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In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

21 October 2014 - 04:02 PM

Skin is definitely getting worse lately. I've been using less BP though so that's definitely contributing to it. I'm wanting to stop BP because I'm paranoid about it making my skin more sensitive to the sun and causing sun damage. I'm already careful with the sun because of already being pale.... It sucks that most of the topical options out there (as far as I know) make your skin more photosensitive. 

I had been emotionally managing my skin well lately - my skin hasn't been great but it wasn't getting to me. Today is the first day in a while where it is getting to me a bit and I just feel ugly. I'd love to stay home and not let anyone see me / have to face anyone but I've got things to do so I'll have to just deal with it. 


Hope you're all doing well 

Hey Lilly,

Don't lose your positivity! Just try to avoid mirrors and keep busy when you are feeling low about yourself. Being productive is usually the best antidote. That or watching great movies at home to take your mind off things :)

In Topic: Help With Dim

21 October 2014 - 04:55 AM

Bad news: I got two more nodules and one is the worst I have ever had. I’m guessing that I’ve reacted poorly to something in the DIM Detox—since it’s a cocktail of different herbs. So frustrated! I’m back on DIM Plus, even though I was never getting full results on it. Does anyone think that any of the filler ingredients in DIM Plus could be preventing success, like the soy? Anyone have any other recommendations? I’ve been on it for over three months and still no success. Even a distributer of the product said that one should see results in 4-6 weeks.


Hi bren,

Sorry to hear that. Do you mind posting a photo (or sending me one in a PM) of the nodules? I'm curious to see if they look like the deep ones I used to get. I still get one from time to time, especially if I eat too much sugar or carbs, but they subside much quicker and don't seem to leave more scars. 

I'm not sure which one I would pick actually...sounds like the DIM detox is a bit risky due to all the herbs it contains. How about trying one that has both DIM and vitex? Maybe in your case you need both? 

Don't despair...distributors usually overestimate the time it takes for a  product to work. If the nodules are less frequent, that's still encouraging. Maybe add a little bit of vitex with the Dim Plus to see if that helps? Or evening primrose oil?

I will need to look into the DIM supplements more carefully...I have to order herpanacine from iherb in a few days because I'm running low and can't find it in Europe, so I might try purchasing another brand of DIM to see if it's better than the one I'm currently using. I personally would not take anything with soy or I3C for too long..maybe it's good short-term while hormones are rebalanced.

In Topic: Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne

21 October 2014 - 04:44 AM

Inositol has been getting some attention recently as an anti-depressant!



In Topic: Understand & Cure Acne- The Skin Is Used For Excretion!

18 October 2014 - 04:17 AM

A lot of people also do not know the role histamines can play in digestion and inflammation. You can't go wrong with a low histamine diet. 

In Topic: Help With Dim

18 October 2014 - 03:54 AM

Hey Bren,

Thanks for the links, I will check out the sites you recommended!

The point about methylation is that antioxidants are essential in immune system responses. So basically, do what you can each day to get some antioxidants in...of course, DIM also helps because it's an antioxidant, but also some pomegranate & honey maybe or other berries if you can tolerate them raw. As I understand it (I'm still reading up on it), poor methylation can cause hormonal disruptions. It's all interconnected. So I think the takeaway would be to make sure you are getting enough antioxidants each day, as extra support. 

About DIM...when I read reviews online, there are differences between brands. The same thing with inositol reviews...some brands seem to cause headaches, while others work quickly with no side effects. It also varies from person to person, and another thing would be that sometimes competitors post negative reviews online & also companies post positive ones. So I take everything with a grain of salt, but if the majority says positive things, then that's encouraging. The hair issues with DIM I think are caused when people megadose on it...just like people megadosing on B5 and then wonder why their hair falls out. Any abrupt changes to what you take each day can shock your system, that's why I recommend a gradual approach to supplements, which you are already doing smile.png Have you tried Olympian Labs DIM btw? That's what I've been using and I'm happy overall but some days I feel like I need something extra. I was nervous to try Estroblock too due to the extra ingredients, but if I ever tried it, I would start with a low dose for a couple of weeks just to be safe. My guess is that, if you are doing fine on DIM now, you probably won't react badly to Estroblock unless one of the other ingredients causes an issue. 

EDIT: I checked the ingredients of Estroblock, and it contains I3C, which is supposed to be less safe than  DIM....i3C is the precursor, and it can be both anti-cancerous but might also cause cancer according to some sources I read...?!??! Not sure though, but in my knowledge it's best to go for DIM rather than I3C (I think hearts was also saying that too in her older posts...)


Hey WishClean,


This stuff about methylation is very interesting but kind of over my head—I definitely don’t have an understanding of the human body, or the complexities of acne, that compares to yours! Quite frankly, I really hope that’s not my issue and instead it’s estrogen dominance, since that’s what I’ve been treating for the last few months. Plus, although my acne has not cleared up since starting DIM, I have lost weight and feel less emotional.


Either way, I’m not quite ready to rule out DIM as a possible solution. Based on the overlap of my symptoms with the list of ED symptoms, as well as the sheer number of people who have been helped by DIM (hundreds of amazon reviews), I am still—somewhat—hopeful. One thing that I have been considering is trying a more potent form of DIM. EstroBlock seems to be the most polarizing example. Many reviewers claim to have tried other brands of DIM with little relief, only to be “cured” by EstroBlock. Even Steph from Epic Beauty Bar (great site by the way) said she got minimal results from DIM Detox, but obtained completely clear skin from EstroBlock. What do you make of this phenomenon and EstroBlock specifically? I’m nervous to try EstroBlock because it also has some horrendous reviews (making people’s acne worse, making people’s hair fall out, and so forth).


Anyone else try EstroBlock? If so, please share your timeline and experience.




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