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How To Clear Out Excessive Sebum?

28 April 2014 - 05:57 PM

I have finally found that its the spring water that has been giving me my cystic acne for many years.


Now I'm left with terrible skin and TONS of sebum(?) (Its too late to take a picture now) filaments. And a few (~3) blackheads.



They are like super enlarged pores and stuffed with sebum. They are all over my face and makes the skin look terrible.

Some (most of the ones on my forehead) cannot be squeezed, or at least not with my bear hands; nothing comes out. May be ice pick scars.


Jojoba oil seems to be working, but slowly. The overall skin is improving VERY slowly, but it's getting better and better. And I bet eventually it will all get out, but that can take up to a year at this rate.



How can I speed up this process?

Super Dry Skin (On Accutane)

30 January 2014 - 09:02 PM

I think I destroyed parts of my skin when doing the regimen. My skin was WAY to dry all the way through, when I did it.


The acne.org moisturizer didn't work well for me. It seems that it only made my skin drier, especially the jojoba oil.




Anyway, I'm on Accutane now, and still using the acne.org moisturizer. The parts of my skin that isnt destroyed is moist and looking good, but there are parts which are destroyed by complete dryness (and previous acne).


Anyone got any recommendations for a SUPER strong moisturizer? I need one without a AHA or BHA, because I'm on Accutane (non-clogging).

Punctual Plugs While On Accutane?

01 November 2013 - 09:26 AM

This might sound stupid to those who knows how the procedure done, but I was wondering if its safe to get punctual plugs/ eye plugs for dry eyes, while on Accutane.

I have had chronically dry eyes for 3 years now. I think I got it starting from Tetracycline. Accutane made it a lot worse, now I almost cant see. I obviously don't wanna stop Accuane, as`I have severe acne and this is the only side effect I have gotten (at least so far).


Replies from those have done this themselves would be greatly appreciated! :)

Going On Accutane Tomorrow, What Should I Do?

20 October 2013 - 08:23 PM

Okey, so I'm going on Accutane for the first time tomorrow.


What should I do/ not do? :P



Also, how often should I shower?

Should I moisturize my face from day 1?

Will the acne.org moisturizer do?

Should I moisturize my hands?



Thanks :)

Have Not Drunk Milk In Years, Starting To See If I Get Acne.

08 October 2013 - 03:11 PM

I have not drunk milk in years.


I have moderate to severe acne.


I'm gonna try to drink at least 1 liter of milk pr day to see if my acne increase.


How long should it take for milk to give me acne (if it gives me acne that is)? 2 weeks?




Started drinking a couple of days ago, and i have a few new hard red lumps, but that may be my usual's arriving. Lets see how this goes..



Extra factors:
- I stopped eating zinc a week ago. Started to eat it again today. (zinc dries my skin and stops acne from forming for me). - Should be a week before I react to the zinc again.
- I ate fried food yesterday and today. (It may be a big factor for me..).
- Im starting Accutane soon.




Bottom line is that my acne stayed about the same. I actually got more of an cyst-feel over my acne, but I'm pretty sure this is due to me forgetting to eat fish oil for a week, which have an effect on my skin.

More time would be needed to be sure, but I'm going on Accutane today, so its impossible to know from now on..