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Does The Regimen Make You Dependent On It?

05 November 2011 - 05:24 AM


I've just registered after reading for a couple of evenings about the regimen and things sold here. I'm experiencing mild to moderate acne from time to time, i'm not sure about the reasons of it and keep on trying different things to get it under control or to get rid of it completely.

I've seen good and bad reviews of "the regimen", mostly i think it depends on every person's skin. So i was considering trying it. But what has caught my attention is that people mention "as soon as I slack on doing the regimen / run out of supplies / miss 12 hour dosage it comes back".

This is what's worrying me. I'm not doubting that the products are good or that the regimen is good. They all make sense and logical. If you have infected skin, you need to consistently apply medication to get the infection out.

But what is next? When infection is out, you are advised to keep doing it. Which is weird and makes you question the program author.
First of all, why keep applying the same intense amount after the infection is out and "irritate" your skin with BP? Why not keep amount to the minimum?
Second, it seems like skin becomes somewhat dependent on the medication, when logically medication should help you get rid of the existing infection and then you need to get to the bottom of it, find out the reasoning of your acne and take actions to prevent the cause, not kill it with medication all the time.
Plus i believe that with time skin gets used to chemicals and will eventually get allergic or the medication will simply stop working.

That is why I think if the owners of this resource really pursue the things they claim in "about me" they should inform people and tell them that while you do the regimen and get rid of infection, work also on your daily routine, diet, sleeping pattern etc. etc. Not just tell "keep doing the regimen for years".

For example, I believe that my acne is caused by 3 things in my life:
1) I spend a lot of time in front of computer, because that's my job, i'm a web developer. I'm a businessman and a freelancer, so I work as much as i please during the day. And sometimes it can be up to 12 hours or so with breaks obviously. This i believe does the biggest damage. It probably affects my inner organs as well as the skin itself, so if i work more during the month I tend to get worse acne. When I have more day-offs it tends to become better over time.

2) I am relatively young, i'm 23 and my sex life is not regular. By that I mean i get laid not on a regular basis, sometimes it can be several times a week if i have a relationship, sometimes it can be once in 2 months. And my hormones play some role in acne problems, i think. I think so also because i get most of skin problems around my chin, jaw line and bottom of my cheeks.

3) Sometimes i completely break my sleeping pattern. As a creative person I sometimes become a wild workaholic and work day & night, going to bed at 4-5 am and waking up at 2pm. It's the worst, i'm completely sure that those times caused the worst skin condition for me.

So to address these issues I do the following:
- Try to divide my working day in 2 terms. Morning several hours, then i go out and work more in the evening.
- Keep sleeping pattern good. I go to bed at 12 and wake up at 7-9 depending on the season and weather.
- Eat moderately healthy (no fast food, no soda, no sweets or chocolate, no coffee, no alcohol). I believe in good things you can get out of marijuana usage, so I smoke may be once or twice in 2 months.
- I participate in different sport activities: rock climbing, rollerblading. I also do yoga daily.

However I still get problems with acne and I think that's because i've never cleared the infection out since I was not healthy enough and got it. That's why i'm looking into the regimen.

I hope someone here can clear up the issues i've mentioned.