tests for hormone levels / to see if I have PCOS, they've come back within 'normal' ranges. But it's interesting to know about the ratio difference even if in normal ranges. I don't remember if things were out of balance in that sense. I assume they would be - but I'll have to get all that checked again. Thanks for the info on saliva testing too smile.png  I'll look into it 


That's great acupuncture has helped you. I've also been considering it lately for joint issues. Another thing to look into more seriously!


Thanks again smile.png


I think you mean integrative doctors? I went to see one when I moved to a new city, but unfortunately she was more knowledgeable about actual drugs (if even that), and the only "natural" treatments she offered were the standard ones she recommends to all patients: vitamin D tests (which actually did show I was deficient), candida/ parasite cleanse, natural progesterone cream, and an anti-estrogen chinese herb. I didn't feel like she took my particular case into consideration,and the fact that she asked me what tests I think she should order made her lose credibility, lol. 

So yeah, as with everything, do your research beforehand and ask for recommendations. 

In Topic: Does This Mean It's Getting Worse? I'm Confused And Paranoid

27 July 2014 - 01:27 PM

Yes I'm pretty sure it's official... it's getting worse again. 2 months of improvement... only to be here once again, breaking out every few days, this is the beginning of another disastrous breakout, i just know it. for the past 3 weeks i've been breaking out every few days and now the first week of my 7th pack, i'm already down to 3 large deep breakouts, whereas last month and the month before it was 0. i don't know what to do anymore. if the pill is doing this to me, doesn't that mean spiro will make it even worse? and this doesn't even make sense. i don't understand how it can get worse then better THEN WORSE AGAIN. it doesn't make any sense. what the hell is going on.

Maybe this isn't the right pill for you. It's not "one pill for all", you may need to explore other options because if it's been 6 packs already and no improvements, then idk. Usually, though, hormonal treatments can take up to 6 months to work, so maybe give it another cycle?  I'm against birth control pills, so I can't be helpful in this aspect....I truly think they can mess up hormones worse than anything else. 

It would help if you perhaps saw a good endocrinologist to figure out if your acne is even hormonal... the pill doesn't work for complex hormonal cases and non-hormonal acne.



I've read that boat pose is especially good for PCOS. 

Also, I forget to mention this...I do yoga a few days a week, and it really helps the blood flow. It's recommended for people with PCOS/ other imbalances, plus it lowers stress. There are actually some videos on youtube with exercises good for the skin. Worth a try, right ? 

Thanks...I'll have to do the boat pose more often ;)

In Topic: Oestrogen / Testosterone / Progesterone Questions (And Saw Palmetto!)

26 July 2014 - 02:56 PM

Ahhhh!!!  Ok - so it's about the type of oestrogen.  Thanks for explaining smile.png



Actually I say my cycles are normal, but since getting older (now 41) I occasionally have 18 day cycles with pretty much non-stop PMT.  My GP suggested trying progesterone for the second half of my cycle to make my period start later if it becomes a more regular nuisance.  I presume that would be artificial progesterone though, so cause acne and bad moods?  (Which I have already ha!  So it would just save on sanitary protection)


Thank you so much for your answers Wishclean.  Sorry to sound like a hormonal thicko, I'm just trying to get my head round it all smile.png

No problem, I hope it's helpful. I'm not an expert on hormones by any means, but after asking questions to clueless doctors (including endocrinologists), I know that at least I have some grasp on the fundamentals. 

Maybe your GP meant compounded progesterone cream? If so, that would be a better alternative to the progesterone pill or the patch. I tried the progesterone patch years ago, and I could only take it for 2 days tops...it severely affected my mood to the point where I didn't want to get out of bed. I suggest starting with a low dose, which is something you can only do if you try the cream. The cream needs to be soy-free..I have the kokoro cream but right now I'm not trying it out anymore until I get my hormones re-checked. 

Shorter cycles could mean that your estrogen is high, and/or your progesterone is low, so the cream might be worth a try...ask your GP about it.

In Topic: Daily Updates Of Fasting (Ramadan) For 30 Days On Skin

26 July 2014 - 02:52 PM

Have you tried probiotics? If you were on antibiotics for so long, your gut flora is probably messed up.

I did. But I was on antibiotics at the same time. And the ones I got were from a store kept on a shelf. Had 30billion bacteria. I don't want to try the refrigerated ones yet till I'm completely off antibiotics. I'm currently taking 100mg minocycline every other day and have been breaking out since.

Also, I'm scared of going on those really good quality probiotics because I'm kinda certain I have candida due to prolonged antibiotic use and think I'll get a die off reaction as soon as I start with those good probiotics. I could be wrong but I'm scared of taking that step. What do you think?

The safest way to introduce probiotics would be to take plain acidophilus probiotics. 

You are supposed to take probiotics WITH antibiotics to minimize the dying off of good bacteria in your gut. Otherwise, when the antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria that help with digestion, then you have to recolonize your gut with good bacteria and it would take stronger probiotics to do so. 

If you have candida, you should try the candida diet first of all...but you do need probiotics, even mild ones to begin with. I take vegetarian PB8..it's cheap and decent quality (no dairy, no gluten, etc).

In Topic: Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne

26 July 2014 - 02:48 PM

Yeah, but if we took everything prescribed to us, we'd probably be pill poppers by now ;) Oh, I had a helix piercing infection too....and then I gave up on piercing altogether. it seems like it's one of the most common places for the ear to become infected. Maybe try a topical antibiotic, or something milder/cream like neosporin? 

Yes, maybe taking both forms of inositol could help you. There's also another form, inositol hexaniacinate, which is basically a form of another B vitamin, niacin...I think that might help you too, but I haven't tried it. The only niacin I take is in the vitamin water I drink, but I think it helps a bit. 

As you know from my pre-DIM posts, I was scared of taking it too, but I truly believe that those who claim it raises testosterone just haven't studied DIM closely enough. Wikipedia lists it as the most potent herbal antiandrogen (not that wikipedia is that reliable, but there is some truth to that statement). Some women on acne.org have tried estrosmart, I haven't. I take olympian labs DIM, and I'm nervous about switching to something else because this one only contains DIM...I would be wary of any other ingredients, although companies like Nature's Way and Estosmart's manufacturers claim that the extra ingredients help absorption. But if that's your only option  in Canada, then why not? I don't think you should mix spiro with DIM, though...herbs and hormonal meds don't usually mix... maybe lower the spiro a lot, then add DIM and try to take them many hours apart. 

Btw, I try to take my DIM after a meal (whereas I take 1/8 spoon of inositol on an empty stomach) because I read that fat helps it become better absorbed. 


follow the thread on hyperplasia...I'm not sure the enzymes the poster mentioned are digestive...but the digestive enzymes supplements I take also contain other types of enzymes, and I'm wondering if those are helping my hormones in addition to my digestion...



Thanks for the quick reply WishClean! The antibiotic dose does seem crazy high, but that’s what was prescribed to me. I called the piercing place and based on how swollen my ear had become (it’s a helix piercing, upper ear) they recommended I go to a clinic and the doctor recommended the antibiotics. So here I am. It’s a week-long course. In the early to mid-2000s, I took antibiotics of all shapes and sizes to control my acne to positive, short-term, results. So it’s odd that it would cause a flare-up, except I can’t think of what else may have.  

So you ended up just going back to myo-inositol at a higher dose? What dose, in milligrams, do you take (mine is already in a tablet, so I can’t compare teaspoons or whatever)? According to the video I posted from the Chiral Balance website, myo-inositol works differently from chiro-inositol… I wonder if I need both? Should I up my dose?

I’m thinking CAREFULLY about starting DIM if things don’t clear up soon. I’m really scared about the increase in free testosterone that people talk about causing a breakout but, on the other hand, I’ve been in this renewed struggle for over a year now with little relief. And you said DIM did not cause an IB for you and has actually helped loads, right? Having PCOS, DIM makes sense—because it is a high estrogen and high androgen problem. I’m still on sprio though and GreenGables said she had a horrendous breakout from combining the two. Until my skin gets settled, I’m not comfortable dropping spiro, for fear of a rebound effect. Do you think DIM is a good idea, given my situation? What do you think about this brand (it’s the same Canadian company that makes my inositol (Glucosmart))? http://healthyimmuni.../estrosmart.asp

I read the thread that you linked in, I’m confused. Can you please dumb this down for me—how are digestive enzymes related to cortisteriods?

Thank you!